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Is anyone suffering from insomnia like I am? It's BRUTAL!! I go to sleep early like 9:30-10 but as soon as my daughter wakes to nurse I can't get back to sleep. I think it's because nursing hurts so bad and I can't relax and get back to sleep. Tired and sick all day :(

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 Yeah, I've been having a hard time getting back to sleep lately too. One night I was hungry, but couldn't figure out what I could eat if I got up, and I finally fell back asleep.

I'm also having a hard time getting comfortable- ALREADY!? Is anybody else having hip pain or not able to lie on your back? I don't remember not being able to lie on my back so soon with my previous 2.

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I have had terrible insomnia lately.  I've been going to bed really early, but wake up a few hours later because I usually have to pee and then I can't fall back asleep!!  It's so annoying!  And then I am up all day with no chance for a nap because my almost 3 year old does not like to nap anymore!  I've got to get her back on some kind of nap schedule so I can get some kind of sleep!  This happens to me every pregnancy so I guess I should be used to it by now!!  But it's no fun laying in my room next to my hubby snoozing away and I'm stuck staring at the wall not able to sleep!  Mama you are so not alone!!  I'm sure there are many of us unable to sleep!  I can still sleep on my back but I am also having hip pain already. 

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This has been happening to me too! I go to sleep at 9:30-10 and then I am up for no reason whatsoever from like 1-5. It sucks :(

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Yeah, I fall asleep just fine (usually around 10pm and on the couch lol) but then I usually wake up sometime between 12-1am due to a hungry tummy and a full bladder and even after I take care of those concerns, I just can't get to sleep. I just lay there for what seems like hours with a stomachache and no sleep. It's no good!

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I like that we all have the same bedtime! :)

My DF has to sleep on the couch because I can sleep again after waking up if I'm alone, but if he's there I can't. It's very annoying!


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I always get horrid pg induced insomnia. This time is no different. greensad.gif I either can not go to sleep at night or wake up in the middle of the night for hours or both on the very unlucky nights. Last pg it was so bad I ended taking a Tylenol PM every other night so I knew I would at least sleep some then. This time they don't work at all, Unisom works some so I have already taken it a few times. 

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Same here for me! I go to bed sometime around 9, but I'm so uncomfortable that I feel like I never get deep sleep. Then I'm tired all day long, too!! I've been sleeping next to the wall with a cuddly pillow that I can lean on and hug, and last night my husband took it away from me so I would cuddle with him instead... I was so cranky and never got any good rest so I've been crabby all day long!! Now he's learned his lesson.

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Oh, count me in ladies!

I have an awful time falling asleep at night, and then getting up with DD or to pee.  Ugh.  I feel like the nights are so long.  And i know it only gets worse!!  And then once the baby comes, forget it!  

DH has been snoring like crazy lately too, so even when DD STTN I get no relief.  I'm still waking up every few hours (or more) to tell him to roll over.  Ugh, so annoying!!


And my sacrum hurts.  Already!!  Ugh!!

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