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tank ... Craigslist is great for short-term things for kids!  Also, do you know if your neighbourhood or town has a list serv on yahoo or something like that?  Ours is great.  It's fabulous for finding things like hand-me-down kids stuff, local deals and events, etc. 


theboysmama ... So sorry to hear about the anxiety.  Definitely sounds like MIL is the trigger.  Have you heard of Rescue Remedy?  It's a Bach flower concoction that calms and soothes.  Works for me in times of stress!  I swear by it. 


Hello everyone else, baby wailing suddenly, gotta go! xo


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Hi everyone!  (This chat thread has gone way over its intended date, did anyone else notice?)


Wish I had been keeping up better with replies, but at least I'm still reading along.  We had a nice Christmas!  Except for me randomly not falling asleep until 2:30am on Christmas Eve, knowing it was going to be an early morning-- ugh.  We got lots of nice family time, had a beautiful choir program at church (and a talk that even covered the meaning of Namaste), an awesome dinner, and lots of relaxing otherwise.  My living room is still covered in gifts and stocking yummies that haven't been put away yet.  My DH totally splurged and got me a really nice cutting machine that I've been eyeing for over a year, and MIL made my dreams come true and got me a ton of wool roving and a needle felting pet animal book.  I'm ridiculously excited about that one, honestly.  :)   And my SIL bought a treadmill to keep at her house (she lives with/cares for MIL/FIL), and plans to share it with all of us adults.  And since I'm over there weekly, I'm hoping to make good use of it.  :)  I spent my day today sewing for a baby shower for my SIL's SIL.  Yeah, I've never met her, and I'd be surprised if our paths ever cross after this, as she lives out of state.  But I sure had fun making girly things!  DH was very patient and took care of Malcolm while I went crazy with all of that, and my other kids got way too much screen time with their new games.  To do this week: Find a new Christmas tree on clearance to replace the one we've had for 10 years (which is on its last leg, literally).  Also to do: Not go crazy with my kids home from school 24/7. 


Periods:  I had about 4 days of spotting last week.  I thought for sure my period was trying to come back, but it faded back away.  I wouldn't be surprised if it were soon, though.  My period has returned sooner after each of my babies, even with nursing on demand and co-sleeping and everything.  The last time was 4 or 5 months PP, I think.  And this time, Malcolm has been reliably sleeping looooong through the night for about a month and a half.  (The other night he went from 10:45ish to almost 8:00am exactly, not waking up a single time, and that's only slightly longer than his typical night sleeping.)  So, yeah, I think it will be soon for me.  I'm not going to complain this time, not with such an angel baby who spoils me rotten!  love.gif


I'm finding myself overwhelmed by feelings of goodness and peace because of this little boy, lately.  Everything else in my life could be absolutely rotten and miserable, and I'd still feel over-the-moon, happy-to-tears because of him.  And to think I was afraid to have him join our family!  I would have missed the most wonderful thing in the world.  He's just too precious and wonderful for words. 


He'll be 3 months old on the 29th, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that he's starting to try to roll over.  He's been doing little baby crunches for a few weeks now, when we're holding him lying down and he wants to be more upright, and all that muscle-building has translated into his floor time.  When he rolls to his side, he does his crunches and gets so close to making it all the way over.  I don't think he'll be too happy once he finally manages it, though.  He's not a fan of tummy time.  ;)  Plus, I'm not encouraging him to get there faster.  I'm perfectly happy with a completely immobile baby in a house where kids haven't learned to put away their choke-hazard toys, thankyouverymuch!

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I also was noticing that we're way past the "end date" of this chat thread...


Periods - With DS mine came back at 4 months, and that was with him having maybe one 3-5 hr sleep stretch at night.  DD will go 5-7 hours without nursing at night, so I'm expecting AF's return at a similar (or sooner yikes.gif?) time.


Holidays - We had a very nice Polish Christmas Eve with my sid eof the family (the Jews and a Hindu).  DH worked his butt off in the kitchen making awesome homemade pierogies, and borscht (sour acquired taste) and fish (trout with pecan brown butter sauce).  DS got way too crazy with everyone over, though.  Tonight we see everyone again (minus my two cousins, who are seeing an out-of-town friend) for the last night of Hanukkah...bring on the latkes!  I'm hoping that since we're not hosting, we can keep DS in check better.  His poor 9 year old cousin was totally exhausted from trying to play/keep up/defend herself.


DH has been home since Thursday and will be home for another week.  DD and I have been staying in bed until 9:30/10:00 most mornings.  It's been nice, but I guess we should start trying to get back to our real schedule soon. 


DS still is sooo snotty.  I wish he would just get better.  It feels like it's been weeks.  He's constantly wiping his nose with his shirt (eww!) so by the end of the day his face is all red from being wiped over and over by the shirt material.


Tomorrow night DH and I are going out to a restaurant to celebrate our friends' 10th wedding anniversary.  We're bringing DD with us and I'm hoping it doesn't end up being a mistake.  I'm feeling worried about her getting fussy because we'll be there during some of her fussy time.  And I'm worried about nursing cuz I looked at some photos of the place and it just looks all open with hard benches and seats, and while I'm all for public nursing, I like to be discreet-ish, and DD still tends not to be a quick latcher, which means I often have to sit with my boob out for a while, with no baby latched on, while she figures things out.

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Periods: I've been having some cramps...I'm hoping they are psychsomatic because I'm not ready to deal with that again!  Ugh.  I'm done having bio-babes.  Can it just stop for good?


I asked on the Life w Babe board, but do any of you mamas have tricks for gas?  With Aura in her harness, she can't kick her legs like she was.  Seems to be causing a painful gas build up in the evenings.  We burp her well after feedings, nothing has changed diet-wise.  It started the night after she got it on and every evening she now fusses for an hour or two before she passes a lot of gas and sleeps.  I feel bad for her.


Not_Telling: I hope things go well with DD and the party!  Have a good time.

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I don't have a lot of time, but l livacreature, I have found and heard that lying on the left side triggers gas and farting.


theboysmama, yay! for a social smile.



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Awe, man. For some reason, none of these chat threads are showing up in my subscriptions. :( And I was sad that the ddc had seemed to die down SO much. Silly me. Now I have a bunch of reading to do to catch up with everyone. Must have looked silly, me just posting pictures of my beautiful girl and not keeping up with everyone here. :p


Calliope is still freaking sick. Coughing, gagging, choking, puking, crying. Blah. It's not constant, and it has actually slowed down a bunch, but she is still doing the choking thing at least once a day. I'm afraid to leave her where I can't see her. She has always worked it out on her own, but what if she just can't some time, kwim? Yikes. Scary.


I went out last night with some ladies from my mom's club. We went to dinner and to a paint your own pottery type place. So much fun! AND I was totally baby free - for like 4 hours. My boobs were seriously killing me though. I kept feeling let down while I was out and when I got home my bra was soaked and the sposie pads were so full. She didn't nurse much the last feeding I gave her and she was sleeping before I left, so I didn't feed her then and THEN she was sleeping when I got home. So, I pumped and got 8oz (which replaces the 7 she drank for Daddy while I was gone, nice), but they were still killing me. Hard and huge and OUCH. I felt wicked sick too - so feverish. Must have been the engorgement. I felt so sick all night but much better upon waking. I had to get Calliope up before I went to sleep to get her to eat a little. Mama needed some help. lol Can you tell the kid is like a non-stop mothersucker in the evenings??!

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