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MovingMomma's Avatar MovingMomma 10:30 AM 12-15-2010

Baby Cakes: Plain yogurt, esp. homemade will have way more of the good bugs than a pill or powder, and you can always mix it with fruit to make it more palatable to your DD.


Any suggestions for how to eat protein every couple of hours without ballooning?  shy.gif  I've got nausea (but no vomiting, yay!) and eating every 2 hrs definitely helps.  I think I'm just going to try to cut down the portion sizes for my meals & see how that goes.

Birdie B.'s Avatar Birdie B. 01:05 PM 12-15-2010

 Moving mama ~ no advice here - I am stuffing my face every 2 hours at least! Even though I feel so hungry all the time, and try to eat a good amount of protein, I feel totally queasy and gross right afterwards.  Then I'm hungry an hour later. This sucks!!!!!!






Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 08:37 AM 12-16-2010

Hmm, I don't think I could make yogurt.  I only give her soy or coconut milk yogurt b/c we don't eat dairy.  I have to run by the HFS today anyway so I'll see what I can find for her.  Her yeast rash is gone (the nystatin worked wonders) but I don't want her to get messed up from the abx for her ears.


The floradix is AMAZING.  Seriously.  After just one dose, I felt better.  I showered, even took DD out to Target and had a wonderful rest of the day.  I'm DEFINITELY going to keep taking it.  I am impressed!!  I recommend trying it, whoever is so tired they feel like they could just fall over!!


Having some Morning Wellness tea to help with my queasies, and DD is busy playing.  Also making some tater tots b/c it's all I can imagine eating right now.  


I can't believe Christmas is next week.  I feel like all of this is happening very fast!!

egmaranian's Avatar egmaranian 12:41 PM 12-16-2010

Mmmmm...Tater Tots!  I think I just discovered what I'll be eating for lunch today.  Thanks Baby_Cakes!


Hi all,  I've been lurking, but I thought I'd join in the chat.  I'm 6w5d today with my third pregnancy.  I have one living DS who is 18 mo and one angel who we lost at 14wks in July 2010.


I'm having pretty normal symptoms (for me at least)...sore boobs when DS nurses, all day nausea and hunger, food aversions, fatigue.  I think I'm going to give Floradix a try soon based on the glowing reviews I've heard from all the mamas on MDC. Otherwise, just drinking lot's of ginger spice tea and munching on ginger chews and carbs all day long.

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 12:49 PM 12-16-2010

Hi Erica!


I don't think I'm going anywhere today.  This overall grumpy feeling and constant nausea is terrible.  It's almost 3 pm and I'm still on the couch in my jammies (so is DD) and I'm just trying to survive!!  I feel guilty b/c I should be excited and bouncing off the walls but I just feel yucky.

RileyAnn's Avatar RileyAnn 01:30 PM 12-16-2010

Yeah, I'm not leaving the house either. I've done too much the last couple days and now i'm just too tired and nauseous to do anything. It's also like a blizzard outside! Yuck. I'm just gonna curl up on the couch with hot cocoa. :)

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 02:08 PM 12-16-2010

Ugh, guys.  I have to call this mw.  Something about her contract seems odd, I don't know if it's normally how things are done but I just don't like it.  Does it sound normal to you that doctor visits and lab work aren't included in her fee?  And that to bill insurance she tacks on a 7% charge on the entire fee?  Idk...

egmaranian's Avatar egmaranian 02:32 PM 12-16-2010

Oh, how I wish I could be at home curled up on the couch.  I am feeling so tired and generally crappy right now and I still have to be at work for another 3 hours.  Blech!

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 02:43 PM 12-16-2010

Originally Posted by egmaranian View Post

Oh, how I wish I could be at home curled up on the couch.  I am feeling so tired and generally crappy right now and I still have to be at work for another 3 hours.  Blech!

This will be me tomorrow!!  Hang in there!  We will get thru this trimester together!!

RileyAnn's Avatar RileyAnn 03:32 PM 12-16-2010

Yeah. Despite feeling horrible, I finally called and schedualled my first prenatal visit. Its not for two weeks, but I'm really excited! :)

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 03:34 PM 12-16-2010

Great, Riley!!

I didn't call for mine yet.  I have my first appt w/the midwife scheduled for next month but I'm supposed to call the OB for my scan.  I'm really dragging my feet!

RileyAnn's Avatar RileyAnn 04:03 PM 12-16-2010

Yeah. I just decided to make myself otherwise I'd keep putting it off. Everything about going to the doctor freaks me out. :/  I'll actually be working with a midwife through the hospital. I don't know how that works, but I guess I'll find out.

egmaranian's Avatar egmaranian 04:03 PM 12-16-2010

I haven't even called my mw yet.  Last time I got going with her at around 9 wks and then I lost the baby.  So, I figured I'm just gonna wait a little longer this time.  I'm having concurrent care with my OB though and I've already been there once.  I have an u/s scheduled at their office on the 29th. 


Baby_Cakes:  I don't think labs are included in my mw's fee either.  I can't remember for sure though.  I do know she does not charge an extra % to bill insurance though.  That seems a little silly.  Do you have other mw's you can interview to see if they all do that in your area?

KnittingKara's Avatar KnittingKara 05:32 PM 12-16-2010

Well, I have one day left in my self-imposed deadline of calling the dr.'s office by the end of the week.  Think I'll make it?  wink1.gif


I'm purposely trying to live at a slower pace and drop out of the hustle and bustle of the season ... but still the days seem to be flying by.  What seemed like such a long month stretched before me, now is half way over. I'm getting excited for Christmas and sharing our news with everyone else!  But, I'm also enjoying having this secret.


