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HoosierDiaperinMama's Avatar HoosierDiaperinMama 11:08 PM 10-14-2007
My DS is really showing an interest in pirates/knights/castles, etc... DH and I talked about getting the Playmobil Pirate ship for him for Christmas. Then I proceeded to have a heart attack when I looked at the price. :

Does anyone have this that they can vouch that it's like the most well-made pirate ship ever? I guess there's other pirate ships, but DS had his heart set on this one. But seriously, we can't justify that kind of money on one toy.

delphiniumpansy's Avatar delphiniumpansy 11:11 PM 10-14-2007
How much is it? My friend has two for her two boys and they have not destroyed it in the few years they have had it. They are rough and tumble types so it must be sturdy.
PeacefulSeams's Avatar PeacefulSeams 11:12 PM 10-14-2007
Playmobil toys are really well made. My son has the soccer set.
BelgianSheepDog's Avatar BelgianSheepDog 11:13 PM 10-14-2007
I don't know about the current one but my brother still displays the one I got in 1983 and it's doing fine.
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 11:19 PM 10-14-2007
They are super well made and I get them at a discount on
HoosierDiaperinMama's Avatar HoosierDiaperinMama 11:21 PM 10-14-2007
The ship itself is $89.99, but it doesn't look like it includes the men. It says it includes some accessories. We'll have at least $150 invested before we know it.
PancakeGoddess's Avatar PancakeGoddess 11:23 PM 10-14-2007
playmobil toys ARE awesome and well made, but our playmobile pirate ship is the one set that has broken. Granted, my kids are rough, but still, it's a drag.

Also, I found the sails to be a bit complicated and in the way... overall, for us, not worth it.
BrooklynDoula's Avatar BrooklynDoula 11:25 PM 10-14-2007
vbactivist's Avatar vbactivist 11:28 PM 10-14-2007
we have it and love it! We bought it at a teachers store with a 25% off coupon a couple of years ago. Start googling for coupons, etc now and see if you can't find something.
Blooming's Avatar Blooming 11:33 PM 10-14-2007
I love playmobile! And so does ds (age 6), it is all he plays with, all he has played with for 3 years. He has the pirate ship and it has held up better then any other toy we have. Playmobile are the only toys he continues to ask for.
seeing_stars's Avatar seeing_stars 11:34 PM 10-14-2007
We have one and it has witheld the wrath of the "kracken" (my 3 year old). I saw one at Tuesday Morning for $49.99 on Saturday.
nonnymoose's Avatar nonnymoose 11:34 PM 10-14-2007
Check TJMaxx/Marshalls/Tuesday Morning. I've seen various PM stuff at each, including some of the bigger sets.
HoosierDiaperinMama's Avatar HoosierDiaperinMama 11:37 PM 10-14-2007
Thanks for the link, Megan.

Thanks for the tips about coupons. I will have to check it out!
bobandjess99's Avatar bobandjess99 12:18 AM 10-15-2007
We have several items in the pirate set, some viking stuff some knight? stuff and most of the polar expedition set(which they havent even been given yet). It is pretty sturdy, but not indestructuble. We got it when Meijer was clearancing playmobil a couple years back, for 75% off - got $400 of playmobil for $100, and have spread it out over several xmas's.
you could pair the smaller ship along with the take along set for just just under $55.

That would include several pirates, a whole "land scene", canons, treasure chest and the ship, which is an extensive playset, and then adding to it becomes a hobby, lol.
Periwinkle's Avatar Periwinkle 12:19 AM 10-15-2007
Okay we have the Playmobil pirate ship too. It is INSANE. prepare to spend 2 hours putting it together. All the kids love it and my 2 year-old plays with it happily too. The only annoying thing is all the rigging which is a PITA because it's, well, just like actual rigging, lol and it gets all tangled everywhere if you're not careful. Dh and I played with it for like 20 minutes after setting it up. The cannon rocks.
sonrisaa29's Avatar sonrisaa29 12:58 AM 10-15-2007
We love their stuff. My son got the Treasure chest which folds up into a carrying case which I love and makes it handy to carry and put up.

Playmobil also comes with a lifetime guarantee which I appreciate. We're thinking of getting our son either the castle or the crane for christmas. Be prepared to have a couple of hours to put it together. In fact, I'd put it together before hand it at all possible.
Qerratsmom's Avatar Qerratsmom 01:03 AM 10-15-2007
My son loves his pirate ship and my brother still has his from 1985 (and he was a rough kids)! I also recommend putting it together before hand. Its much funner to see there faces when they get to touch it right away. Plus dh and I always have fun playing playmobile alone before the kids get ahold of it
willibug's Avatar willibug 01:18 AM 10-15-2007
We are a Playmobil family!

My oldest just turned 12, and his big birthday wish was the Playmobil excavator. He has been collecting and playing with PM for a decade now. My other children love it, too. We have LOTS of money invested in these toys, but they are by far the best made and most loved and played with toys in our collection. The company is great, too, and if you ever lose or break any piece of any toy, you can just call or email them and they'll make sure you get a new one.

I say go for it!

We have 2 pirate ships, and they are well loved indeed.

Playmobil is grrrrreat!
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 01:25 AM 10-15-2007
They are well made. Ds wants some, but we can't really afford it. For about $30, though, you can get a take along playmobil set at Target (check online).
boingo82's Avatar boingo82 02:12 AM 10-15-2007
Also check eBay for some slightly used sets.
Leenie's Avatar Leenie 03:02 AM 10-15-2007
I second the ebay idea. They are wonderful toys, but a bit pricey