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My little boy was born on 11/8/11 at 11:38 and was 8lbs11oz.  Lots of 11's and 8's!  Don't have time to write up my birth story yet but it was a wild ride and NOTHING went as expected except I was able to labor in the water for a few hours but that was only after bugging my midwife about it!  Anyway everyone is doing great, I just havent been able to get the time to use my computer because I am still figuring out how to hold him and do other stuff and buy does this kid like to be held.  Here's a photo to start with.

The Birth of Elliot Jackson

On Monday Nov 7, 2011 I woke up at about 4am to use the bathroom. I noticed I had bloody show. I was excited that labor was probably going to start soon as I was due a week before. I went back to bed and slept until about 8 when I got up to use the bathroom again and noticed a lot of liquid but it was kind of mucasy and because this was my first baby I didn't know what to expect as far as the difference between the mucus plug and my water breaking and just trickling. I had an appointment with the doctor for that morning for a non stress test so I figured since I wasn't having any regular contractions that I could just wait until my appointment and ask him rather than call my midwife so early in the morning for something that I knew was normal.

So we went to the non stress test and everything looked great. I had to wake him up with some crackers and juice but he looked really good. I asked the nurses and the doctor about what had happened in the morning and he told me I should call the midwife on duty and see if she wanted me to come in that day. I called her and left a message. Since we live about a 1/2 hour away we didn't want to go home right away in case she called us back and wanted us to turn right around and come into the office. We decided to take a walk around downtown and perhaps get labor moving. I had a bunch of harder more noticable contractions while walking around but nothing regular and nothing that would stop me in my tracks or anything. After about an hour of walking around we decided to just go home.

Once we got home the midwife called us back. She wanted to see me later that day so I made an appointment for 5:30 with her. She told me to just get some rest before I come in. I was only able to take about an hour nap because I was so excited. Both Rick and I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before so we took a nap together. I woke up to go to the midwife but he had to stay at the house because we were expecting some repairmen to the house (who never showed up by the way!)

I went to the midwives office and she tested a pad I had worn earlier and also did an internal exam. The fluid tested positive for amnionic fluid and because I am group B strep positive she said I would have to go to the hospital soon to make sure I get antibiotics in time even though I didn't feel like I was in labor. She told me no rush, go home, make some calls, eat something, take a shower etc and gave me some ideas on what snacks and drinks to bring to the hospital.

I called Rick from the parking lot and told him that I was coming home to do as such and pick him up and then we were going to the hospital. I also called my mom to let her know we were going in that night and they were giving me 36 hours to give birth. doctors usually only give 24 hours which would be 8am the next morning but the midwives are more relaxed about all of that. So I drove home, ate some rice and beans took a shower and Rick and I layed in bed for the last time as just the 2 of us for a little bit. I called my dad and my cousin and my friend who was going to take care of the dogs and we left for the hosptital.

We arrived at the hospital around 8 I think and got checked in pretty quickly. Angie, my midwife, had called ahead already and had us admitted. They got me set up and comfortable and took my vitals and measured my contractions and the babys heartrate. aparently I was having pretty strong contractions and they were about 2 minutes apart but I wasn't feeling 90% of them. My other midwife Meg came in and looked at what was going on. She thought I was probably dehydrated and that is why I was having all of those contractions and because I had been in labor since 8am and was only 2 1/2cm and 50% that something needed to happen to get things kick started. So she suggested giving me cervidil and then giving me something to help me sleep so I could get some rest before active labor started because I hadn't gotten any sleep. They also hooked me up with fluids because they thought I might be dehydrated.

She inserted the cervidil strip and explained that it was going to ripen my cervix some more and they would be in soon with the sleeping pills and I could get some sleep and Angie or her would be in at 5:30am to wake me up and get things moving. She left the room and not even 10 minutes later I felt like I had immediatly gone into hard labor. My nurse called Meg back in and I think at first she didn't realise how intence the contractions had been for me. I asked if I could go into the tub but Meg was hesitent because she thought it would just slow things down and stop my progresing labor. I begged her and begged her and she told me I could go in for an hour tops and we would see how that treated me and my labor. She had also said she had never seen someone react to cervidil like that before and had to remove it immediatly. She said it either kicked me into where my body already was or it was a really strong reaction to the actual drug.

They filled the tub and it felt like an eternity I had to wait to get in. I finally got to get into the tub and it made my contractions feel a lot smoother and more under control. I felt instant comfort. I was able to get through all of my contractions and I was switching positons in the tub on whatever felt good for that particular contraction. I finally felt like I was going to have the labor I had planned for. Angie showed up while I was in the tub to take over because she was the actual midwife on call but had been rushed to another birth between the time I told her I was going to the hospital and the time I arrived. She thought I was doing great in the tub but still wanted me to get out after an hour of being in to check me and see if I was progressing while in there. If I didn't progess I would have to stay out of the tub for a bit so I could.

An hour had passed and I got out. I got out in between contractions and barely made it over to the bed before the next contraction hit and felt like 50x stronger than they were in the tub. I got into the bed so she could check me and I was 5 cm dialated! They checked me throughout all of this and checked the baby and he was handling everything so well which pleased and amazed everyone. We tried to sit me on the birth ball and all that did was make me puke and pee all over the ball. It seemed as though I wasn't handling my contractions well at all so she agreed that I could go back into the tub. I went into the tub and things were much better. I was still puking though. Angie told me I was doing really good once back in the water and she was going to take a nap and come back at 2:30am. I was perfectly fine with that because I agreed that I was doing great with just me and Rick and handling my contractions with me in the water.

