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With my last baby, seemed like everything was heavenly. I was probably one of the happiest and most glowing pregnant woman out there. Or top 10% anyway. I can even go back and look at the pictures and seriously....I was glowingly giddy and looked so young and healthy and everything (I am not young). This pregnancy, I think a mac truck must have run me over. Plus, I feel breakable. I am definitely not glowing. I look ...yucky..which is how I feel. But most of all, I feel breakable. Just an overall bad feeling.


Anyone else have a pregnancy like this?

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Well I don't look to bad aside from gaining ungodly amounts of weight, but I am in pain 24/7 from this horrible pubic symphasis thing. So...I am going to be miserable for at least the next 18 weeks or so!


And I am so done after this lol!

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i'm with you...i'm feeling that this pregnancy is so much more unbearable than the last, and i'm not sure why...i am 3 years older (now 36), so i'm wondering if that is what the difference is. i'm still waiting for the lovely 2nd trimester glow i had last time, and i'm not sure it's going to arrive at all at this point. blah. 

Vegan mama to DD (9/08), DS (9/11), and many rescued furbabies. 

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My last pregnancy was my miserable pregnancy. Ugh. It was bad. This one is going great, but I don't have my pregnancy glow I was hoping for lol.

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I understand what you mean! I was 19 when I had my daughter (I'll be 24 in a week or two) and so I really don't feel like it could be age related. I have to wonder if, for me, it's the difference of being pregnant with a boy vs. a girl? I have no idea. With my daughter I loved being pregnant. I felt really wonderful. This time I am very uncomfortable, my morning sickness was harder to manage, my back hurts terribly, baby is pushing my ribs out of place, my hips hurt, I've got acid reflux so badly that I cough and sputter (starting at 7pm every night). My nipples really hurt too! Blah. I've also got some weird nerve business on my stomach. I feel kind of guilty that I'm not enjoying it as much this time around (although there are bright spots, of course!) and I also feel really disappointed that it hasn't been the amazing and wonderful experience I remember.


Anyway, I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly. You aren't alone hug2.gif

Girl absolutely in love with boy and our DD (11/06), DS1 (08/11) and DS2 (brand new!)
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Well, I never had a pregnancy like you described, Lisa - *jealous*!!  But I think I will have to say that this has been my least terrible.  I feel bad saying "terrible" and "pregnancy" together but my body just doesn't like growing babies :/  What keeps me from complaining too much is that *knock wood* I'm pretty lucky and don't have any health issues - just uncomfortable.  Give me labor and delivery any day over pregnancy :)

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I have been feeling a lot better the past few weeks (not coincidentally, since I started taking iron and B-12 supplements but that's another story!) but for the first 16 weeks or so I was a wreck. This pregnancy was a complete surprise and so not the my body was pretty depleted. I'm still working on that. At the time I got pregnant I was like 10 pounds underweight, had been nursing for nearly 5.5 years straight and had just been sick for the better part of 3 months. All I have been striving for is VITALITY, know what I mean? Through the supplements and gentle exercise I am finally getting there but I was wondering if I ever would. I hope you start to feel better soon!!!

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Yes, I am quite physically uncomfortable. It has really dampened my enthusiasm for future pregnancies.

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Yep.  greensad.gif   I was so nauseous for the first 16.5 weeks that I could barely function.  It was one of the hardest times of my entire life and I had really negative feelings about the pregnancy because of it.


Now at 23 weeks I feel so much better, that I feel bad complaining.  I'm still tired, with heartburn and lots of soreness, but I'm hoping that exercising more will help.  Every time I start to feel sorry for myself, I think back to the first sixteen weeks and am thankful that I'm not still feeling like that!


I'm a doula, and I had hoped to be one of those 'radiant' pregnant ladies.....Oh well.  I count my blessings - no health problems and the baby looks healthy so far - and I'm taking it one day at a time.

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Same here. My pregnancy with DS was wonderful compared to this. I'm in 2nd trimester andI'm still waiting to feel better.


I have bouts of nausea and Im starving all the time, but can't eat because food nauseates me!


I'm having another boy, so I know gender of the child has nothing to do with my symptoms. My first was extremely colicky. I hope an uncomfortable pregnancy makes for a happy baby.

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