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Lisa1970's Avatar Lisa1970 05:01 PM 07-16-2011

I do not think I have ever had such a miserable pregnancy. To be specific....I have huge sinus issues. this causes frequent sneezing and lots of headaches. My sinuses are actually swollen so it is not about clearing the sinuses out. The sneezing is causing me to leak. Even if I went potty 2 minutes earlier, when I sneeze, I leak at least a few drops. Then on the pottying. For some reason, the longest I seem to go between is 1 hr. I am talking about night time. I have gone more frequently than that and usually go more often than that during the day. It is keeping me from leaving the house unless I really have to. 


And then there is this knot feeling at the top of my tummy, or bottom of my esophogus. It has a throbbing pain in it. Not a sharp pain, more of a dull ache. That and heart burn and the feeling that my tummy is shoving up through my lungs. I am not even due until Sept 22! I have more than 2 months left. 


This leads me to crying. I walked in to my closet and wanted to fold some laundry (big walk in closet and that is where we put the clean clothes to be folded). But, it was too hard to even sit. I sat down and the throbbing pain was just getting to me. We are supposed to go to a little pool party thing this afternoon and I am trying to decide how I am going to handle it at all, feeling this way.  I am afraid to even sit on my own closet floor for fear of wetting the floor. So, I broke out crying. I am just miserable. I used to love being pregnant.


Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything else I can do to feel better? Thank you in advance for the help.


I forgot to mention the nausea. I am sitting here to nauseated right now, something I have not had on past pregnancies.

cparkly's Avatar cparkly 08:15 PM 07-16-2011

I wish that I had sound really sound been there done that advice.


I do not have overly swollen sinuses but out the clear blue at the beach my nose began to bleed, today. That was strange. I pee more than usual when I am pregnant but it does not stand in my way too much. I am always scoping out places to go; bathrooms, pit toilets, trees, etc...(even buckets2whistle.gif) depending on where I am.


I am sorry that I cannot send any solutions. But, I can send a hug hug2.gif

Agatha_Ann's Avatar Agatha_Ann 08:27 PM 07-16-2011

I accidentally ended up in the wrong DDC, but I wanted to reply and give you hugs anyway. I actually have the sinus and the esophagus issues too and it is no fun. Have you talked to your MW/OB about taking something for the latter? Mine has me on zantac and prilosec and it is like a whole new world for me. Before, it was so bad, I would have esophageal spasms so badly my throat would practically swell shut. Now, if I keep up on the medicine, I almost never have any symptoms at all. Maybe that would be an option for you too? i don't really like taking anything when I am pregnant, but there comes a point where your quality of life is so compromised, ya know?


I hope you feel better, I have told my DH so many times I don't understand why this one is so hard on me, I'm sorry you are going through the same things hug2.gif

Thing1Thing2's Avatar Thing1Thing2 08:27 PM 07-16-2011

Hugs, mama. Don't have advice, but I've broken down crying at least twice in the last few days as well - so I'm right there with you.


I have allergies and sinus problems too and I usually take a little vitamin C when Im feeling run down. For some reason, it always helps with the nasal discharge.


Hope you feel better soon.

Lisa1970's Avatar Lisa1970 10:50 AM 07-17-2011

Maybe I will try the vit C. I have been avoiding sugar so I have not had any juice or whatever lately.

Mommel's Avatar Mommel 04:02 PM 07-18-2011



Hugs to you, mama! I'm right there with you. I have come to the conclusion that there's not much I will actually miss about being pregnant. I cry pretty regularly, but take comfort in the fact that my hormones are shifting in much the same way as in the first trimester, but in the opposite direction, along with all the physical discomforts. I can't get more than a few hours of sleep at a time without being jolted awake by heartburn, leg cramps or my bladder, so I know I'm sleep deprived too. :(

nald1's Avatar nald1 07:00 AM 07-21-2011

have you tried the neti pot?  I swear by it and can now breathe and am free of sinus headaches.  Worth a shot- hope you're feeling better

bignerpie's Avatar bignerpie 12:15 PM 07-21-2011

Originally Posted by nald1 View Post

have you tried the neti pot?  I swear by it and can now breathe and am free of sinus headaches.  Worth a shot- hope you're feeling better



I can't live without mine. I started using it during my first pregnancy because I practically lived on sudafed and needed a natural alternative while I was pregnant.