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Nixie's Avatar Nixie 08:41 AM 01-21-2011

ooohh I've got me new DVD's.

Feeling a bit tired today I've tried 10 minute solution prenatal pilates.


Well that's a lot more intense than Davina's ROTFLMAO.gif there's 5 10 min blocks for prenatal and a 10 min block for after baby.

I've done three 10 min's and that's enough thank you very much LOL - and somewhat more difficult when 2 of our three dogs want to sleep on the yoga mat and the pillow's you need to use. And the other one is hell bent on stealing the weights I was using :) I reckon they think they're helping :)


I've got a prenatal yoga dvd too - but it's got a 70min running time for the main work out and like another hour of exercises in shorter blocks to go with that - I'll wait till I'm having a good day before trying it :)

tjjazzy's Avatar tjjazzy 09:15 AM 01-21-2011

we just bought a treadmill. now i have to learn to use it and get on it! LOL i'm still going to muay thai kickboxing 2x a week and walking too.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 05:42 PM 01-21-2011

I didn't do anything today. orngtongue.gif  I worked 8 hours and was pooped and my feet hurt when I got home.  Same probably tomorrow.  I will get back on schedule on Sunday afternoon.  Tomorrow night after work I'm going out with hubby and his parents so I won't be able to do anything. 

justthinkn's Avatar justthinkn 09:07 AM 01-23-2011

I got a 30m walk in this morning, normal pre-preg distance, and wow, I was so much more tired at the end!  Yesterday I did half of the PPW1.  My PPW3 (bellydancing bellyhair.gifhaha) should come in sometime this next week!

wagz's Avatar wagz 09:43 AM 01-23-2011

Wow!  This thread is a great motivator!  


DH took the kids on an big adventure this morning so the dog and I are going to have a longish walk.  I'm starting Kundalini Yoga classes 2x week on Monday and hope to get in the pool a couple times a week too, plus the usual dog walking (about a mile a day).  


Keep up the good work ladies!

activealli's Avatar activealli 10:28 AM 01-23-2011

All day severe nausea reared it ugly head and my usual level of activity is diminishing with my decrease food intake, but here is my goal for the week. Im hoping writing on here will help keep me motivated!


Mon/Wed: 30 minutes with PT at the gym


Tues/Wed/Thursday/Friday/Sunday: 2 hours at barn riding/training/grooming horses


5x a week go on incline trainer (simulates hiking with -6 to 40% incline)


Im hoping to add in yoga 2x a week and swimming 2x a week too. I used to be a lifeguard/water polo player/HS swimmer and I miss the water. We have an amazing community pool 5 minutes from my house I havent been to in a year.


Hoping to motivate today to clean all the 8' reptile cages and 4x4x2 story guinea pig cages. I usually work up a pretty good sweat doing it as its a lot of scrubbing/lifting bedding and reptile brick homes but I feel so happy when its done because I can tell they are happy to have clean cages! Its been on my to-do list for a few days now.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 12:08 PM 01-23-2011

Getting on the elliptical today.  orngbiggrin.gif  Two days off exercising was way too much!

sweetestday's Avatar sweetestday 01:25 PM 01-23-2011

I've been tryong to do 40 min on my treadmill everyday. It's an ancient thing that's hard to do... non electrical and lots of resistance. So, it's not power fast walking, but I figure it's kind of like 40 min of walking up hill. Slowly. :) Better than nothing anyway.

I still have my three boys "nap", or at least be an hour's rest time, so that's my exercise time till spring comes.

physmom's Avatar physmom 12:49 PM 01-24-2011

I had my first water aerobics class today.  It was a lot of fun but mostly because there was just me, an elderly lady, and the instructor who is pregnant so we ended up talking about birth/pregnancy/nursing.  :D  It wasn't super hard but I didn't expect that but I can full it in my muscles now so that's good.  Plus, I didn't have a problem sticking it out the entire hour so at least I'll get in a decent amount of exercise 3x a week.  

