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lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 06:53 PM 01-01-2011

Hi ladies!  It looks like I should be in here.  BFP yesterday with CB Easy digital.  Using my approximate conception date I should be due around Sep 4-7th.  Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!


DH and I have been trying since Apr1.  I was diagnosed with pcos in October and started Metformin then.  My cycles normalized to 32d which is great for me and whoohoo here I am. 


Unfortunately, I am very overweight (was trying to get some off, without success) and I am 38....and with pcos now I am paranoid about mc.  I do not have a history of one...but I fall into the higher risk with all that.  I am calling tmy RE on Monday am to get in asap for blood confirmation and levels and find out about whether I am to continue Metformin.


DS was a big surprise for us back in 2006 so I never thought about my irregular cycles meaning much. 


HH9M to all of us!!

vegemamato's Avatar vegemamato 11:37 PM 01-02-2011

Congrats!!  I'll be thinking sticky thoughts for ya!