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Early menses, short adult height 49 100.00%
early menses, average 42 100.00%
early menses, tall 25 100.00%
average menses, short 56 100.00%
average menses, average 84 100.00%
average menses, tall 57 100.00%
late menses, short 15 100.00%
late menses, average 22 100.00%
late menses, tall 22 100.00%
stopped growing shortly after menses 67 100.00%
stopped growing at around age 17-18 regardless of menses 56 100.00%
continued to grow until early adulthood (18-20 or more) 30 100.00%
age of menses has nothing to do with height 36 100.00%
age of menses has everything to do with height 12 80.00%
have no clue if it affects height or not 108 100.00%
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GooeyRN's Avatar GooeyRN 02:58 PM 09-25-2007
I had my first menses at 10. I stopped growing in height shortly after. I am 5'4". (average?)

BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 03:01 PM 09-25-2007
I got my period at 12.5, and I'm 5'7" (I voted average in the poll, but now reading the answers, I guess some folks think this is tall?)
Karry's Avatar Karry 03:33 PM 09-25-2007
I started late (right after I turned 14). I think I was 5'1" at the time, and grew a couple of inches taller after that. I'm now almost 5'3" and have been since I was 16 or 17. My mom started at age 10 and didn't grow much after, she is 4'11". I'm hoping dd doesn't start hers until later so she has a chance to grow some first. Right now if she stays on the same growth curve she'll maybe hit 5'0".
Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 03:38 PM 09-25-2007
I think your teacher needs to step out of the Dark Ages. What a silly idea. Adult height in a healthy person* is best predicted by averaging the percentiles of father and mother. For example, if the father is 70% and the mother is 50% you'd expect the child to be 60% of their height chart (male or female adult chart). But there is A LOT of variation, obviously!

*Nutrition has a lot to do with height. For example, many countries in Asia are seeing the latest generations are much much taller than previous generations. It is unclear how this relates to health.
2Sweeties1Angel's Avatar 2Sweeties1Angel 04:16 PM 09-25-2007
I started my period when I was 12 and I stopped growing around the same time. Now I only get wider

My poor cousin--she started her period at 9 and stopped growing within a year. She's only 5 feet tall.
simonee's Avatar simonee 05:04 PM 09-25-2007
Sounds like the "if your belly is round,you'll have a girl" thing: you're right half the time

Most people (virtually) stop growing somewhere in puberty; most women start their menses within a few years from that time. It makes sense that early developers do both at an earlier stage. Maybe women who are meant to be tall tend to start their menses later. That's preciously little info to base a causal relationship on. It's like saying "girls who teeth early get early menses and stop growing at an early age".

It may also be that women with less testosteron are smaller and have relatively more female hormones that their butchy-looking peers.

fwiw I'm tall and had late menses,but I grew for 4 years after that. Most Dutch women are tall and have relatively late menses (younger than 12 is rare).
onelilguysmommy's Avatar onelilguysmommy 05:09 PM 09-25-2007
i got mine the month i turned 11...and was 5'3"ish. im now 5'10" and the last time i got taller, it was right before i turned 15, and i was taller than my kids dad again (he gerw about half an inch and then i did, and weve both stayed our heights since still taller.)
sunshine's mama's Avatar sunshine's mama 06:37 PM 09-25-2007
i started menses when I was around 9. i was 4'11 i think and am now 5'3"....

i reached 5'3" around 12 i think....

want to add that mom is 5'4 and dad is 5'8 or 9 so, i was never gonna be tall...
crazy_eights's Avatar crazy_eights 04:55 PM 09-30-2007
Stop the presses!!!!!!!!!!

Spoke with a pediatrician that says "they don't even teach 18 mos. anymore" He says up to four years is the new thought.
psyche's Avatar psyche 06:27 PM 09-30-2007
I started "early" the night before my 12th birthday but I kept growing through high school, even an inch my first year of college. (My height is somewhere around 5'7".)
MilkyMcGee's Avatar MilkyMcGee 08:11 PM 09-30-2007
I got mine at 12 and was 5'6'' - grew to 5'10''

My mother got hers at 8 y/o : and grew to be 5'11''

I wouldn't consider it true for us.
Smalls181's Avatar Smalls181 08:20 PM 09-30-2007
I started at 11.5, and I am just under 5'5. So I said early/average.

My step sister, on the other hand, was 14, and is barely 5'2. So, she was late/short.

My mother was also a late/short.
DandeCobb's Avatar DandeCobb 08:41 PM 09-30-2007
okay, i got my period on my 12th b-day (as did my sister-isn't that odd?) and am 5'6" i grew 2 inches in the year following menses. this is my theory, back when the early menses/shorter stature was created women typically started their periods later 13-15 then the average of 10-12 <of course these are averages, there are always people on either end of the spectrum> so, back then they were further in their growth then girls are now.

also, i don't think you can compare early menses/short stature and late menses/tall stature on a poll like this because genetics play such a big factor. A child whose parents are 5'1" and 5'6" isn't going to be tall no matter what age she starts her period just as a girl whose parents are 5'9" and 6'3" is probably going to be tall regardless of when menses occurs.

I'm sorry if this has been covered, i didn't read all 6 pages of this thread.
ZanZansMommy's Avatar ZanZansMommy 09:41 PM 09-30-2007
Originally Posted by hipumpkins View Post
I was "early" at age 12
I am short..4' 10 1/2
so I fit the profile.

Ditto. except I'm 5'0
Sol_Solved's Avatar Sol_Solved 09:52 PM 09-30-2007
I started at 9 and I was 5'8.5 around then and stopped growing right away. I'm the same height and shoe size I was when I was 9 or 10.
Steady101's Avatar Steady101 12:22 AM 10-01-2007
I am not sure when I stopped growing off the top of my head. I got menses at 10 and am 5'2
eleven's Avatar eleven 01:21 AM 10-01-2007
I was 13 (nearly 14?) and am 5'7" (is that average or tall?). My sister was 11 and is about 5'5" or 5'6" - just a little shorter than I am.
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 01:33 AM 10-01-2007
I was one of the taller girls in my class for a while, and I started my period at 11. I am now 5'5. I kept growing in height until around 18/19, slowly, but I did grow.
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