I have to admit that I have alterior motives, though, because this is the instructor's first kid and she said she was scared of a natural birth but was interested when I told her about doulas and birthing classes so I think I'm going to try and convert her. ;)  The elderly lady also seemed to be into the natural route and even knew about doulas so it was a fun conversation (even if it's not always easy for me to talk about birth in Portuguese).  

Oh, and the best part?  I feel soooo much more energetic!  Just that alone makes it worth it.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 02:42 PM 01-24-2011

I did my modified weight training today.  I am so pooped though, it was hard to get through it.  Whew!  First tri fatigue is setting in.

dramamamax4's Avatar dramamamax4 07:50 PM 01-24-2011
I went to Body Jam yesterday. It's a fun hip hoppy dance class. Only complaint was that some of the shaking hurt my bladder-lol. Played wii tennis with DS today. Tomorrow back to the grind with day 1 if a four day streak of teaching group fitness. Spotting made me nervous so I will take it easy.
physmom's Avatar physmom 01:45 PM 01-26-2011

 Whew, I had my second water aerobics class.  This time we focused more on legs and I could definitely feel it! In a good way, though.  I'm glad that I signed up for it. The only problem was, was that MIL wanted to meet me after class and they let her in with DD to watch. BAD IDEA! It was already close to DD's bed time so she was tired and she just freaked out after she realized I wasn't leaving the pool immediately. Then she kept asking me for a long time afterwards if I was done "taking a bath" it took me a while to figure out what she was talking about because I thought she meant when I needed to take a bath once we got home.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 01:58 PM 01-26-2011

I was so exhausted yesterday I just ended up taking a nap.  I really want to get on the elliptical today, but its super duper cold outside.  I think I'll just have to put two layers on and just do it.  I really need to exercise.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 07:07 PM 01-26-2011

18 minutes on the elliptical.  I couldn't make it through those last two minutes.  1st trimester exhaustion has definitely hit.

JlyGrnMigt's Avatar JlyGrnMigt 08:21 PM 01-26-2011

I got a spouse membership to the UW gym system about a week before I found out I was pregnant, so getting my money's worth is a big motivator for me!


I've been getting up really early and meeting some friends there at 6:30 to do a little cardio.  Today I did some weights for the first time, and it was really, really sad uhoh3.gif.  I bike to work most days, so my legs are pretty strong, but my arms are really pathetic.  I've also been trying to do some proper squatting for pelvic floor strength.  I was thinking of doing 10 a night, and increasing that by 2 each week until it becomes ridiculous.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 03:09 PM 01-28-2011

Ugh.  I tried to get up the energy to get on the elliptical.  Feeling oh so nauseous and my nap didn't really energize me.  I feel so icky today.  I want my energy back.  Maybe I will try to at least take a walk with the hubs and dogs. 

dramamamax4's Avatar dramamamax4 08:35 AM 01-29-2011

This week:


Sunday-Body Jam


Tuesday-taught Body Pump/did Step

Wednesday-30 minutes Elliptical/taught Body Pump

Thursday-taught Body Combat

Friday-taught Body Combat


Exhaustion is supreme after teaching! 

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 12:50 PM 01-29-2011

16 and half minutes on the elliptical today.  I guess that's it.  lol.gif  Exhausting.  I'm hoping to get the Perfect Pregnancy Workout vol.1 in the next couple of days.  We'll see.  Haha!  This is so laughable how little my body is letting me do.  I really do hope second tri energy comes fast.  Whew!

physmom's Avatar physmom 02:08 PM 01-29-2011

ITA! I miss having energy!!! I miss working out on the weekends but it's incredible hot here (about 100F) and the in-laws don't have AC.  Is there anything I can do in this heat that won't kill me???

Originally Posted by FarmerCathy View Post

16 and half minutes on the elliptical today.  I guess that's it.  lol.gif  Exhausting.  I'm hoping to get the Perfect Pregnancy Workout vol.1 in the next couple of days.  We'll see.  Haha!  This is so laughable how little my body is letting me do.  I really do hope second tri energy comes fast.  Whew!

activealli's Avatar activealli 10:44 AM 01-30-2011

Originally Posted by FarmerCathy View Post

Ugh.  I tried to get up the energy to get on the elliptical.  Feeling oh so nauseous and my nap didn't really energize me.  I feel so icky today.  I want my energy back.  Maybe I will try to at least take a walk with the hubs and dogs. 

