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mrsrobertson's Avatar mrsrobertson 03:19 PM 01-15-2011

This is my 7th pregnancy. 3 live babies, 3 miscarriages, and my current missed cycle. I have literally had a miscarriage in between each pregnancy. It's so crazy for me to think of how many times I've been pregnant. My kids are 4, 3, and 1.


I've had two home births, and my last pregnancy I developed blood clots and was put on blood thinners. I know that were I back at Yale in CT they would immediately put me back on them as soon as I got pregnant. But my blood tests all came back normal during and after my pregnancy. For all we know the blood clots were a complete fluke. I do NOT want to go on blood thinners again and I do NOT want another high risk pregnancy/hospital birth. (She was born at 35 weeks, an induction for "low fluids". We got lucky and she was born completely healthy and we all went home a couple days later).


Besides my missed cycle (which generally only happens if I'm pregnant), the test I've taken said negative. I've had this happen with both my boys. I had to wait a week after my missed period for a faint positive. My little girl was the only one who popped positive ON my missed period. so maybe this gives me a clue as to what I'm having? lol


Congratulations to all the other mamas out there. Hope I can officially join the club within the week!


strawberryprincess's Avatar strawberryprincess 02:46 PM 01-16-2011

Hope to see more of you!  fingersx.gif