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Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 12:33 AM 02-10-2008
Hey, I have been gone a while......what is with all of the "banned" sloagans under everyone's signatures? Part of the reason I left this place a couple of years ago was because some of the best MDC members EVER got banned....

You can imagine why it is weird to see all of those comments under your names. I know I am being hormonal (starting menopause) but I have to admit I am not seeing the humor....how did it all get started? BTW, I am not mad at anyone or the management here, I am just letting you know that it kind of is upsetting to see. I am probably just being emo....

tracymom's Avatar tracymom 12:56 AM 02-10-2008
I was gone a while, too, Marg. Somebody told me she thought it was a April Fool thing from last year. Like you, the humor in it sort of passed us by. I'm sure it was meant well, but yeah, I've seen a lot of passionate folks disappear over the years whom I still miss very much.
LisainCalifornia's Avatar LisainCalifornia 12:59 AM 02-10-2008
It was an April Fools joke from the mods last April Fools day.
mamabutterfly's Avatar mamabutterfly 01:01 AM 02-10-2008
Good to see you Marg ~ I've missed your voice. And someone else's as well.

I've no insight on the banned comments, I mostly stick to a few small corners of the MDC world these days. Too big for me.
Sustainer's Avatar Sustainer 01:03 AM 02-10-2008
tracymom's Avatar tracymom 01:13 AM 02-10-2008
Thanks, sustainer, I appreciate the linky.
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 02:01 AM 02-10-2008
Actually, it was quite hilarious at the time. I decided just to keep mine, lol.

Here are the original threads for it:



Moon Faerie's Avatar Moon Faerie 02:11 AM 02-10-2008
Yup, from last year. I've never changed mine cause I didn't have a senior title anyway, and I still haven't come up with one.
Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 02:58 AM 02-10-2008
Yes, um, didn't mean to stir.....just wondering......

Thanks to everyone for splaining. You know how those of us from the deep south we have inquiring minds that want to know.

What pops in my head pops out of my mouth...and it is a BIG one!!!!:

"Banned for typing backwards, admin is dyslexic and this messes with her brain"

Ok, Gem this is pretty much messing with MY head!!! WOW! how'd you end up with this one,,,,,I can see why you kept it!

mamabutterfly!! I am happy to see you too! So many people hear have been making me glad I returned!!!!!
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 03:29 AM 02-10-2008
I love seeing you on here again.
Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 03:35 AM 02-10-2008
Gem!!! we simply MUST see each other again in the FLESH!!!!!! You are the only one (other than Els) who can keep up with my random, blathering, nonsensical and way too revealing communication style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I never get embarrassed around you!
JustVanessa's Avatar JustVanessa 04:01 AM 02-10-2008
I kept mine because I could never think of a senior title that suited me everyday....

But hi! Always nice to see someone I haven't seen post.
Jennifer Z's Avatar Jennifer Z 05:39 AM 02-10-2008
It is good to see you again!
Marg of Arabia's Avatar Marg of Arabia 02:05 PM 02-10-2008
Jennifer Z, it is good to see you too!

But hi! Always nice to see someone I haven't seen post.
yep, well I did take a looooooong hiatus!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 07:34 PM 02-10-2008
I kept mine too because I'm not witty enough to come up with my own sr title.