Angie left and things were going ok but felt like they were getting more intence. All of a sudden I found myself staring at the clock waiting for 2:30am to come and it was only about 1:00am. My contractions were feeling out of control again and I felt like I wasn't getting any breaks in between them. I felt really out of control and like there was no way to relieve any of this pain because I could hardly catch a breath in between the contractions which were very hard and steady. I remember staring at the clock hoping I could just make it until 2:30 and then have Angie check me because I had a feeling I had just made a huge leap. Then I got this feeling like there was no way I could handle all of this and maybe I needed to get an epidural. I thought it over for what seemed like an eternity. I told Rick that it was too much for me to handle like a million times and I could tell he really wanted me to just feel some relief or get some sort of break. so I finally admitted to him that I really thought I needed an epidural even though I had been 99% sure I was going to do this without one. It was probably 1:30 or so when I had the nurse call Angie to have her come so I could talk about it with her.

Angie came down and I told her I couldn't handle it and it was too much for my body to handle and I really thought I needed an epidural in order for me to make it through this labor. They called the epidural guy who had already came in to explain every possible side effect of every single drug they could give me and sign all the paperwork. I was really thankful of that when he came in because he could come in and just get right to work without having to go through everything first. I got out of the tub and evrything felt even more unbearable if that was even possible. I got the epidural and it wasn't long until I could feel relaxed. They checked my contractions for a while and the baby's heartbeat. Both were maintaining very steady which both the nurses and Angie were impressed by since epidurals typically slow things down.

One thing I remember is telling Rick that I was 100% positive I made the right decision in asking for an epidural and to not let me beat myself up about it because I had been so set on having a drug free birth. Angie told Rick and I to get some sleep and she would be back in the morning to start pushing. I was only able to sleep for about an hour probably because I was so excited but I relaxed rested really well for the whole time. When Angie came back in the morning, I think at about 6am, I remember her checking me and saying I just had a tiny lip of cervix left and I was going to start pushing soon. Rick was zonked out next to me and everyone left the room. I couldn't move and couldn't reach him so I was shouting at him to wake up. When Angie and the nurses came in I made them wake him up because I didn't want him to miss anything. Little did I know that I had a long road ahead of pushing.

I started pushing at 6:30am. They had to turn down my epidural so I could feel my contractions when it was time to push. They explained that it would feel like pressure. I started to feel it pretty quickly so I started pushing. The baby was still high up I think but his vitals were strong. It took me a few contractions of pushing to really get the hang of it. Angie's shift ended at 8am and Megs had began but Angie had thought I was really close to pushing him out so she didn't want to switch off with Meg. I think she realized he wasn't coming quickly so Meg finally took over. I pushed mainly on my back because I was pushing the most effectivly that way. When Meg came in she realized that the baby was posterior so I pushed on my side for a bit to spin him around and that worked really well. I also didn't have to have anyone holding my legs up while pushing on my side so that was really nice. I did switch to my back eventually because I pushed way better like that. I had the nurse and Rick holding up each leg with my contractions. At one point the epidural wore off in one spot in my back and it was some awful pain and they had to ramp up the epidural and have me lay on my side again. It took forever for that part to feel better but it eventually did.

I pushed for 5 hours and towards the end the baby's heartrate started dropping a bit with each push. They also knew that there was meconium in his fluid. They had to call in the NICU team just in case. My last contraction pushing I think I pushed like 5 or 6 times instead of the 3 I had been because I didn't want to have another one because I felt so much pressure. He shot out and they had to cut the cord right away because it was wrapped around his neck. Meg didn't have time to flatten the cord so when she cut it blood squirted all over the nurses face and all over the wall behind me! Aparently there was more fluid in me than Meg had ever seen too and a whole lot of poop. He had 2 bags of waters which is why my water broke the day before but then I still had a lot of fluid when he was born. They put him on my belly for a very very short time then had to take him to the warmer to suction and revive him before he cried because he had so much poop in his lungs. I could only see him a little bit from where I was and it seemed like forever until I got to hold him. Meg had to push a lot of clots and such out of me and stitch me up while the NICU team worked on him. I was really upset that I had all sorts of stuff in my way and I couldn't even look at him from a distance and see what he looked like. Once he was placed on me for some skin to skin he nursed within 5-10 minutes and has been healthy ever since.

All in all I think I had a really good hospital experience and I am glad that I was in the hospital. The L&D nurses were wonderful and extremely helpful and supportive. Aparently the whole time I was in labor the Dr that works with the midwives had been bugging Meg asking her if he was going to have to come down because he was certain I was going to need a c section. I am glad I had the support of my wonderful midwives and had the guts to suck it up and ask for an epidural or I probably would have needed one.



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He is GORGEOUS. Congratulations!!! joy.gif Wonderful name! I hope you are ok despite nothing going as expected.

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Hello handsome!!!!!!  Love him!  Congrats!  

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Yay, congratulations!!  I agree, he's definitely a handsome little boy, and I love his name!  Can't wait to hear the full story, once you have time!  :)

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Congrats!! He is so handsome!

Chelsea, loving mama to Landon, born 11/3

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what a cutie! Congrats!

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he looks gorgeous, and yes, excited to read your story when you've got the time and inclination to post it. congratulations!

dissertating mom to three

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Congratulations! Love his hair! 

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hooray!!!!!!!! he is so beautiful!

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Finally!! Oh, he's so, so cute, and I'm sure worth the wait. Congrats! I hope things are going well for you. I can't wait to read the story when you get around to writing it.

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updated with birth story on post #1

Awesome vegan mom to wolverine babyf.gif11/11 and sabertooth 11/13 and partner to a drum.gifwe also have dog2.gif


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Congrats on a healthy birth! He's precious.

Hannah, Wife to R , Mama to Alexander, born 2-15-08,
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