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ebethmom's Avatar ebethmom 04:24 PM 11-18-2003
Vacuuming. Oh yeah, I remember that. If I could find my floor under all of the toys, I'd give it a shot! Our house was "neutralized" after it had been on the market for about 6 months. So the walls are all white, and the whole house is carpeted in "cheap off-white." They used such poor quality, and the color is so light. The family room is just trashed. I can't wait until we can afford to replace it.

Ds was wiped out last night. He hardly ate any supper, then asked to nurse at 8:00. He conked out! He still had his clothes and shoes on, and a pretty wet diaper. He almost NEVER goes to sleep before 10:00. He did wake up at 10:00 for a diaper change, but he nursed back to sleep in 10 minutes. So I went to bed early!!!

I almost feel rested today!

GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 10:05 PM 11-18-2003

Oh, that feels better. Got that off my chest... SIGH... Every evening it's the saaaaame darn thing... get home from "school" and listen to Duncan and Natalie SCREAM CRY WHINE YELL HOLLER WHINE SCREAM CRY... Nothing I do changes it. It goes from sweet baby to hell's child in no time flat. Hunter is snotty and crabby, my stomach is going crazy...I can't hold anything down. I have an exam tomorrow and I don't want to study for it because I know the kids will bang on the door and cry the whole time I lock myself in here... sigh..


I'm waiting for DH to get home so I can just hide from the kids. I'm kind of hiding right now. DS1 is giving them all a drink. God knows what... AH! DH is home!!!!!!! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah! THANK YOU GOD, ALLAH, BUDDAH, GODDESS, ANYONE WHO IS LISTENING!!!!!
Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 02:07 PM 11-19-2003
Hey all!

We're NAK right now, trying to encourage Kailey to take a morning nap, or at least hoping nursing will calm her down. We were having a great time making Christmas cards, and then she suddenly starting freaking out and throwing things. Everything that was on the table went onto the floor

Then she ran to where the puppies are and started hitting them with a sandal??!!! What the heck?

So I picked her up and here we are. she seems tired. Woke up at 6 this morning all cheery and talkative though- the weirdo.

I am digging the cards though. I have two different themes going since I couldn't decide. Kaileys green handprints for trees, and cut out presents and decorations, and the other are snowmen that have been painted/color markered/glittered on. I love the snowmen, the trees aren't done yet so no opinion

We have a tornado watch today- oh yeay....

My Christmas crafts are done, although I am thinking of anding one more item to each recipients bundle....
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 11:10 PM 11-19-2003
Okay, ladies... This is a rant on the crappyness of the Fiscal Services office at the good ol' University of Texas at San Antonio... Sigh.

I found out there was a hold on my account, which, well, is unsurprising. There was a check missing that they had done a stop payment on. Fine. I never got the freakin' check and the Fiscal Services office tried to tell me that I owed my alma mater approximately $2000. WHAT THE HELL??? This is me . I am soooo mad I'm crying. I told them that had to be a mistake because my tuition came out to something on the order of $1200 and I got a refund of $2000. There is no way I had a spare 2k in my bank account. I could prove it!!!! They still said I owed 2k, so I told them that's Bullsh*t and stalked off and to financial aid. I *politely* asked them to print out exactly what money went where and we did the math and I didn't owe the UTSA any money. Fine. I went up to the bigwigs on the fourth floor and told them my story... Turns out, accounting got the check back, did something or another with it, but never removed the hold from my account. Idiots. Fine. A nice lady named Ann with two (2!) Zen gardens on her desk fixed everything... I still wanted to go down to Fiscal Services and rub their noses in their stupidity, but, well, I'm better than that. I did tell Ann, however, that I did not particularly care for the way they handled this and they also talked about me like I wasn't there. I was just a potted plant so to speak. So... I was a pissed off, hungry, pregnant woman. WATCH OUT!

Glad to have that off my chest...
cinnamonamon's Avatar cinnamonamon 12:10 AM 11-20-2003
(((GoodWillHunter))) Don't you hate stupid people? Grrr... I got lucky today -- actually I believe it was divine providence that I fell asleep with Ian & we missed the mommy's group today. I made it to lunch at Applebees with them, though. They had a dr. there giving out advice on "teaching" your children to self sooth, and "if you're trying to wean your child to a bottle & he refuses, just starve him -- eventually he'll take the bottle."

