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Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 01:46 AM 08-18-2008
I am coming to this forum for help, because my brain is just not working any more. lol
I am a photographer who is trying to pull off a charity project. I will be making a calendar featuring local children and all the profit will go to a local Mother Baby Center that is really straggling financially. Anyway, I need to come up with a name for this calendar and I am not coming up with any ideas.
I have talked to someone who did this and she called hers "Hope calendar" and trademarked it so I can't obviously use it. Plus I want something original anyway.
today I stumbled over some other photog who is doing this and she names hers Wish calendar.

I want something simple too, but I'd like for this to become an annual thing so I need something that I can use every year. I will only change the theme every year.

So, today I came up with a name "Our calendar" because I like in very liberal town and we are very tight community, and everything is about local, and supporting the locals. But after thinking about it for few hours I am not sure I like it any more. I was thinking about something like

Our Calendar
Featuring Children of Whatcom County

But I don't know anymore. Maybe I just need to sleep on it.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

rachelle-a-tron's Avatar rachelle-a-tron 01:58 AM 08-18-2008
What about " The Love Calendar?"
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 02:04 AM 08-18-2008
Like it! Never even thought about that one! Trying find some synonyms for hope and wish and skipped this beautiful word all together!
stirringleaf's Avatar stirringleaf 02:14 AM 08-18-2008
I only want to propose that you skip the subtitle about "featuring children of Whatcom Cty..." part. it seems almost creepy , or it seems like it could attract some teasing, however lighthearted.

What about

Our calendar
In support of the Mother Baby center

Hippie Mama in MI's Avatar Hippie Mama in MI 02:18 AM 08-18-2008
How About "A Year Of Love And Laughter In Whatcom County"
Ironica's Avatar Ironica 02:27 AM 08-18-2008
How about "The Hugs and Wishes Calendar"? (Like hugs and kisses, ya know?)

I believe your friend *thinks* she has "Hope Calendar" trademarked, but I don't think it's trademarkable. It's *too* simple. And I'll bet City of Hope has put out a calendar or two with a very similar name and purpose, so she would have to sue them to defend her trademark, or lose it (and they probably can afford bigger lawyers than she can, not to mention probably used it before she did).

So, if you want something that can be a defensible trademark, you'll need a name that's a little more unique. (BTW, Hope Calendar gets one hit in the USPTO database, for "hope health calendar" and that was filed in 1989. Hugs and Wishes Calendar gets no hits.)

Love Calendar strikes me as, I dunno, hippies having a love-fest ;-). Our Calendar doesn't really sound like a name to me, it's just, well, our calendar... and over here's our desk, and our lamp. : So while I get wanting something succinct, I'd suggest something maybe beyond a single word.

If there's a predominant ethnic community in your area, you might use a word from that language. If our organization did something similar, we might call it the "Esperanza Calendar," since about 80% of our clients are Latino, and esperanza means hope (or wish; they don't distinguish between the two in some languages).
BellinghamCrunchie's Avatar BellinghamCrunchie 05:18 AM 08-18-2008
What about "Our Children"

Anyways I really like "Our Calendar" and you are brilliant, as always.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 11:17 AM 08-18-2008
Originally Posted by BellinghamCrunchie View Post
What about "Our Children"

Anyways I really like "Our Calendar" and you are brilliant, as always.
lol, thank you )

I think I do like

Our Calendar
In support of Mother Baby Center
gumby74's Avatar gumby74 06:52 PM 08-18-2008
FondestBianca's Avatar FondestBianca 07:11 PM 08-18-2008
my brain also isn't working properly at the current time, so no ideas... just wanted to say that you have so many beautiful backdrops for photos there in Bellingham! lucky!