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Oh, just remembered another one. When I was little, I simply could not wrap my head around the concept of tithing. I remember having a long conversation with my father, saying 'Yeah, but if you have $100, and you give ten per cent of that, then you have to give ten per cent of what you've got left, and then you have to give ten per cent of THAT'... I thought it was a never-ending cycle! Dad never did manage to convince me that you only had to give ten per cent ONCE, and then you could keep what was left... it took me years to figure that one out. Same with taxes--if the government took 30%, wouldn't it just keep taking 30% of what you had left over and over again? Maths isn't my strong point...

Okay, this isn't really relevant to this thread, but Mum told me today and I thought it was hilarious. My sister, who's autistic, was talking to Mum about Caesarean sections, and Mum said (just out of curiosity) 'You do know that's not how babies are usually born, right?'. B looked delicate and said yes. Mum said 'So how are they usually born?'. B gestured discreetly at her crotch for a long time and stammered, and eventually said 'From the... you know... the water feature'.

I think that was as good a euphemism as any I've heard!

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Yeah, I just remembered one, up until a couple of years ago I thought that the programmme Neighbours was American (when its Australian) and for some reason, I keep thinking Titanic was on its way to Australia rather than America........
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Originally Posted by averysmom View Post
My paretns also talking about a friend who had "quit drinking."

I can remember being very woried that he was going to get thirst from giving-up drinking liquids.

My dad, as an adult (when I was 20 and up) suddenly (I think that it had to do with a lot of media messages about it) decided that it was illegal to 'drink and drive'. I thought he was being weird about it, like he would remind me about it all the time and I have NEVER EVER done so and also have never even seen him drink more than a single beer over a 2 hour period...

Then one day it all made sense. I had an open can of 7up in the house. I was leaving, and grabbed my drink. He got kind of upset and told me I couldn't take soda in the car because it is illegal to drink and drive.

I thought he was joking.

He wasn't. And he didn't believe me that the saying only applies to alcohol.

On another note, until THIS VERY SECOND... I too thought that Stevie Nicks said "one winged dove". And I have listened to that song a LOT.
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for the longest time i thought homeopathic referred to any kind of home remedy you could do at home, without a dr's advice, or any medicine. Because the first part of the word is HOME! So, like, putting baking soda on a bee sting? Thats homeopathic!

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Originally Posted by Ironica View Post
Another English-speaking traveler across from them, however, was getting increasingly agitated. Finally, they pulled into another station, and he burst out: "NOOO! We're going in CIRCLES! We're in USCIDA again!"

Katherine, mama to Emma Kate (7) and Griffin (3)

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i just thought of this!

when i was young i used to think that children who had to go to speech therapy were going to work on making speeches - like standing up in front of an auditorium full of other children to practice their speech giving abilities.
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Originally Posted by Kabes View Post
Am I the only one?

Formerly New Mama to Henry, born August 2005 and Silas, born November 2010.
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Originally Posted by Trillian View Post
For a really long time I thought that the word "misled" was the past tense of "to misle."
Me, too! Me, too! I'm so happy I'm not the only person alive to have thought this!

I also used to think 'epitome' was pronounced exactly like it's spelled (epi-tome) instead of e-pit-a-me. On one of our first dates, I told my now-husband that Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of something or other (there's no telling-- I can't remember now), and when I was done there was a bit of a pause while Jason processed what I'd said. I thought he was just impressed with my observations (ha!), but then he quietly ventured, "I think you mean e-pit-a-me...?" And I was all, "No, I mean epi-tome... I mean, uh..." And all of a sudden it hit me that I'd been saying that word wrong my entire life. I guess I thought the real pronunciation (which of course I'd heard other people say before) was a totally different word. D'oh!

Who knows how many people I'd said 'epi-tome' to all those years, and who didn't have the heart to tell me what a dope I was! It makes me cringe just thinking about it. They probably thought I was the epitome of an idiot!
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Or maybe they thought you were being funny. Dh, who is very articulate, says (deliberately) picture skew for picturesque, and horses doovers for hors d'ouvres, stuff like that. Though not in front of everyone.
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