Same here (im at 9 weeks)! We have been taking our dog for a lot of walks together, which is good, because she is going at my pace right now! Our dog is 17 years old and basically does the slowest waddle walk ever but still loves her walks! I think yesterday I got a few stares from people as we passes as I was soo nauseated I know I looked like death warmed over! I wish I was showing already so that people will be like "oh, its because she pregnant!" but no.. hopefully by the time Im showing ill be over the nausea.


Hope everyone feels better soon!

justthinkn's Avatar justthinkn 06:25 PM 01-31-2011

I can't really remember if I exercised much last week - I don't think I did - energy zapped sleepytime.gif  So it was so hard to get motivated today, but I told myself I could do the easy version of everything in the PPW 1 if I wanted to...  And I did!  Still an excellent workout :)  Also walked with DD to the park today, a little over a mile roundtrip.  So I feel like it was something!  Tomorrow hoping to get on the elliptical for 15m before work.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 06:53 PM 01-31-2011

Walked the dogs with dh today.  At least it was something.  I felt so nauseous the whole time.  I feel better now that I ate some cheese.thumb.gif

cparkly's Avatar cparkly 10:59 AM 02-01-2011

Walking seems to be all I can do right now. I was doing my yoga on Friday and began to cough/gag, got a little dizzy, then lost it. That was the second time that it happened while excercising. At least when I am walking, I'm either outside and can breathe some fresh, cold air or I am on my treadmill and can step off and throw up.


I am trying to make sure that even on my roughest days, I do as much squatting and tailor sitting as I can while playing with DS or folding laundry or whatever necessary thing I am doing. I am also going to get my excercise ball out, inflated, and in use. I used that as my chair when pregnant with DS. biggrinbounce.gif


I have lost 7 pounds so far during this pregnancy. It is ok, I am starting out heavier that I would like, and I feel confident that the nausea will end soon.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 04:48 AM 02-03-2011

It was really sad yesterday.  I got on the elliptical and stayed on for about 12 minutes.  I think the blood volume increasing in my body is just exhausting right now.

justthinkn's Avatar justthinkn 05:58 PM 02-03-2011

Sorry your energy is still low, Cathy!  I think mine came back in the last week or so...  This morning I actually wanted to stay on the elliptical after my usual 15m I've been struggling to do - but I hadn't left myself enough time before work/preschool :)  Tried PPW vol. 3, the bellyhair.gifone, just the beginner workout, and while the dancing was challenging enough for a total novice, didn't feel like a tough workout.  But it was kind of fun and relaxing anyway, just 30m long, and we'll see how my core muscles feel tomorrow I guess!  Tomorrow I'm going to try the Crunch Yoga Mama workout, b/c I can get it on Netflix...  Fun to actually be getting my exercise in this week!

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 06:26 PM 02-03-2011

I got some dishes washed today.  Does that count?  My body hates me.  greensad.gif

justthinkn's Avatar justthinkn 10:40 AM 02-04-2011

Ok, that bellydancing workout that I thought was so mild - apparently deceptively so!  My back is quite sore today greensad.gif  Will give it another try in a few days, but know to be more careful!

physmom's Avatar physmom 03:13 PM 02-04-2011

I just had three days in a row of water aerobics due to my schedule this week.  I'm pretty tired since the classes are about 45 min each and it seems like right after class we always have errands to run.  Today was a grocery store run so we had to drag all the groceries home afterwards (we don't have a car). 

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 01:45 PM 02-08-2011

I finally got out and took the dogs on a walk.  Yippee!!  I had heartburn and my intestines didn't like it very much, but I felt good after.  Yay!!!

justthinkn's Avatar justthinkn 09:30 PM 02-08-2011

So first I started a fever and major cold...  Then all the coughing seems to have triggered throwing up at last, at almost 11wks (just like last pregnancy, so weird - so I may be in for another month of this).  So... yeah, no exercise for me for a couple days greensad.gif

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