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Emerging butterfly's Avatar Emerging butterfly 04:29 PM 09-21-2011
Oh ladies...how hard it has been to have to take a break away from my supportive friends online...but oh....how wonderful it has been to have a beautiful little girl in arms. I only have a moment...and I suspect that is to be the norm for a while...but wanted to send you all a photo of my rainbow girl "Ali V." We are soooo in love with her...and I can't wait to tell you more!


cat13's Avatar cat13 08:24 PM 09-21-2011

She is so beautiful!


The DDC isn't the same without you, but I hope you are enjoying your babymoon.  FYI, when you get the time to come back, most of us have moved over to the new Social Group page. Congrats!

Italiamom's Avatar Italiamom 08:14 AM 09-22-2011
Oh EB, thank you so much for checking in. She is just absolutely beautiful! Your boys must be over the moon in love with her!!

Like Cat said, we are all really over in the social group now. Ladies have been asking about you. We've all been waiting very anxiously to hear the story of miss 'Ali V' smile.gif

So glad to see an update. Much love to you EB. I am so thrilled to think of you curled up with joy and light around that sweet little girl in the photo!!
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 01:21 PM 09-22-2011

Love the name.  My daughter is called Zayla V. :) Enjoy your baby moon and congrats!

Birdie B.'s Avatar Birdie B. 09:26 AM 09-23-2011

Beautiful! we miss you, but you should definitely take this time and enjoy your family!

bethrw's Avatar bethrw 01:27 PM 09-23-2011

She's beautiful!

PoetryLover's Avatar PoetryLover 01:30 PM 09-23-2011

Congratulations!  Have the very best baby moon!

elevena true's Avatar elevena true 02:50 PM 09-23-2011

what a sweet beautiful baby!! we certainly miss you, too, and have eagerly been awaiting details, but you snuggle up your dear one. luxlove.gif i am so happy for you.