In other news, I've been so cranky today.  Not with the kids, not with my husband, but the dog?  my neighbor's snow blower?  our ancient can opener?   All driving me crazy today!  I know it is hormones, but still dizzy.gif


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

MovingMomma's Avatar MovingMomma 11:24 AM 12-17-2010

Baby Cakes- This is a HB MW, right?  The Dr. visits and lab work not included sound ok to me, though it'd be a little off if she charges for pee sticks that don't actually go to the lab.  winky.gif  And the 7% higher for insurance could be looked at as she actually charges uninsured clients 7% less.  But I think it all kind of depends on what her fee actually is and how it compares to the going rate in your area.


I still haven't called for my parallel care apt., but I see the HB MW's on Monday!

lisastrickland's Avatar lisastrickland 11:50 AM 12-17-2010

hey ladies. i thought i would jump in on the leg cramps / restless legs post.


i have HORRIBLE restless legs and in pregnancy they are 60Xs worse. my midwife told me about Naturally Calm when I was preggo last time, and OMG it WORKS!!


I think there is a "mothers calm" also, but i couldnt find it...

nugget's mommy's Avatar nugget's mommy 12:42 PM 12-17-2010

Hi all - whew - I was busier than I thought I was going to be these last 3 days at work, and now I have to run out the door to go pick up my son.  I'm off for 2 weeks now (YAY!) but that means I probably won't get on MDC very often in the coming weeks, and if I do, I will be on my phone, so any posts I make will probably be pretty short. 


Anyway, I am doing well.  After I found out I had to get a blood test just to confirm pregnancy to be able to see this particular OB., I've been dragging my feet (I am terrified of needles and this is adding on yet another blood test that I have never had to get before, so I am annoyed).  I did go get the script, or whatever it's called from my other dr., so I have the ability to go get it done, if need be.  However, I just today got a pm from a momma on here (just in the nick of time because I was gonna go get the blood test today) who is going to send me a list of providers who might be able to help me in my quest for VBA2C.  It should broaden my scope, and maybe I won't need that blood test after all.  I'm so happy - I hope it pans out!!   Anyway, I hope everyone has a great holiday season, and I will be here in spirit, lurking on my phone and writing some short but sweet posts if I have the chance.  We are telling everyone about this third (and final) chapter, probably on Christmas Eve.  I think it will be recieved well and people will be really happy for us - they probably think we are trying for a girl, but really I think I would prefer a third boy.  I think my SIL will be excited to have a pregnancy buddy (she is due in May).  Should be interesting! 


BeantownBaby9's Avatar BeantownBaby9 12:52 PM 12-17-2010
Well I have had an interesting 18hrs. I wiped last night and saw brown mucus. Called both mw and ob, they reassured me but i fell asleep really worried. woke up at 4am and it was pink. Got in first thing for an us, totally thinking there'd be no hb, crying on the table before the doc even came in and what do you know, the littlest flicker was there. I am measuring only 6weeks but with my late bfp, maybe thats why. This stress is no good! Ds is at my parents and I am just going to rest.

My legs have really bothered me the last two days too. I am going to go down a big natural calm right now.

Bbycakes how is your daughter?
earth-mama's Avatar earth-mama 03:46 PM 12-17-2010

Baby Cakes--my MW charges the same amount regardless of her clients insurance or not.  You are just expected to pay anything that the insurance does not cover.  As far as any lab work or Dr. Visits these are extra--Dr. visits would be billed by the doctor and the lab work is billed by the lab.  We have health insurance and these things would be covered by it or mostly covered.  We will be switching insurance in January and are hoping to pick an insurance where the premiums aren't too high and will cover most of the homebirth, but if now we will pay for it out of pocket.  I believe my midwife charges about $3500 total for all the prenatal, the delivery and post-partum care.  We see her 1x per month until 7 months? then 2x per month until the last month and we see her every week until the baby makes its appearance.  Post partum we see her 1 day after the birth, 3 days after the birth, at 3 weeks and then 6 weeks (if we need anything after this time she is also available :-)  )   I hope that helps you some.  Also, I hope your DD is doing better.


Beantown--dust.gifsticky baby vibes to you.  I bet that little bean is just snuggling in!



AFM--I am now 8 weeks 1 day and today I am feeling much better than I had been.  The nausea is less, but still there and I feel a little less tired.  This also might be because DD and I slept until almost 9:30 today!!  It was great!  I have also been trying to eat more smaller meals per day--might also be helping or I may just be adjusting to the hormones.  I don't really care why as long as the nausea goes away eyesroll.gif  Although it is nice to have some symptoms too mischievous.gif  makes it seem more real.  I told one of my good friends the other day.  She was really excited for us.  I think we are going to tell our families next week!

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 04:47 PM 12-17-2010

Anyone else having trouble with mulitquote??


Shannon - that does make a lot of sense.  I guess I need to shop around?  Maybe I will call a few more and just see what their rates are w/o worrying about the whole 7% thing.  In some ways it just feels like sales tax.  LOL.


Erin - How scary!  I'm so glad all is well.  Take it easy and be gentle with yourself!!   DD is doing much better!  She's still sniffly and a bit crabby but otherwise feeling much better.


AFM - I'm exhausted after working today and I have another full book tomorrow.  I feel trapped, I'm so exhausted, nauseous, emotional.  I feel like telling my boss just so maybe they can cut me a little break and not book me so solid.  But then on the other hand I feel stupid doing that.  WWYD???  Ntm, my best friend who is 6 mo preggo and has had the easiest, cushiest ride of a pg (no ms, no nothing) is really being unsupportive and I feel a little like my world is falling apart.  And I'm so hungry but can't find anything that sounds good.  Ok....pity party over.  For now. greensad.gif

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