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not_telling's Avatar not_telling 06:01 PM 01-02-2012

Pi - Diggin' that adorable babe-in-a-box!


Here's my smiley nugget:



And here's what she looks like when daddy fills the house with smoke (also called "making a fire in the fireplace") and mommy puts toys on her:



And with big brother on the playmat:










emmaegbert's Avatar emmaegbert 06:39 AM 01-03-2012

~pi that little elf in a box, too cute

not_telling and Rosemary, I love that kind of shocked expression that babies can give you- both of you captured it in different ways in your pics.

and all the smiley babies- too cute!

AKislandgirl's Avatar AKislandgirl 04:17 PM 01-03-2012

Been  a while since I've posted...


Maeve on her potty!




Sleepy girl...


starling&diesel's Avatar starling&diesel 08:55 PM 01-03-2012

I love how we all have our play mats out ... it's that time!



theboysmama's Avatar theboysmama 07:00 AM 01-04-2012

These pics are all so adorable!!!

We don't post pics on public forums sooo..................... if you want pics of us and a family update I can put your e-mail on our annual letter list and will send one out to you as soon as I am done.

Just pm me your e-mail and I will get it out soon. Takes a while to write up a letter for this many people plus I like to include tons of pics.

Katico's Avatar Katico 08:11 AM 01-04-2012

Starling, I love to see your pictures - your children are gorgeous and I think it is such a beautiful thing  that you and your partner were able to build a family - just as it should be.  stillheart.gif

Leiahs's Avatar Leiahs 07:45 PM 01-04-2012

I just love it when I get an email saying this thread is updated!  And I can't believe how big and grown up all these little babies are getting!  It goes by too fast, *le sigh*!


I was just updating my Facebook pics, and realized I hadn't put a few here.  :)


New Year's Eve, 3 months old / 13+ weeks.  Chilling at home, enjoying Daddy's new video game, and big-time grins and giggles for Mommy.  orngtongue.gif  My dark-haired little boy is getting quite bald, though.  Not happy about that - it's a first for me out of 4 kids!




Another from New Year's Eve, after all the grins and giggles, little Malcolm was sleepy and ready for some nursing.  love.gif




Hykue's Avatar Hykue 10:18 AM 01-05-2012

nak as per usual, but what a bunch of wonderful pictures!  We made some lovely babies :)

dollyanna's Avatar dollyanna 08:15 PM 01-06-2012

OK I haven't posted a pic in forever, but it's my favorite thread!


Here's my contribution to the baby gym theme




and a thousand-yard-stare in a giant second-hand diaper cover




and one smiling -- her cheeks are huge but I think there's a hint of a dimple there :) 



livacreature's Avatar livacreature 10:50 AM 01-07-2012

Stupid cat peed all over Aura's playgym.  Still trying to get the smell out.  I was mad.  She loved that thing!

Haven't posted pics in a's my lady.

378615_590327073248_59700322_32262608_1530273969_n.jpg Baby on Christmas


399756_592157759538_59700322_32275015_487904658_n.jpgManicure with daddy.


380075_590848014278_59700322_32265694_1777212822_n.jpg Aurora in her ET onesie. (I have a mild Spielberg obsession.  I fully intend to pass it on.  My girly has more stuffed aliens then animals...)


403895_590030552478_59700322_32259453_1347310148_n.jpg She tackled me!


Love all the smiles!  They all look so freaking big!


Rosemarino's Avatar Rosemarino 11:32 AM 01-07-2012

Iona is loving the Bumbo lately. (Yes, that's my Crispness tree in the background, which just was sent out this morning.)


bumbo sophie.jpg


A little smile (I got a big one on camera  but she was looking mostly away.)





Iona is trying to get another chin out of this pose.


can i get another chin out of this?.jpg

Trinket90's Avatar Trinket90 05:55 PM 01-07-2012



Rooting for the Giants in his Manning jersey...




I don't know what he saw but it must have been scary!




Christmas present shirts from my mom. Love them!

tank's Avatar tank 02:11 PM 01-08-2012

I have a smiley bumbo pic too


smiley bumbo.jpg

tank's Avatar tank 02:14 PM 01-08-2012

P.S. my partner really wants those big guy little guy shirts now.

StephandOwen's Avatar StephandOwen 09:34 AM 01-09-2012

One of my favorite pics so far....




Yes, we dressed him up like a monkey randomly. And took him out in public, running errands. Why? Because life is too dang short to worry about what others think.




