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Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 03:12 PM 11-09-2008
Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
sorry. why aren't you in bed now?
good night. its 4am and i'm going to bed
goodnight! I'm not going to be because its noon here, not 4am. talk to you more tomorrow!

Fiestabeth's Avatar Fiestabeth 05:14 PM 11-09-2008
Okay, I just tried to catch up but there are too many posts. :

My kids are crying so I'll have to come back later. I'll start a new thread, though. For you chatty Cathys.
Fiestabeth's Avatar Fiestabeth 06:03 PM 11-09-2008
Here ya go!

majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 08:46 PM 11-09-2008
thankya darlin, I'm on my way!
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