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Maeve's Avatar Maeve 02:13 PM 06-02-2008
It is totally distracting to me. I get sucked in by even the slightest bit of mascara or foundation. I have *never* seen a woman made up well enough to not be able to discern that lovely line () where the foundation ends and her skin tone begins. Just not the least bit appealing to me.

My sister and mom both wear a lot of make up and it usually just doesn't look right, Plus, it actually makes them look older because it makes the wrinkles stand out more and it's really taking it's toll on their skin.

journeymom's Avatar journeymom 03:04 PM 06-02-2008
I started wearing more make up in the last year, since I noticed wrinkles and spots. I look more awake with a little make up, and I think people take me more seriously. I don't dwell on it.

There are a billion reasons to be defensive about your reasons for wearing or not wearing make up.

Also, women have been painting their faces for fun and ritual since the beginning of women.
stacyann21's Avatar stacyann21 03:08 PM 06-02-2008
If I didn't have pimples, acne scars and dark under-eye circles I wouldn't wear it. Unfortunately I do. It takes me at least 15 minutes to get my skin to look like everyone else's :
KaraBoo's Avatar KaraBoo 03:21 PM 06-02-2008
I'm allergic to makeup on my face (can only wear mascara and stuff on my eyes) but even before that, I didn't wear much. I don't like how it feels. Plus, I'd hate to kiss someone's cheek and get a makeup taste.

I wear mascara almost daily. Sometimes I add eyeliner (pencil) and rarely I wear eyeshadow. I also wear moisturizer but is that considered makeup?

I don't care if others wear makeup.
eliotsmommy's Avatar eliotsmommy 03:28 PM 06-02-2008
Sometimes wear it, sometimes don't. Sometimes wear only a little.

Who cares? People should do / be however they're comfortable!
Romana's Avatar Romana 03:30 PM 06-02-2008
In a nutshell: Why bother?

(I have not read all the responses . . . that's just my big fat opinion. )
muttix2's Avatar muttix2 03:48 PM 06-02-2008
I wear mascara and lip balm to work. Sometimes I skip the lip balm and sometimes if I'm feeling like I need a little color, I put on a light layer of barely noticeable eye shadow. Outside of work I don't tend to wear makeup much unless we're visiting someone and even then, only if I feel washed out.

I was big into glittery makeup when I was a teenager (and secretly wish it would come back in style!) but I don't care as much about it now. It is nice when I wear it, just as nice when I don't. And I could care less about other people wearing it.
allgirls's Avatar allgirls 04:01 PM 06-02-2008
[QUOTE=Romana9+2;11373585]In a nutshell: Why bother?QUOTE]

In a nutshell, if it's no bother, why not?
newmama8824's Avatar newmama8824 04:07 PM 06-02-2008
Sometimes, if I have time, I put it on for fun.

Most of the time I don't even bother with it.
punkrawkmama27's Avatar punkrawkmama27 04:20 PM 06-02-2008
I LOVE my black eyeliner and cant go anywhere w/o it! Its been that way since highschool, the only time I didnt wear makeup was in basic training.
Bad Horse's Avatar Bad Horse 04:20 PM 06-02-2008
It can be fun! Sometimes I wear it out, just a little, just to let myself feel not frumpy and tired looking.

Then, like Saturday night, I went to a friend's b-day party. She wanted to party like she was 18.5 instead of turning 37 so had a wear your best goth clubbing clothes I had found VINYL MATERNITY PANTS!!! for 2.50 at the thrift store and I was all about it. I had a blast putting on my goth make up, like back in the day, and getting all dressed up. (I even managed to embarrass my 8 year old by going out of the house dressed like that )

Putting on make up is fun for me, and I like it on occasion. I may only wear it once a month or so, but enjoy it when I do. I even got my ds's to play with it when I was getting ready to go out Saturday, they had a blast with it, after I convinced them that make up is fun for everyone and NOT just for girls.
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