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puente's Avatar puente 06:17 AM 09-21-2011

That's incredible!  YAY!   Congratulations!

meggles's Avatar meggles 09:33 AM 09-21-2011

Welcome, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your birth story, mama! :)

AKChix0r's Avatar AKChix0r 09:41 AM 09-21-2011
Congrats!!! What a scary start, though! I would have been in total panic mode - and you drove 45 minutes away! Kudos for keeping calm.

Also, I now feel majorly guilted into typing up Corbin's story - thanks for the motivation!
LaBruja's Avatar LaBruja 01:29 PM 09-21-2011

Hooray! Congratulations mama, and welcome to the world Sarah!

akayerich's Avatar akayerich 06:00 AM 09-22-2011

Congrats!  And welcome, baby Sarah!  I'm so glad to hear your happy birth story!

Hykue's Avatar Hykue 01:20 PM 09-26-2011

Contratulations!  It sounds like things were off to a scary start, and I'm so glad that you went and got it checked, and that it all turned out so well!

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