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wendybird's Avatar wendybird 01:02 AM 02-21-2011

I am so sorry for those dealing with morning sickness. grouphug.gif  I am only in the nausea camp right now(And hoping to stay there). I am having round ligament pain(alot) but that is to be expected.I am ridiculously emotional lately. The smallest thing brings tears to my eyes, and I am not a cryer normally. I have been having mini panic attacks over imaginary what if's and that is driving me crazy. I know it is irrational and I can't help it. :(  Positive redirection helps though. I am still just so grateful to be pregnant so I am trying to love all the symptoms!

akayerich's Avatar akayerich 07:10 PM 02-21-2011

Ugh.  The nausea hit me today.  I've had it a little bit the last week or so, but today it's suddenly much much worse.   I'm about 6.5 weeks right now.


I'm also getting over a bad cold, which makes it hard to separate the virus symptoms from the pregnancy symptoms.  I think they're kind of compounding each other.  Soooooo tired!

StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 10:28 AM 02-22-2011

So, I'm a little concerned because I've actually been nice the last few days. I know, right? I've been a crazy hormonal/emotional mess for days and then suddenly it stopped. Even Saturday was horrid. Then Sunday? It was fine. We had a great day, no issues with me getting upset (which has been happening A LOT lately when I get upset about some little thing). Monday was another good day, and today has been as well. And now I feel worried. What if that means my hormones are going down? I'm sure it doesn't, and I still have nausea (sometimes vomiting) and sore boobs so most of my other symptoms are there. But the crazy, out of control feeling is gone. I'm sure I'm just over analyzing this since I have my first appointment on Thursday. DH, in all his sympathy, asked me today "what if you go to the doctor and they say you're not really pregnant- your belly is just growing because you really have to poop?". Thanks baby. eyesroll.gif lol.gif

danamichele's Avatar danamichele 11:37 AM 02-22-2011
  • I first noticed how insanely hungry I was.  I had eaten constantly and was still obsessed with food, to the point of embarrassment.  At the time I thought it was serious PMS. 
  • Exhausted, but also exilarated.  I've been feeling more active than usual, but then I'm totally worn out afterward.  I've been napping with my daughter, but then having trouble sleeping normally at night.
  • I've had a couple waves of nausea when I've been hungry, but nothing drastic. 
  • One reason I actually took a pregnancy test was that I was feeling a little flatulent...  heehee.
  • More frequent urination-- subtly, but definitely.
  • Lastly: vivid dreams.  When I'm suddenly awoken by my daughter I usually don't remember my dreams, but lately I've been dreaming all night and remembering them.  It's kind of fun!

Amy May's Avatar Amy May 02:30 PM 02-22-2011

I remember in my ttw feeling horrible lower back pain, like I couldn't get comfortable, but that went away.


I'm now 6w and feeling pretty darn great!  The exhaustion is intense, and probably worse because I'm not drinking coffee anymore.  But, on the plus side, I'm now peeing about as often as I did when I drank coffee, so that's good! 


I've noticed lots of "moving and stretching" in my round ligaments, and a sore pubis symphysis (thats the piece of cartledge that connects the front of your pelvis). 


Nipples have gotten bigger and darker, and breasts are sore and tingly, especially on the sides.


I've not had any morning sickness or nausea.  I'm crossing my fingers I inherited our good genetics on this one!  I tend to get, hmmm, grumpy when my blood sugar gets low- I think it is more extreme in pregnancy, so I'm pretty aware of keeping my blood sugar constant.  That helps.


I haven't really had any food aversions, but I kind of enjoy getting to smell so much.  My husband got me lilies a few weeks ago, and they're still blooming like crazy and I love moving my head and catching a whiff of them from a few rooms away.


I also really enjoy the vivid dreams.  I've always been a vivid dreamer, but they are just getting so much more interesting and exciting.  Dialogue, plots, sound effects- like movies or something.  I'm also spending more time sleeping.  As tired as I feel, it is getting easier to get up in the morning, which I think has a lot to do with it finally getting lighter, and some of the snow beginning to melt!

StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 02:37 PM 02-22-2011


Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post

On the other hand, I feel more tired (I'm also in the taking multiple-hour naps club), more boob tenderness, and now my lower back is aching constantly.  If the back thing lasts my whole pregnancy, I might die.  I half wonder if maybe it's just an effect of having a very old bed, or needing to start using a body pillow already.  That's on my to-do list for the next day or two, actually.  Not thrilled to have a pillow take up half my bed, but between my aching back and my inability to get comfortable at night these days, I guess it's time to give in!

I don't know if it's your bed or not, but I can tell you that my back has been sore on and off since before I even got my bfp. But for me it gets progressively worse all day until evening comes and it's unbearable. I've started using a heating pad on my back for an hour (or 3) most nights before bed. It helps a ton.

Leiahs's Avatar Leiahs 03:00 PM 02-22-2011

Originally Posted by StephandOwen View Post


I don't know if it's your bed or not, but I can tell you that my back has been sore on and off since before I even got my bfp. But for me it gets progressively worse all day until evening comes and it's unbearable. I've started using a heating pad on my back for an hour (or 3) most nights before bed. It helps a ton.

Oh, thank you for that tip!  I will have to try it soon.  My back has been slightly better since I last posted, but still not back to normal.

ncas72's Avatar ncas72 04:37 PM 02-22-2011

After work today, DH and I drove to the store so I could get some crackers to keep at work to help with the nausea. I also picked up pickles and apples. When we got home, I popped open the pickle jar and ate pickles and sliced apples with a glass of ginger ale. DH insists that this is an odd craving. So I guess I am craving foods now. I don't know if it is truly a craving or not because I usually like to eat salty and sweet, sweet and sour together.

tank's Avatar tank 05:54 PM 02-22-2011

So tired.  I fell asleeep in the truck waiting for my DP to get out of work last week.

Getting nausous if I get hungry.

Eating chocolate (normal day to day for most people but I normally don't like it that much)

Vivid dreams of my child since conception.

DragonWing's Avatar DragonWing 11:26 AM 02-26-2011

    I'm a week late, my breasts are very sore, I'm so tired all the time taking 3 hour naps when possible and sleeping 9 to 12 hours a night . . . very sensitive to smell, having to wake up at least once to pee at night (I can normally sleep through) and yesterday I had a little spotting in the morning and this morning a bit less spotting. I'm also feeling pressure that is uncomfortable when I sit certain ways or depending on what I'm wearing.

I took a pregnancy test last week right as I should have been starting my cycle because I was already feeling tired, soreness and sensitive to smell but it was negative so now I'm just going with whatever happens.

JunieMoon's Avatar JunieMoon 05:06 PM 02-26-2011

I'm 6 weeks today. Tiny flashes of nausea, but nothing compared to my past two pregnancies! Maybe that is still to come. I have VERY swollen and sore breasts, food cravings for lots of raw vegetables and protein. I am not craving sweets at all. The thought makes me feel sick. I am feeling pretty tired in the afternoon and have been trying to go to bed early. I wake up in the middle of teh night hungry and needing to pee. My uterus has been cramping well before I got my BFP and thought AF was due any moment. lol.

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