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mamamerle's Avatar mamamerle 09:05 PM 02-13-2011

Ugh, I think I have it. sneeze.gif I have spent every day for the past few weeks sneezing/hacking/coughing. I thought it was a cold, then I thought it was allergies, now I think it's pregnancy rhinitis. Please put me out of my misery. surrender.gif


Anyone else?

Jbouck5's Avatar Jbouck5 09:23 PM 02-13-2011

I'm definitely not as miserable as you, but I have been getting sinus headaches, and am stuffy all the time. A hot shower or warm bath always helps me :)

Beckily's Avatar Beckily 09:57 PM 02-13-2011

I've been sniffy the whoooole pregnancy. Moved into getting headaches in the last week or so. Ain't it fun? :)

veggiemomto2's Avatar veggiemomto2 04:17 AM 02-14-2011

I've been congested for a while now.  But the worst are the headaches and pressure.  I've had one since Saturday morning and can't get rid of it!

Lynann's Avatar Lynann 07:58 AM 02-14-2011

I've got it. I had pregnancy rhinitis with DS too, and it lasted the whole 9 months. Within a day of him being born it was gone. I think it'll be the same again, I won't loose the congestion until this baby is in my arms. When it is really bad and I feel I can't breathe when I go to bed I use the breathe right nasal strips. They work so well I want to keep them on all the time, but you're not supposed to have them on for more than about 12 hours if I remember correctly. I also have some Olbas Oil from back home in the UK which works really well. Its like a menthol type essential oil. A few drops on my pillow or a tissue really helps me feel clearer.

zoebugsmom's Avatar zoebugsmom 12:56 PM 02-14-2011

I have it, too.  Stuffy nose, sinus pressure/headache.  I'm hoping it'll get better once it warms up, it's so cold and dry here right now.

Agatha_Ann's Avatar Agatha_Ann 01:38 PM 02-14-2011

Count me in the club. I've had it with my last two the entire time too. My sinuses are so bad, every step I take is painful. It feels like my teeth are rattling in my jaw. Sucks!

happylemon's Avatar happylemon 03:50 PM 02-14-2011

With my last it started right away, but not this time so I was hoping to escape it... Just this weekend I started feeling very stuffy and feel like I have a constant sinus headache, I don't feel sick at all so I think this is a later onset then last time. Not fun. I am sort of hoping the symptoms will lighten a bit as the weather gets nicer and the heat is not on so much so the air wont be as dry, but I wont hold my breath.


You sound miserable, I hope your symptoms lighten a bit.

ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 03:25 AM 02-15-2011

Hmm, I am wondering now. I have been sort of sniffly for weeks and weeks but just blamed it on the cold and dry weather. Plus our house is pretty dusty Sheepish.gif

veggiemomto2's Avatar veggiemomto2 06:54 AM 02-15-2011

I've been using the neti pot for a couple days now, but it only brings relief for about an hour afterwards, then I'm back to suffering again.  This is the pits!  I guess my concern is that if you are in pain everyday, couldn't it be a sinus infection rather than just pregnancy sinus stuff? 

mamamerle's Avatar mamamerle 07:25 AM 02-15-2011
Originally Posted by veggiemomto2 View Post

I guess my concern is that if you are in pain everyday, couldn't it be a sinus infection rather than just pregnancy sinus stuff? 

Thankfully it doesn't have that infection smell. It's just annoying. My mom suggested I put Vicks VapoRub on my feet at night. I thought it was a silly idea, but tried it anyway. You know, yesterday I woke up fine. redface.gif I didn't do it last night and woke with sneezing and a headache. I think I'll try it again tonight.
Agatha_Ann's Avatar Agatha_Ann 08:00 AM 02-15-2011

I woke up this morning with my tongue hurting! It must be from mouth breathing all night long. This really stinks fever.gif

Fulhouse's Avatar Fulhouse 08:30 AM 02-15-2011
I used to get this too with my first three. I thought it was just a permanent symptom of pregnancy. But now that I take enough vitamin d, this pregnancy I have not had one moment of congestion, runny or stuffy nose, nothing, I went last Sept to get my vitamin d tested, it was too low, upped my daily dose of d, waited 2 months, got tested again it was still lower then optimum, and raised my dosage again. Everyone's ideal dose is individual -- you want to have more than 60 in your bloodstream on the blood test and it could take 1000s of units of vitamin d supplements to get to 60. But that's the level where it prevents colds, viruses, flus, etc. So talk to your docs or up your d levels. Maybe it works.