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Meg Murry.'s Avatar Meg Murry. 10:06 PM 10-14-2007
Originally Posted by Deva33mommy View Post
What's your opinion of them?

something like one of these (without the colors)



I swear, my hair thinks it's calling in life is to be in a faux hawk. I get out of the shower, and can get the middle top to stick straight up, with no gel at all. I'd need a little bit to get the ends separated and messy/spiky looking, but it stays like that all day. If I try to get it to lay down, even by seriously wetting it down, it stays. The only way to get it to lay down is if I take a shower.

The first 2 faux hawks, my hair would definitely do, no problem, with very little, or no, gel. My dp isn't thrilled with the look of mohawks/faux hawks. But he wouldn't dream of stopping me from styling my hair however I want!

I buzzed my hair a few months ago, and now it's growing back. I rebuzzed it a few times, and now I'd like to grow it out (just for something different). But the top middle of my hair is so much thicker and more stubborn than the rest of my hair! It doesn't lay flat, even when I want it to- it usually looks like my hair bulges at the top of my head!

So...opinions on faux hawks?

As for the hairstyle: silly but inoffensive. Enjoy.
As for the term "faux hawk": Far better than "mo-faux."

cycle's Avatar cycle 10:26 PM 10-14-2007
I looked at your pics when you shaved your head, I think you would look so great with a faux hawk. Anyone who can pull off shaving their head and still look adorable will be able to work a faux hawk nicely!
BelgianSheepDog's Avatar BelgianSheepDog 10:43 PM 10-14-2007
They make me think of TV's Frank, or maybe like a slightly dissheveled Morrissey. Or a Kewpie doll. : But if your face is more angular it can be easier to pull off.
momto l&a's Avatar momto l&a 11:05 PM 10-14-2007
What's your opinion of them?
You asked.
I think they are disgusting.

You have a beautiful face, I bet you can sport a short cut very sexily.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 12:18 AM 10-15-2007
Originally Posted by momto l&a View Post
I think they are disgusting.
Why disgusting??

I know a lot of people who don't like them, my mother hates it on me, but I 've never heard anyone refer to them as "disgusting". The thought of eating dog poop I find disgusting but I don't see how the two are on the same disgust level

I am seriously curious though....
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 12:22 AM 10-15-2007
Originally Posted by Deva33mommy View Post
: aww, thanks!
It's a lot shorter than I thought it would look- it's shorter in the pics than it looks in the mirror. So it's not that great yet. But I'm definitely going with it- I feel pretty with my hair like this (um, and a small amount of makeup).
It took all of 2 minutes to do it!
It is quick. It takes about 5 minutes to do mine. My hair is a little longer than yours. I think if you put some "rougher" texture in the sides it will make it appear less short, knwo what I mean?? I think with a faux hawk it is all about texture!!
mshollyk's Avatar mshollyk 12:43 AM 10-15-2007
me with faux hawk, gay pride 2006.

wow, disgusting, huh. good thing i don't care what anyone thinks
jeca's Avatar jeca 01:19 AM 10-15-2007
I checked out your pic in your siggy and yeah you can totally pull it off. I had a friend who had a very long face and it made her face seem even longer weird description I know but that's why I asked about face shape.
Simplicity's Avatar Simplicity 01:24 AM 10-15-2007
Love it! Looked at your photos. You look beautiful!

I seriously wish I could pull off a look like that!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 01:38 AM 10-15-2007
I looked at your siggy pics too and you can totally do it! I'd let the middle go just a little longer and keep the sides short.

I want to give my little guy a faux hawk too, he's only 1 but his hair already sticks up all over anyway, it just needs a little refining, lol.
boingo82's Avatar boingo82 02:19 AM 10-15-2007
I think you can definitely pull it off, you have the face for it. When your hair is longer on top, you should have it razored to be more piecy.
Pariah's Avatar Pariah 02:33 AM 10-15-2007
I like it! Faux hawks are cute. I've been giving ds one, but it is going in stages since he wiggles too much to trim his hair in one sitting.
DevaMajka's Avatar DevaMajka 06:38 PM 10-15-2007
Originally Posted by mshollyk View Post
me with faux hawk, gay pride 2006.
That is such a cool look! It's really small, so I can't see it that well, but I can tell it looks great!

Originally Posted by 2 in August View Post
I looked at your siggy pics too and you can totally do it! I'd let the middle go just a little longer and keep the sides short.
Yeah, that and getting it razored to look more piecy as another pp said- cool! It's a plan

Thanks everybody!
Village Mama's Avatar Village Mama 06:46 PM 10-15-2007
I love the faux mo on women when it gets longer like those pics..... so sexy!!!!! Grrr. I don't know why I love it so much, but I do! My little guy gets faux mo's regularly... cute on kids too!
Sharlla's Avatar Sharlla 06:48 PM 10-15-2007
I think they are cute, depends on the person.

http://ch5.mediacorptv.com/imagegall...hpijfsmU_m.jpg cute
Ms.QsMama's Avatar Ms.QsMama 07:09 PM 10-15-2007
I think they look hot on the right people. Looking at your pics, I think you pulled it off really well!
Scribe's Avatar Scribe 07:29 PM 10-15-2007
My (male) partner wears a faux hawk. It's super-cute.
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