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DD2 was born at 5-ish in the morning on Sunday, September 18. She is doing very well, nursing well, and is a joy to all of us. love.gif


The birth was rough. My water broke at 8 a.m. Saturday morning. The midwives came over at about 11 or noon. I dilated with intense contractions until about 3, when I hit transition. I had a stubborn lip that took over 3 hours to get rid of -- it was a very looong hard transition.


So, transitioned from 3 to 6:30 (!), started pushing. I could move her down a bit with some, but not all of the pushing I was doing. It was going very slow. Midwives had me in a lot of different positions, etc. Nothing was making a huge difference -- she was not crowning. Her heart tones were rock solid the whole time. Got her to about +2, at midnight, when my head MW said it's time to think about a transfer.


I was exhausted and had been in excruciating pain for a long time -- pushing hard for 5 hours -- it did not take me long to make up my mind that I wanted to transfer and get some pain relief. So off we went to the hospital, which is blessedly 7 blocks from my house.


The transfer was so smooth, the hospital staff was so friendly and professional. I was so, so happy with all of them. At triage the OB checked me and said she was at +3 station, so let's go have a baby. I got an epidural and rested for a couple of hours. DD2's heart tones were perfect, my vitals were great.


This last round of pushing started to give us some clues as to what was going on in there. Even though I had a very strong epidural (which I insisted on thumb.gif), I could still feel a very sharp breakthrough pain in my right pelvis. Every time my leg was lifted for pushing, and even in between ctx, it was sooo painful. I pushed into and through that pain for over an hour, and suddenly I felt her head clear it. She crowned and rocketed out of me in one push. I was pushing soooo hard to get her past the stuck place -- way harder than it usually takes to get a baby out, so she popped out like a cork.


I did not know I'd had a baby because I was so delirious and it all happened so fast at the very end. But they put her on me and I was overwhelmed. I cannot believe I did it. Cannot, cannot.


Her head was molded in an extreme sideways cone, sticking off to the right. She also has some scrapes on her scalp where the cone was. Soooo, she was asynclitic. I pushed out a 9 lb asynclitic baby in a VBA2C. faint.gif


She is healthy as a horse. I am somewhat torn up from all that insane pushing but I will heal. I really can't believe I got that baby out of me. It was a wild birth that took just the right combination of luck, hard work, a great supportive team (both home & hospital), midwifery skills, and modern medicine. I am one very, very lucky mama. orngbiggrin.gif

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coolshine.gif Mama to DS ('06), DD ('08), and DD (9.18.11).

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Oh, Ms B Sprout--I am so thrilled for you!!! I've been stalking you a bit on here, hoping that you'd finally get your victorious VBAC. I am sorry it was such a rough labor, but it sounds like all your providers were great, and you did absolutely awesome!!! Thank you for sharing your story and enjoy your sweet baby!
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Yay!  Congratulations!  My first VBAC babe was acynclatic too!  And just over 8 pounds!  Way to go momma!  you did it!

Mandy - chicken3.gif  candle.gif candle.gif novaxnocirc.gif  hbac.gif  h20homebirth.gif  h20homebirth.gif  goorganic.jpg  homeschool.gif

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WOW! Amazing story! Congrats on your beautiful bundle and a fortitude of STEEL! Go super mom!!! Btw...that gave me the chills reading it, being 6 days PP! I pushed for way shorter and it was a feeling of indescribable magnitude! I could not imagine pushing for 5 hours and living through it! You seriously ROCK. thumb.gif

And Baby makes five!!! grouphug.gif +dog2.gif x2!
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Congratulations!  That sounds like an incredibly intense labor and birth and I am so thrilled for you that you got through it all and got your VBAC!  Now go enjoy your little one some more :)

Alexis, mom to DS 11/99 DD1 01/02 and DD2 09/23/11.
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Congratulations!! I'm so happy to hear about your VBAC! love.gif

ribboncesarean.gif 2/4/2009.  hbac.gif 9/6/2011!

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Great job, mama! flowersforyou.gif Welcome little one.

treehugger.gif and geek.gif walking a path illuminated by our coolshine.gif5/08coolshine.gif 8/11 3rdtri.gif due in 1/14

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DDC crashing to tell you all that Ms. B's birth story is has just begun legendary status in our community. She is amazing and awesome and SO strong. 


Congratulations, Ms. B. on the VBA2C and your beautiful baby!!!



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Wow, Ms. B!  You are a super hero!!!!  Congrats on your VBAC!  Enjoy your new arrival.  

Valerie - Happily married to DH since 09/08 love.gif

Baby Jacob's finally here!!  10/4/11  babyboy.gif


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Oh wow, Ms. B, you are amazing!  Sorry to hear it was such a rough go, but you did awesome--congrats on your VBA2C and your baby girl!!!!

Robyn - In stillheart.gif with Tyson, Gothy Mama to fairy.gif Jasmyn (March 12 2003), jammin.gifGrayson (August 2 2005), my angel3.gif Aurora Hope (m/c Nov 10 2010), and baby.gif Sydney Rayne (September 17 2011)     ribboncesarean.gifx3

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That is awesome!!!! Congrats!! From early bleeding to the VBAC I feel like we've been following each other on here. SO proud of you!!!!! I now tell my husband "I grew a baby, delivered it and now I make milk, what are your super powers!" LOL
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Awesome job! I've been following your story! WOOHOO! 

Fiancee to my sweetie Mattie heartbeat.gif, bonus mama to his little one Ayaa Rose (7!) lady.gif , and mama to rainbow1284.gif baby.gif  Cassidy Faye, born 9/5/11~


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Oh my goodness, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats and enjoy your well earned babymoon!  :)

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Congrats!  That's an amazing story to tell your child!

Love tocrochetsmilie.gifand have way to much yarn!   teapot2.GIF is always on at my place.  
Wife familybed1.gif, momma femalesling.GIF, teacher homeschool.gif and all that is inbetween to A b. 31/12/04,  W b. 27/10/06vbac.gif,  V b 17/01/09hbac.gif, and     G b. 09/09/11hbac.gif


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Way to go mama! :) Welcome baby girl!

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Congratulations!! You had me LOL'ing at the smiley you choose! Too funny! That's amazing though....way to go!

Consciously mothering 3 girls and 2 boys
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