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love4bob's Avatar love4bob 09:08 AM 02-13-2011


I've noticed from the belly pics thread that some of our bellies are nice and round, and some of them are pointy! I've heard that a pointy belly means it's a boy and round belly means it's a girl. I've only every had a round belly, never pointy, and I've had all girls. We should keep a tally of our bellies vs. genders(for those who are finding out)! Anyone have experience with this? Anyone have a pointy belly and have a girl or round belly and have a boy? orngbiggrin.gif

Beckily's Avatar Beckily 10:36 AM 02-13-2011

Mine is round, but I think it's that I have more body fat. I'm not sure I can have pointy body parts at this point :)

jillybeans's Avatar jillybeans 10:36 AM 02-13-2011

I've always had a super early, round belly.  This time I'm not sure what shape I am, because I'm showing way later!  I must be shaped differently, because my fundus is at the same point as before, but I'm still wearing regular jeans (with bella band).   The ob said boy according to the u/s at my NT!

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 10:40 AM 02-13-2011

I'm not sure if my belly is round or pointy!

With DD it was pretty round, though, I think.  LOL!

ChemistryClass's Avatar ChemistryClass 12:14 PM 02-13-2011

I had a pointy belly with dd, a round belly with ds, and I have a pointy belly this time around as well. I guess we'll see if my crazy backwards belly shape pattern will hold for a 3rd time. lol

Maurine's Avatar Maurine 01:24 PM 02-14-2011

Mine is pretty pointy, but my fundus is also really low.  So I think (doing my own little diagnosis here) that my uterus is pointed towards the front a lot.  Hence, pointy!  :)  I'll update in 2 weeks when we find out the sex.