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Chaika's Avatar Chaika 06:48 PM 07-12-2011

Oh, and let's not forget the pickles...

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 06:51 PM 07-12-2011

Originally Posted by Chaika View Post

Oh, and let's not forget the pickles...

duh.gif  How could I forget the kosher dills!?


elove's Avatar elove 07:00 PM 07-12-2011

aah, this is fun to think about...she was built on yogurt, muesli, strawberries, lots of lettuce, WATERMELON (i ate till i dropped), cheese, eggs, yummy bread ( i m getting hungry as I write this), joe's o-s, milk, ice cream, apples, cham tea, buffalo sauce, bananas, pasta and kosher dill pickles....i did drink lots of water but i can not say i enjoyed that a lot...


every time the instructor said "now your uterus is the size of the water melon" ...i kept giggling this weekend since she is pretty much made of it :-)

kristandthekids's Avatar kristandthekids 07:52 PM 07-12-2011
mamamerle's Avatar mamamerle 08:01 PM 07-12-2011

Ice cream, milk, chocolate, bacon, eggs and ice cold water.

HawaiianBlesing's Avatar HawaiianBlesing 08:18 PM 07-12-2011

For me it's been:

Greek yogurt and lots of it, salad, free range-grass fed beef, grilled cheese, organic whole milk, clementines, frozen yogurt, ice cream, potatoes, chile rellenos,



I always thought it was weird the ice thing but proved to be true for me when I was severely anemic (pre pg).  It's a pica behavior associated with anemia.....fixed the anemia and the desire went away--so strange.

Jbouck5's Avatar Jbouck5 08:40 PM 07-12-2011

Yikes! I also had some other pica related urges (wanting to eat a brick and dirt), didn't think the ice thing was related. I have been trying to up iron in my diet, I'm not even a vegetarian, I am actually quite the meat eater! I also got some floradix samples from the birth center.



O/T, but the song We Built This City has been stuck in my head all day b/c of this thread.  lol.gif

lol me too!


Also, I am shocked at how often nachos have shown up in this thread!

elevena true's Avatar elevena true 09:09 PM 07-12-2011

baby has been built on...blueberries, eggs (mostly fried or sunny side up in a sandwich....), sandwiches!! yum, with dave's spelt bread....beets, avocado (in any and every form), every kind of smoothie, plums, cherries, blueberries (i know i already liusted this, but seriously i can eat 2 pounds in a day), strawberries, cashews, almonds, dandelion drink (it's my pretend coffe, i can make it taste exactly the way i doctor my coffee........kale. CHOCOLATE. and yogurt/fruit/flax oil parfaits. mmm. baby wants to be made of figs right now, but they are not quite in season and still quite spendy.......



   i did just eat dinner, yet i am hungry again.

SoonToBe's Avatar SoonToBe 10:35 PM 07-12-2011

I will be surprised if this baby doesn't come out an actual watermelon!  I've eaten a RIDICULOUS amount of watermelon.  I mean a TON.  Prior to it being in season, I have pretty much craved fruits and milk for almost the whole pregnancy.  I've eaten a lot of fruit and I drank way more milk than I usually do.  I had an aversion to eggs in the 1st trimester and that oddly seems to be back a bit.  Other than that, it's been my usual foods.

mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 12:09 AM 07-13-2011

When morning sickness was at it's worst fries from burger king were the only thing that sounded good to me. It was ridiculous.

Originally Posted by Lynna View Post


DS was built on watermelon, cheeseburgers and fries.bag.gif

When I was pregnant with DD I swore I kept Red Robin in business! I could not get enough.


Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

Smart Dogs, Ruffles, apples, bananas, peanut butter, and QUIZNOS.  I think me and baby, together, kept Quiznos in business this year.  eat.gif

I can't get enough ice! Although I have had problems with anemia, so it could be partly that, but I fill mason jars (the BIG ones) full of ice and carry it around with me, just crunching away. It's so satisfying.

Originally Posted by Jbouck5 View Post


Anyone else addicted to crunching on ice? That's another weird pregnancy development for me.


This little boy: French fries (I know, I know), spinach, boca burgers, anything with black beans, and lots of ice.


egmaranian's Avatar egmaranian 01:40 AM 07-13-2011

Originally Posted by Baby_Cakes View Post

O/T, but the song We Built This City has been stuck in my head all day b/c of this thread.  lol.gif

yeahthat.gif  Popped in my head as soon as I read the title!


AFM:  Oatmeal, nachos, peanut butter and strawberry jam on whole wheat toast, veggie breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks, fruit (whatever has been in season), and red bell peppers.

ChemistryClass's Avatar ChemistryClass 06:28 AM 07-13-2011

Originally Posted by Jbouck5 View Post

Also, I am shocked at how often nachos have shown up in this thread!

I know! It just makes me want nachos even more!




"Marconi plays 'La Bamba' listen to the radio! Don't you remember? We built this baby on lots o' nachos!" Heh heh.


bethany42309's Avatar bethany42309 06:48 AM 07-13-2011

PEANUT BUTTER, nuts, yogurt, milk, beef, apples, strawberries, chocolate pudding, tons of salad, and grilled chicken! 

nald1's Avatar nald1 07:00 AM 07-13-2011

too funny!!!! Ill be singing it for weeks- maybe a good labor mantra :)

nald1's Avatar nald1 07:02 AM 07-13-2011

and apples, apples, apples- usually 3 or 4 a day!!

zombie_bride's Avatar zombie_bride 03:13 PM 07-13-2011

sour cream, greek yogurt, salads, baked potatoes, bananas, red rasp leaf tea, cheese. I can't normally eat dairy either so I have gone a bit crazy. Also random treats like chocolate chip cookies (hooked right now! haha), ice cream, licorice. 

Italiamom's Avatar Italiamom 01:18 AM 07-15-2011

I just read through this thread, and now I'm positively starving.  We have nothing to eat in the house right now...  Grocery shopping is tomorrow.  I need to pull up this thread at the store orngbiggrin.gif

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