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Tiel Giovanna arrived at 42 weeks 2 days... my third VBAC!


I was suppossed to go to the hospital for a planned induction at 7:30am on Sept 21st, but contractions started around 2am that morning and by the time I got to the hospital (around 4am) things were moving quickly.  The drive wasn't too bad, though it was really foggy and we had to pass several slow drivers.


We actually had the same birth suite as my last birth (a nice surprise) and my favorite midwife (which we'd hoped for).  I was about 3cm and contracting regularly so she broke my water (our plan for the day anyway).  Within an hour my contractions were crazy strong and right on top of each other so I requested an epidural.  It was my first epidural and I was nervous about the risks, but I promised myself that if this birth followed the pattern of ds's birth I would get the epidural and looking back I think I made a good choice!


It took about an hour for the anesthesiologist to arrive... it was a VERY busy night in the L&D ward, and I probably would have had to wait longer but my contractions were double peaked, maxing out the EFM, and giving me only 45-60 seconds of rest between contractions.  I was handling them pretty well, but it was clear to the staff that that could change quickly!  Once the epidural was in place I felt a lot better... there was a bit of a "window" (a spot about the size of my fist on my left buttock, so there was some joking about this birth being a pain in the butt) so I did still need my various coping skills, but it took the intensity down several notches... kind of like being in early labor even though I was in serious labor?  My contractions continued to max out the machines but everything looked fine otherwise so dh and I were left with our nurse to labor along!  Oh, when I was checked after the epidural took hold I was at 7cm.


A bit later our midwife checked me and Tiel's head was right there!  They broke out the birth kit, I pushed on my side (I held one leg, and pushed against dh and the nurse) and while it was odd not to really know "when" to push, the directed pushing was done in a way that copied spontaneous pushing (short repeated pushes, no purple pushing, etc and I did have that "window" to help focus my pushing).  I pushed through 4 contractions over the course of 15 minutes and out she came!  I was able to catch her myself and lift her onto my chest and she stayed there for about 25 minutes... at that point dh cut the cord and I could lift her all the way up to the breast (the cord was too short for her to nurse till it was cut).  She needed a little help breathing and it became clear that she'd taken a breath of fluid but overall she was fine!  I had a second degree tear along my old scar line but that was quickly sutured.  I was really thrilled that I was able to slow down and enjoy the birth (I'd always wanted to breath a baby out and catch them/lift them but my births tend to be steamroller affairs that knock me flat) and that despite my fears the epidural really didn't slow down or short circuit my birth.


Tiel (pronounced TEA-elle) Giovanna arrived after 7.5 hours of labor at 9:19am on Sept 21.  She was due Sept 4th so she certainly took her own sweet time!  She weighed 8lbs8oz (so a full lb lighter than my last babe and my only "under 9 lb" babe), was 21 inches "tall", and had a full head of hair.  It was a fantastic birth and we're so excited to have her here!



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Congratulations!! biggrinbounce.gif

coolshine.gif Mama to DS ('06), DD ('08), and DD (9.18.11).

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Wheee!!!! What a great birth!  Way to go, mama! 

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Congratulations!!!!!  She is absolutely adorable!  What a wonderful birth, I am so happy that it worked out for you so well after all!

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Congratulations--it sounds like a wonderful, if long-awaited, birth!!
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YAY! joy.gifWelcome baby Tiel, you are surrounded by so much love.

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Yay for the smooth birth, after so much waiting!  Congrats to you and your growing family!!!  

Valerie - Happily married to DH since 09/08 love.gif

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Yay! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations! She is gorgeous!!!

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Jenny - wife to one great guy, mama to three babies, with #4 due in January 2015!    
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Wooohoooo!!!!! Beautiful birth baby n mamma!!!! congrats!

And Baby makes five!!! grouphug.gif +dog2.gif x2!
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Congrats!  I love her name!

Love tocrochetsmilie.gifand have way to much yarn!   teapot2.GIF is always on at my place.  
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Yay Congrats!!!! So happy you got the birth you wanted!
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Woo-hoo! Congratulations Wombat! Your family is beautiful!

Wife to amazing dh, mama to dd 12/08
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Sounds like a great birth!  Congrats!

Married to CH (2005) and mother to DS1 (6/2006), DS2 (8/2008) and DS3 Sept 22nd, 2011!   

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Congrats Mama. Love the name. :)

Homeschooling mama to 3 Italian babies. homeschool.gif  Due with #4 on Sept. 28! Planning a rockin' Homebirth. homebirth.jpg

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