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It's going to be a long summer if this keeps up.


My feet so far are good (woo!) but my hands have been swelling. Today I had to use grease to get all my rings off (lol) and I'll likely leave them off for now greensad.gif Last time I had pre-e and I'm really hoping to avoid all that this time. Last time it started with minor swelling and, in time, ended up with major swelling with pitting, spilling protein and sky high blood pressure, which got me on the fast track to an induction.


I've been trying to drink as much water as I possibly can. I take a bottle with me everywhere I go. I keep a glass by my recliner in the living room. I try to relax and put my feet up for a few minutes at a time, a few times a day. I don't know what else I can do to help with the swelling.

Steph, DH Jason (1-1-11), DS Owen (10-3-03) and DS Kai (10-13-11)

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oh man! I hope you can get some ideas how to prevent pre-e... I think there is a bunch of dietary stuff (eating lots of protein, right?) but I don't know much about it. Maybe you have a health care provider who can guide you? Surely you can find resources online and in books...


I didn't have a lot of edema with my previous two pregnancies but have been noticing it more lately- at least last week when it was really hot (97 and humid). I walk 4mi a day for transpo (not all at once) and the two hottest days, my feet and ankles were definitely swelling.


as for swelling, I was told that swimming really helps- or just being immersed in water (but, like a pool or a lake, not a bathtub). It actually helps press out the excess water and assist your body in regulating fluid levels. I always noticed I had to pee a ton after swimming in my past pregnancies.


dissertating mom to three

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We had a couple of hot days, and I had swollen hands and feet/ankles by the end of them. I am planning to swim daily this summer. (We have a free city swimming pool about a 30 second walk from our house.)


Despite efforts to do so, protein has never been conclusively shown to decrease pre-e. (It remains a popular recommendation in circles that seem to be into cherry-picking evidence, and there is always the possibility that there may be something to it. Certainly Brewer's data were compelling as were Farm data, but my hunch is that there was a lot of confounding in both cases.)


However, there was a recent trial published in the BMJ that suggested that the combination of L-arginine and antioxidants is very helpful in women at high risk for pre-e. You fit the inclusion criteria for this as you have had it before. Open access article is here. Table 3 is the key piece. (Very exciting effects. The L-arginine + antioxidants group had 13% pre-e vs. 30% in the control group.)


Dietary sources of L-arginine (from Mayo clinic site) are: Walnuts, filberts (hazelnuts), pecans, Brazil nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, brown rice, raisins, coconut, gelatin, buckwheat, almonds, barley, cashews, cereals, chicken, chocolate, corn, dairy products, meats, oats, peanuts. Antioxidants are in fruits and veg.

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Yep, I've been swelling for weeks now. Talk about cankles! I drink well over a gallon of water a day, more like 1 1/2 gallons. I put my feet up too, but nothing really helps. It's not even hot here yet! We hit 80°F ONCE so far, otherwise it's been 60's & 70's. I'm not complaining at all, I'm loving this!

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Steph- I know it may sound counter-intuitive, but how is your salt intake?  Definitely you should salt-to-taste.  That doesn't mean douse everything in salt, but definitely don't restrict yourself from salt.  In a non-pregnant person, salt definitely can cause water retention, but in pregnancy, it is really important to get enough salt.  Because your blood volume is expanding so rapidly, your organs (especially kidney & liver) are working super hard.  I actually would also suggest looking at protein intake as well- regardless of whether the link to pre-e is established, protein is super important during pregnancy, and essential for helping maintain your blood volume & providing the amino acids necessary for growth and repair.


Anyway, back to sodium though... I would encourage you to salt to taste, because sodium is essential to proper fluid balance.  It helps maintain blood volume, and with your blood doubling in volume, too low sodium intake during pregnancy can impair kidney function, which can actually lead to swelling. 


Great job on drinking lots of water though, that is also super important!


AFM- no swelling yet, but one of my favorite summer snacks is watermelon with a sprinkle of salt.  My dad always used to do that, and I totally agree that really light salt brings out the flavor. 

Amy, feathering our nest with sweet husband O and baby girl, P (October 2011). 
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Thanks for the ideas! I know I need more protein. This is one area I really struggle with. I don't know how to get more in my diet when none of those foods sound good (this baby totally loves carbs and fruits). I'll keep working on it though thumb.gif


Amy May- I don't really restrict my salt intake, but I've never been big on salting my food (dh has some health issues so I mostly try to cook low sodium and low fat). There's only a couple foods I add salt to. I'll see if I can add a dash here and there to mine  thumb.gif


pi- that's interesting! Thanks for sharing! I was flipping through a magazine (fitpregnancy, I think) and there was a blurb in there about some study showing that women who get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night greatly reduce their risk of pre-e. Those who slept less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours increased their risk. I thought that was weird, but now I have a reason to tell dh that I *need* sleep. LOL!



Steph, DH Jason (1-1-11), DS Owen (10-3-03) and DS Kai (10-13-11)

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For me, I feel like I keep swelling at bay by drinking tons of water and by laying down on my left side for at least an hour a day combined with daily exercise (even just a good walk). Its a totally luxury that I know is not a possibility for a lot of people but if its possible, I feel like it helps.

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I've been getting some mild swelling which I think is odd as I had only 2 episodes of swelling at all with ds. Which is also strange is my swelling is in the morning, not at night & the more active I am the more the swelling goes down (generally my rings are easier to get off after a workout than before). I somewhat suspect the little bit of swelling I'm getting is not pregnancy related at all.


My Mom keeps telling me to take off my rings but I refuse as I took them off at about 8 months with ds & then the darn things wouldn't go back on for 2.5 years! I'm lighter this time so I see no reason to take them off!

Doula mama to dd (Oct '11) & ds (Oct '08) and expecting (Apr '17)
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My feet feel funny, but look fine. I think it's coming.

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I was in Tennessee last week walking around in some hot hot hot weather, and every day my ankles and feet and hands were swolen by the afternoon.  It went down at night, and now that I'm back in the more reasonably temperatured North taking it easy the swelling isn't happening anymore.  Summer's just starting, though, and I anticipate seeing swelling again at some point.  I just ordered a nice pair of sneakers one size larger than usual and wide width to get ready. 

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