Moron. And for all the babies whose mothers will (gladly) take that advice. Stupid stupid stupid. Anyway, one of the ladies told me about it & we got to talk about it (she was on the same page as us ) so that was nice, and my birthday didn't end up ruined afterall! lol

By the way, it's my birthday, today. I'm officially a quarter of a century old.
Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 12:20 AM 11-20-2003

UGH!! You are a far better person than I, I would have marched downstairs and given a good rubbing, least thought about it

I am SO glad it all got sorted out though- whew! Money matters get me all crazy!

Cinn~ Happy birthday!!!

As Jessica Simpson would say...25 is close to being mid-twenties!!!

Hope your day was brighter than Jessica is loopy!!!
ebethmom's Avatar ebethmom 02:04 PM 11-20-2003
That was weird. My computer just ate an almost completed reply. Oh well.

I was going to gripe about how hard it is to get up and rolling before noon. But MDC is part of that problem! I should use my Dora time to wash my hair without "help," but I'd rather come here and post.

It's a rare sunny November day! We really should go to the park before nap time. Time to get moving.
shanleysmama's Avatar shanleysmama 03:18 PM 11-20-2003
RE: I was going to gripe about how hard it is to get up and rolling before noon. But MDC is part of that problem! I should use my Dora time to wash my hair without "help," but I'd rather come here and post.

LOL! I agree, I am sitting here in my jammies while the kids watch Dragon Tales!

Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 03:56 PM 11-20-2003
Well, we got up and going before noon, but now I have flour on my dining room table and floor, pants, shirt, etc...

The ornaments came out looking great though...Kailey is fast asleep after a fit of throwing dough and knocking over chairs.

Aw...sweet toddlerdom
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 01:09 AM 11-21-2003

I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses TV as a sedative!!! I almost went out and bought the Lion King so my kiddies would go to sleep after school today. No such luck. I bought new batteries for Duncan's remote control car he's been WHINING about for days and some Christmas lights that I finally moved to the deck after much hemming and hawing... Migranes are back, soooooo, well, I had to call my OB and beg for drugs... Ahhhh... finally, relief...

I went out into the garage to check what Christmas decorations we had and I looked in the box and MICE had gotten into the box and eaten my Christmas lights. Duncan was devastated. He kept on trying to get me to fix the lights and I had to keep telling him I couldn't. So I caved and bought some more... :LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINNAMONAMON, CAROLYNN... Glad to know you made it to 25. Now your car insurance will go down.... :LOL
Potty Diva's Avatar Potty Diva 01:17 AM 11-21-2003
Lisa~ You poor thing! I am getting our decorations out as well, and can't find my lights or garland! Grrr!!

We got our refund check form the cabin we were going to rent(unti lwe got Summer home earlier than planned) and found fencing that is a good deal, just in time for 2 of the pups to start getting sick, me worried about Summer, and the humane society saying they would take them

Thankfully I volunteer there and can help out on the weekends.

I am trying to read Summer to see how she is feeling, and honestly..she is just as happy and chipper as she has always been- weird....

Right now she is laying at my feet snoring.

I cried, Kailey cried, Mark even cried...

Summer has her vet appointment on the 15th of Dec to be spayed and I am OVER JOYED. We can finally afford it. At first I was feeling so guilty because we haven't had her spayed, ,but ya know..we couldn't have sincec mar kwas unemployed for a full year. I am glad it is being taken care of though.

AND I am happy the puppies are NOT going to be euthenized- WHEW!!!
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 01:27 AM 11-21-2003
Oh, that's awesome!!! I'm so glad Summer will be spayed. That's one less thing, or shall I say, 6 less things to worry about!!! :LOL Well, Duncan and Natalie are just soooo tired after their 3 hours at preschool (It's right during their nap time) that most of the afternoon is fit throwing central. Nothing is right, no toy is okay, no movie is good, Mama isn't good enough, or everyone wants me to be there right now.... Oh, well, the joys of mommydom, no? I love 'em. I frequently want to put them, or myself, in a dark, soundproof room, but I love 'em....
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 11:22 PM 11-21-2003
Now I have a "big behinded" two year old running like a mad boy throughout the house with a recipie mag I bought for Nellie and Duncan's school project yesterday... OOPS... We forgot to turn it in.... :LOL
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