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August 2011 > Syrena Grey Chronos born unassisted in my bathtub
gothesshalja's Avatar gothesshalja 09:52 PM 08-28-2011

easy and fast labor/birth. 7 hours start to finish. came at 4 pm yesterday My 10 year old daughter was the only one home with me. she loved witnessing the birth. full birth story later in UC forum. 



Beckily's Avatar Beckily 09:54 PM 08-28-2011

She's adorable :) Glad things went well! Congratulations!

PoetryLover's Avatar PoetryLover 10:15 PM 08-28-2011

Congratulations! She's a beautiful babe!

elevena true's Avatar elevena true 10:20 PM 08-28-2011

she is beautiful. she looks so old already! enjoy your babe, mama.

ursusarctos's Avatar ursusarctos 03:40 AM 08-29-2011

So beautiful! Congratulations!

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 06:06 AM 08-29-2011

What a cutie pie! 

Glad labor was fast and easy!  What a great moment I'm sure for you and your 10 yo!  I love her name. Syrena (Serena) was always a favorite girls name of mine.  Congratulations!!

LadyJennifer's Avatar LadyJennifer 06:51 AM 08-29-2011
Congrats! Beautiful child! She looks so wise!smile.gif
Looking forward to hearing the full story!
Lynann's Avatar Lynann 08:59 AM 08-29-2011

Congratulations Mama, and welcome little Syrena. She is absolutely adorable mama, and so glad your 10 year old got to witness such a beautiful birth.

jennyfah's Avatar jennyfah 09:51 AM 08-29-2011

Congratulations!!  Enjoy your babymoon!  blowkiss.gif

FischK's Avatar FischK 09:35 AM 08-30-2011

Congratulations and welcome Syrena!

bethany42309's Avatar bethany42309 10:28 AM 08-31-2011

She's adorable! Congrats!