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tutucrazy's Avatar tutucrazy 08:11 PM 08-26-2011
We use the word "Bas" for nursing boobs. My son would always ask for "ba" when he wanted to nurse. I haven't decided what we should call lady parts in our house. My husband and son refer to their penis as "winkie". I was very against these non-correct terms but for DH and DS it just worked out that way and who am I to change it. My son has referred to my vagina (or yoni) as "mommy's winkie". Not sure how to manage it for now so I just let it slide. Guess I if I have a girl it will surely come up again when he asks why she is different. Really he hasn't been too inquisitive yet. I shower with him nightly and he doesn't seem to take any note of our differences. I'm sure that will change as he is only 3.5.

~pi's Avatar ~pi 10:09 AM 08-27-2011

We use "lait-lait" for both the act of nursing and for breasts. (I think the English equivalent would be something like "milkies.")


Though DS came home from camp this week with the new word, "boobies," which he thinks is very funny. Sigh.

StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 12:46 PM 08-27-2011
Nursing boobs are called "milk" here. Mostly because the sign for milk is easy for an older baby/young toddler to do.
theboysmama's Avatar theboysmama 09:50 PM 08-27-2011

So evidently I am now officially HUGE! I went to a church meeting last night. First was greeted by whoa what have you been eating in the last week you have really popped out... Um thanks then a few moments later a women said I didn't know you were having twings.... Um not that I know of. Then as I was leaving a lady asked "any day now" .I said " 8wks left"... she said "oh there is no way you will make it that long.

So I feel really huge but that just confirmed it for me.

Then I had my mw appt today where she said, I haven't ever seen you this big even at full term. So if my mw thinks I am huge, I must be huge.

She measured me and I am measuring 36wks (I am 32) and this is the first time I have measured ahead. The baby sounded great and everything looked great but she did say that the baby wasn't all that big but I had a lot of extra fluid in there. She told me it wasn't a concern but of course I don't believe her bcs I am a nervous wreck about this pg... so what did I do. I googled it. That was stupid. Now I am freaking out. Dh and I agreed to wait 2 wks till my next appt. and if I am still measuring big w/ lots of fluid to do an u/s.  Why can't this be easy?

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