On Christmas morning, on the giant crash pad we got ds1.





emmaegbert's Avatar emmaegbert 10:07 AM 01-09-2012

haha Iona and her double chin, and Eli with his "scary" face. I love crazy baby faces! So awesome to capture that.

tank- the smiling-through-spitup/bumbo picture is priceless

and Steph- I love the monkey suit! Why not wear a costume if you can get away with it, right? Hmm, "crash pad" what is that? like a big beanbag pillow? My kids would love something like that (currently our apartment is probably too small, but in the next living space... they lay around on the floor all the time as it is...)

livacreature's Avatar livacreature 10:18 AM 01-09-2012



Steph, I love the costume (and the smiles).  Your older son looks like he is such a great big brother!

Tank: Cute!

Trinket: I love the big guy/little guy set!

Rosemary: Iona is gorgeous!

018 - Copy.JPGChippyMonkey


057.JPGThree month laundry basket pic.  009.JPGAurora is taller than ALF!!!!

emmaegbert's Avatar emmaegbert 12:13 PM 01-09-2012

livacreature: Aurora is so ALERT and gorgeous. she might be small but she sure looks spunky!

not_telling's Avatar not_telling 12:56 PM 01-09-2012

livacreature - LOVE the HUGE-wad-between-the-legs cloth diaper shots lol.gif


Steph - I agree the crash pad is awesome! (as is little little Kai on big big crash pad)  My DS would LOOOOOVE to have that crash pad...if we had a designated playroom I would totally look into getting one.


Babies in Bumbos - Wow!

LaBruja's Avatar LaBruja 01:32 PM 01-10-2012


Rosemary, I can't believe how much hair Iona has!
Trinket, love the "big guy, little guy" shirts...too cute.
Livacreature, the Aura and Alf picture is awesome.
Steph, that monkey suit is so cool, you've inspired me to take Elodie out in her carrot suit someday.
Here she is wide awake...
Family 222.jpg
...aaand literally about 30 seconds later. Totally zonked.
Family 224.jpg
And being held by her brother, at his request...ah, be still my heart!
Family 227.jpg

Amy May's Avatar Amy May 03:20 PM 01-11-2012

I just love this thread... NAK but here are two recent ones.  She slept on wetish hair and woke up looking like a mad scientist


AKislandgirl's Avatar AKislandgirl 05:16 PM 01-12-2012



Maeve's hair is often sticking straight up like this! (mine did this as a baby too!)

livacreature's Avatar livacreature 12:18 PM 01-14-2012

Aww, Maeve is adorable! 

Amy, Palesa looks so much like you!

LaBrujia: I love her hat!  That is so sweet.  Did you make it?

I love all the babies with hair!  So sweet!


181762534930643623_LwewJ4qL_c.jpgI made a hat out of my favorite sweater than DH had shrunk in the drier.  I also made her a pair of pants for when she is out of the harness with a big old matching pom on the butt.  Can't wait for her to wear it!

399387_593173738508_59700322_32279600_2053669825_n.jpgMy girl on her three month birthday.

~pi's Avatar ~pi 10:36 PM 01-14-2012

These babies are way too cute. I love the babies in their gyms, in bumbos, in the bath, on a crash pad, smiley babies, shocked babies, babies in cute hats, babies with chins, and babies with HAIR (oh my goodness, the hair!!) Leiahs, I adore that shot of Malcolm laughing. He is just gorgeous. LaBruja, what a lovely photo of your DD with her brother.


Some recent shots here. J has a real thing for putting his hands on his head. He did it a lot in utero (I saw it all the time in all the u/s appts, and once I knew what it was, I could feel when he was doing it thanks to the sharp elbows) and now that he has motor control, the habit is back!


Smiling at Daddy:



Oh noez!!



He has motor control, but it isn't perfect yet:


Hykue's Avatar Hykue 03:07 PM 01-16-2012



pi - pic 2 is the ctuest thing ever!  what an expressive lil guy!


livacreature - she's so beautiful.


rosemary - those are great pictures of iona.  she looks so grown up!

mythik's Avatar mythik 10:12 AM 01-17-2012


Katico's Avatar Katico 08:50 AM 01-18-2012

Love all the wee ones so much!! Haven't had time to comment!


Claire, 11wks





~pi's Avatar ~pi 06:30 PM 01-18-2012

Katico, J loooooves the second photo of Claire. He looked over as I was looking at the thread and broke out into the hugest smile. I scrolled on and the photo went away, smile went away, too. Photo came back, so did the smile.

Snugglebugmom's Avatar Snugglebugmom 12:20 PM 01-19-2012

Théoden playing with his crackly book for the first time.

3 months 2 weeks old



Katico's Avatar Katico 01:21 PM 01-19-2012

Pi, I love that your baby loves my baby!  That is too cute love.gif

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