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View Poll Results: Do you enjoy kissing on the lips? (ex. kissing your DP)
Yes, just love it! Always did! 63 29.30%
Yes, I enjoy kissing, but sometimes get more of an emotional than sexual satisfaction from it. 29 13.49%
Overall yes, but it depends on a number of factors. 54 25.12%
Not really 64 29.77%
other 5 2.33%
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attachedmamaof3's Avatar attachedmamaof3 03:46 PM 04-22-2008
DP is the most fun to kiss EV-ER.

Inspired007's Avatar Inspired007 05:43 PM 04-22-2008
Originally Posted by mommyofmany View Post
No, I hate it. I avoid it whenever I can.
So very OT but my, aren't you a busy little bee!

And yes, I love to Kiss.
wryknowlicious's Avatar wryknowlicious 05:54 PM 04-22-2008
oh yes.

sometimes.. well most of the itme.. I'm just going for a peck on the lips or a kiss hello/goodbye.
but then our lipss actually touch.. and wow. The taste, feel, touch... I'm swept off my feet and suddenlythere is an awakening of wanting more.
More lips, more breath, more closeness.. more more more.
frog's Avatar frog 05:58 PM 04-22-2008
Yep. I could kiss turtle endlessly.
maplesugar's Avatar maplesugar 06:35 PM 04-22-2008
I like kissing...but not really french kissing.
MPsSweetie's Avatar MPsSweetie 07:24 PM 04-22-2008
: Not so much. I LOVE James, but I don't like slobber. Ewww.
Elastagirl's Avatar Elastagirl 10:59 PM 04-22-2008

I used to have a list of every boy I had kissed in my diary (Up through high school!) and I would pull it out sometimes just to remember each kissable moment!

I was first attracted to dh's lips and imagined kissing him for WEEKS before we ever did -- now I get to kiss those awesome lips every day as often as I want!
Contrariety's Avatar Contrariety 04:31 AM 04-23-2008
I like peck kisses, but for whatever reason, these days I feel *so* smothered by deep kisses. I don't exactly know how to relate that to DH, however. :

I used to enjoy long, make-out kisses. Now, after a few seconds I've gotta come up for some air.

Silvercrest79's Avatar Silvercrest79 02:25 PM 04-28-2008
Originally Posted by karina5 View Post
I used to love to kiss, but not so much anymore. I would love to kiss someone other than my H these days.
momileigh's Avatar momileigh 06:31 AM 04-30-2008
I love kissing as long as there is not so much tongue (no tongue is the best, for me) and as long as we aren't simultaneously doing something that requires more concentration. Once something even more interesting is happening, I find it to be a distraction.

If you know what I mean, I'm sure that made sense.
sphinxie's Avatar sphinxie 07:41 AM 04-30-2008
Nowadays I love kissing. I go through phases where I don't like it... sometimes it works better than others. The main factor with my DH is how mentally present he is, since all my other preferences are satisfied.

In college I thought I didn't like to kiss, but with a new relationship I discovered that it was just the guy I was with at the time.
jimblejamble's Avatar jimblejamble 03:30 PM 04-30-2008
I LOVE to kiss!

In fact, I'm a danger to the public. Really! When Chris and I drove to Utah for Easter break I kept leaning over to kiss him while he was driving so we decided to make it the "Drive of a Thousand Kisses". Once we got past the big cities and were the only car on the road we'd see how straight he could drive while French-kissing. We hit quite a few rumble strips but by the time we were nearing Utah he was able to drive totally straight and kiss at the same time.

Incredibly dangerous but highly enjoyable.
treemom2's Avatar treemom2 07:58 AM 05-02-2008
I love to kiss!! When I drink I kiss everyone around (thank goodness I have a DH who isn't too offended by my love of kissing everyone). I will admit I'm not much for a lot of tongue or slobber. . .but I don't have to worry about that with DH
clavicula's Avatar clavicula 08:26 AM 05-02-2008
Well, yeah!

gabysmom617's Avatar gabysmom617 10:54 AM 05-02-2008
Um, no.

I think it has a LOT to do with the way my husband kisses. Me no like. I mean, we've had a few very good kisses, but he is a blunt that, I mean, he doesn't "get it", doesn't understand subtleties, and doesn't "get" that you're trying to tell him he's doing it all wrong unless you smack him upside the forehead, much like they do on those V8 commercials.

So, after a couple of times of finally sitting him down, and being like, "look, this feels nasty, you need to do it THIS way, he got it....for like a minute. Then, he forgets.

Also, there are some other "issues" that I'm dealing with concerning my physical attraction towards him, so a lot of other issues are at play.

Not the least of which, is my pregnancy. EVERYTHING nauseates me, and if I didn't like deep kissing before, I DEFINATELY DON'T LIKE IT NOW!

(Well timed soft pecks and lip-nuzzling minus the slobber and the darting, jerking, lizard-like tongue involved are always ok with me though...)

...My best kiss was in high school by a guy that seriously left you feeling like you had an electric jolt. DELICIOUS.
~PurityLake~'s Avatar ~PurityLake~ 05:04 PM 05-14-2008
I voted not really, but would have voted no if it were an option.

I think it's gross.
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