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soulmatesforever's Avatar soulmatesforever 10:47 PM 01-07-2011

Hi everyone!


I am currently expecting my third child, due August 28th. My husband and I have 2 little girls ages 4 and my youngest turns 2 on Sunday.


So excited! I look forward to meeting you all ;).

Beckily's Avatar Beckily 11:05 AM 01-08-2011

Welcome! This group is very fun, I hope you find it as nice as I do! :)

I'm Becky and I'm due August 6th with my first!

~savah~'s Avatar ~savah~ 12:00 PM 01-08-2011

Welcome and congratulations smile.gif.

PoetryLover's Avatar PoetryLover 07:45 AM 01-10-2011