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Lifeguard does your DS go to any preschool? can you do some playgroup or something? It helps me a lot to get a little break from my 2.5yo, regroup, rest, be in a better frame of mind with her. She has gotten very oppositional and opinionated. Its normal for her age, and normal reaction to a new sibling. But still frustrating. I think because she is still soooooo much "easier" than her brother ever was (and I am better able to deal with it too I think) it doesn't throw me as much as it did with the oldest. But oh man, my husband, he really can't cope. ANYWAY, your DS sounds a lot like mine was/is. An absolute joy a lot of the time but a complete PITA enough of the time to drive me batty! And with my DS, negotiation, consequences, explanations... none of it "works". I totally had to force him into the carseat for a while... or shower while he screamed bloody murder at me the entire time for TWO YEARS.... I tried so hard to do what had to be done without anger, and not take his behavior personally, but its hard. I read somewhere that you can react to their outbursts with firmness and kindness. The kindness is hard sometimes, but what I think, is that the goal is important too. So, I aspire to be firm and kind, even though I fly off the handle more than I'd like to admit. I am much, much better about all this with DD, not entirely sure why.


I totally do not cut back on caffeine in pregnancy or nursing. Thank goodness my kids seem immune to its effects. I don't have more than 2 small cups of coffee a day, but boy do I need those!



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Lifeguard, my DS is 3 too and I could have written your post last week. Finally I just broke down crying to DH and saying, "I feel so bad for him!" because his world is different and strange now. I think we had a good conversation where I told him what I needed and he told me what he needed. Somehow that worked out ok. He is still difficult though. I'm really sorry it's been this hard for you.


Well, we had our version of inconsiderate visitors this weekend. Some neighbors, a young couple in their mid-20s who always seem to stop by right at dinner time, unannounced, did just that. So we had them in and sat in the living room for a while and had a nice little visit. But then they announced that they had a casserole in the oven at home that they'd like to share with us. DH and I looked at each other and reluctantly agreed to let them bring it over, but told them a time when we had to start the bedtime routine. While they were gone, we set the table and got stuff ready, and dd woke up and was fussy. When they arrived they let us take care of everything and said how glad they were to be eating at somebody else's house because that meant they wouldn't have to do the dishes. DH had to hold dd all dinner while she fussed, but they allowed us to serve them and proceeded to say how it was ok for DS to want to play guns because guns were a "healthy" thing for a little boy to want to play with (???) This after I said something about not wanting DS to pretend to shoot people. The inference here was that princesses were not a healthy thing for boys to want to play (this was after our Halloween conversation--ds was a princess.) They stayed FOREVER and did nothing to help pick up or clean, took their casserole home and left DH and I looking completely bewildered at one another.



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I'm behind here so forgive me..


Beth : WOOHOO! on the awesome feed. So happy for you.


Rosemary : Glad you're all ok. I would hae been freaked right out. I've never been in a car accident. *knock on wood*


Trinket : I feel your pain, sister. My DH eats like a freaking 6 year old boy. I don't know how I ended up with someone like that. Too bad we don't live near each other. We could leave the BOYS with pizza or something and go eat a NICE dinner. :D


Lifeguard : ((hugs)) I hate it when my little ones are sick. Hope you're all feeling better soon.


Saoirse : Sex? I'm jealous!


Caffeine? Yes, please. :D


AFM: Calliope is exactly one month today. It's gone by way too fast. She's so sweet and cute.. such a good baby. In fact, she just let me eat my whole lunch without waking up. Now I'm going to see if we can go snooze together in bed. On a less than happy note, I'm still freaking bleeding. WTH??!


Hi to everyone else and hope you're all doing well with your behbehs. Are all the Oct DDC babies finally here??!



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Lifeguard: big hugs. We've had our bumps but nothing like you describe. Hope things look up soon.


Rosemary: WTH?  Some people really have no clue do they?!


Fussy baby: Maeve is much fussier these days. She spits up all the time which at first didn't seem to bother her but seems to more and more. I'm wondering about trying some type of gripe water- no clue if it would help at all though. She also gets so frustrated when she's nursing- especially on the left side. My milk supply is pretty big and the let down is pretty intense. I feel like I'm coming at her like a fire hose and she is not impressed. She ends up fussing, pulling off, gulping air, etc... Then she spits up all over. Really hoping things regulate soon. Not sure if I should worry about her spitting up so much either (saw a few posts in the thread about reflux that have me wondering). I'll probably send our Dr an email with some questions about this today.


We woke up to several inches of snow today! It really is beautiful. F wants to go sledding but I can't manage on my own with Maeve in tow. She'll have to wait for her Papa to get off work. I think he'll be home for lunch and maybe can take her down the hill in our yard a few times to appease her sledding appetite for a bit at least! Looks like more snow tomorrow. cold.gif

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