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emmaegbert's Avatar emmaegbert 09:33 PM 05-21-2011

so far I am staying not-high-risk. GD doesn't develop this early anyway, and I am confident that I do not have underlying type II. I found a MW practice that I am very comfortable with, who know a lot about helping moms with gestational diabetes, and are fine planning a HB for a GD mom who will be 37, assuming I am healthy and have good blood sugar and, obviously, no other problems. I still am waiting to get my medicaid coverage (starts June 1) so I can get routine bloodwork and also my own glucose meter. But I've been spot checking with my mom's meter (she has type II) and numbers look great- very normal. If things go well, this will be my second homebirth (third midwife attended birth).


Hugs to those of you dealing with more severe problems. It sounds like you all have supportive health care providers, and that is really important.

KABB's Avatar KABB 07:24 AM 05-22-2011

I am very high risk. I developed blood clots that traveled to my lungs during to previous pregnancies. I have to be on injectable blood thinner during pregnancy and for several weeks post-partum. Currently I take two injections a day and go once a month to have my clotting levels taken. I have had a barrage of tests over the years, there is nothing they have found wrong with me. Nothing comes up really off during pregnancy and everything is fine with me not pregnant. The Perinatologist that I have now suspects that I am hypercogaulable during pregnancy due to the increased hormones. 

rainface's Avatar rainface 05:42 PM 05-26-2011

Hi high risk peeps,

I was considering starting a thread to ask if anyone else has Kell antibodies. But I'll join here if I may... I've been designated high risk due to the fact that I have a Kell negative marker on my blood type. Something like 98% of everybody is Kell positive, and I've formed Kell antibodies due to exposure to Kell positive blood during a previous miscarriage and/or the following transfusion. My antibodies have the potential to attack the baby's blood and bone marrow, causing fetal anemia, which can lead to a range of unpleasant outcomes. I didn't even know this existed until it got flagged on my labs. 

It's frustrating to lose my chance to have a low intervention midwife birth. And its frustrating to have something wrong that I can't do anything to prevent or fix. Starting next week, I'll have biweekly ultrasounds to monitor baby's blood flow and then more intensive monitoring and treatment if needed. 

It sounds like we definitely all have the worry in common... hug.gif

erh4 12:06 PM 06-01-2011

Hi everyone,

I am high risk also, I just found out during our 20 week ultrasound that my 4th baby girl has isolated mild ventriculomegaly where her brain is dialated to a 12-13 mm when normal is below 10mm. I have another ultrasound on the 14 to see if it has gotten worse. So, I'm high risk now. Fun Fun. I sometimes wish I could be on bedrest because I work full time and it would be nice to work from home and not have to pay for daycare for my 3 other children. 



leifschon's Avatar leifschon 05:35 PM 08-02-2011

I just found this site and thread.  I am due at the end of October and am type 1 diabetic.  I have been diabetic for almost 23 years now on an insulin pump since my freshman year of collage so that has been about 13 years.  I have two wonderful children ages six and four and am expecting my third.  I am struggling right now with removing myself from the medical system and attempting a home birth.  For my daughter's birth I was to trusting allowing to many interventions which eventually caused me to end up with my daughter stuck in the birth canal sideways (here head not her whole body) due to her not being ready and the Dr. breaking my water without even asking, my sons I was out right lied to and after arriving at the hospital dilated to nine had a c-section despite my refusal which caused me to be separated from him for the first 36 hours of his life.  Needless to say I am not keen on repeating any of this.  I know I have potential risks, there are potential risks to my baby but both my other two (despite my son's heart defect which is hard to accept even though his cardiologists assure me it most likely had nothing to do with my diabetes since it is not something they usually see with diabetic moms and since my A1C was below 6 at the time of conception) were completely healthy at birth.  Both had normal blood sugars, were breathing on their own not needing any intervention with apgar scores of 8 and 9.  I suppose I am wondering how other high risk mothers are planning on limiting the problem causing interventions.  Yes I wear an insulin pump but I live my life in such a way and care for myself in such a way that I am much healthier then most of my age counterparts and I get tired of being treated like an outdated statistic.  I am sorry for the rant.  I guess I am also just fed up with Dr's at the moment as my last A1C came back at 6.2 when the one a month earlier was 4.8 and I have had maybe five blood sugar alarms in the last month over 150 so when I questioned the results I was blown off, doing my own research I found that anemia may be to blame so when I asked I found my hemoglobin at 7 weeks was 11, a little low but no one would listen to me.  Okay really now I am done with my rant.  Any advice or input is appreciated!

~pi's Avatar ~pi 06:31 PM 08-02-2011

Welcome, leifschon!! Wow, we are quite the type 1 focused DDC! You are joining me and livacreature, and we had another T1 woman who lost her pregnancy early and is now in the Nov DDC.


Do you know about the yahoo group just for T1 pregnant women? If not, you may want to join there as well. There is a woman who has had a homebirth, and another woman who is currently planning a VBA2C. Let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about but would like the link, and I will send it to you.

leifschon's Avatar leifschon 07:36 PM 08-04-2011

I did not know there was a T1 specific group I would appreciate a link.  I want so bad for this to work, to many of my friends from diabetes camp have horrible birth stories and while mine are less then ideal my babies were completely unaffected by my diabetes but I was able to manage my diabetes during labor.  I am amazed the correlation between hospital staff controlling bloodsugars and baby having extremely low bloodsugar after birth.  My friends that were able to manage their own only one had brief bloodsugar issues with baby.  Anyway, would love the link.  Thanks!

~pi's Avatar ~pi 12:50 AM 08-05-2011

Link sent via PM (private message)!

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