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Katico 12-27-2011 10:45 AM

New thread!


Any idea when we get kicked out and have to migrate to the social club?


Letters to Santa: I can't wait to do this - next year for sure!  DD1 told me yesterday she wanted to send a thank you card to Santa for all her presents (proud mama), so I think we'll actually mail it to the Canada Post 'Santa"

Canada is awesome:  Trinket, pack your bags and come on up.  Proud to be Canadian despite our rather wretched current government.


Pregnant:  Chelsea?  Any news?  I'd be pissed to be preg so soon too...but on the other hand, I just think of what a blessing DD1 has been (she was a total surprise) and know I would be grateful for the oops in the long run!  I can't wait to have another but want to enjoy right now without the misery of pregnancy so soon!



Santa gifts:  ours were always wrapped, with paper that had pictures of santa on it, and the paper was never used for anything under the tree.  We only got a couple of toys plus our stocking from santa - just enough to keep us busy for a little while before waking up my parents, haha  


Boxing Day sales: (I didn't know B.D. wasn't an American thing, too!) We've decided to get a new fridge as ours is very old, grody and sounds like it's going to die any day.  I've picked out a fab side-by side and  I'm so excited.  the pictures are downright porney - all the shelves and bins and compartments and icemaker....ooh baby, yeah! I might also get a steam mop with some gift certificates we got - does anyone have one?  recommendations?


lifeguard: feeling better ?


livacreature: nono02.giftsk tsk to your mom!! (she sounds like mine!) you are not mean!  good for you, telling her what's what! jealous of your knife set! As for the gas - we've had some luck w/gripe water this time!


theboysmama:  Emeric's gravesite looked beautiful, hugs to you! And SO happy to hear you got a smile!



Leiahs:  Great update :) I'm so happy you're so happy, haha :)


Babies with older kid toys/choking hazards:  Not looking forward to this one little bit!


Periods: I had some spotting plus intestinal issues and crankiness last week,pretty sure it was a period of some sorts.  Just started back on the pill.  Not sure, I might switch to the nuva ring again - having trouble remembering pills already


Kid snot: Anyone who doesn't have one already needs to get a nosefrida.  Seriously!



AFM/Holidays:  Insert standard gift rant here.  My inlaws.  Seriously. I'll give them some points this year - they didn't go COMPLETELY insane...almost everything they gave DD was well made and something she really loved...but there was still way too much - a ukulele and a percussion set and videos and toys and dress up clothes and playdough and a tickle me elmo (!) and dolls and books and and and and.  


Plus, we have been going to their house for Christmas eve and day (they are 3 hrs away) and that means that Christmas happens there for DD and our own Christmas is secondary, on boxing day.  So we go and have this huge blitz in their hoarded house and there's too much sugar...It's all so overwhelming.  And then the next morning we're home and do our own tree and our gifts to her,....but it's not the main show, yknow?  I begrudge them it :(


I told DH I absolutely do not intend to do this much longer.  He keeps saying how it means so much to them and how it makes his grandmother's xmas to have us there....but I don't really care about making someone else's holiday, ykwim?  I feel selfish but I don't care.  I want my own traditions and a much more gentle, quiet holiday while they're still little.  I want to be home and not drive a million miles for days on end.


Otherwise, it was a nice Christmas.  DD1 really loved her gifts, especially what DH and I gave her, which made me feel better - at least she wasn't too jaded by the first round to enjoy what we had picked special for her.  


She decided last minute that she wanted a piggybank and that was what santa would bring for her - so DH and I hit the mall Xmas eve to find one, haha.  We were successful and she was suitably impressed that Santa got it right!


We do boxing day at my grandparents' and that was nice to see family.  My parents are the other end of the spectrum though - weird, joyless presents,.  I got a box with socks, plastic key labels and a toothpaste tube squeezer - you know those things that slide on and get the last of the toothpaste out of the tube?  Yeah.  Seriously?????  Dreary.  I would rather get nothing at all. Ditto with the girls' gifts- cheap little onesies and socks and odds and ends.  It's not that I want them to spend more money on us, and it's not that I'm not grateful to get something....but geez.  My mother once wrapped up a box of kleenex for me.  That was the year my big gift was a mattress protector.  See what I mean?   She always talks like it's a huge drag to have to shop for her granddaughters too - like it's sooooo stressful to think of something to get them.  Yeah, buying presents for little people is SO fun at all....shrug.gif


And I think I have offended them somehow, they barely spoke to me at the boxing day party.......I could worry about it but honestly, it was so relaxing not to have them talking to me, haha!  if it weren't for the kids I would basically avoid any contact with them...but I think it's important for the girls to have their grandparents.  


Thankfully, we all still got some very nice things we really wanted.  I was surprised with a necklace I had admired and really wanted but couldn't justify buying myself as it was a pretty frivolous splurge.  So happy to have it.  


Claire got some cute little soft toys and a books, some clothes, a little bunny bowl from us, a little wooden pig from her big sister,  a few other things, just the right amount for a new baby.


Now that I've written a novel....



Katico 12-27-2011 12:25 PM



On a big decluttering kick right now, while the babes nap...reorganizing toys and getting rid of things to  make room for the new.  Need more baskets for the toy room.  Funny how immediately after Xmas the urge for clean and new hits and suddenly you can't wait to put away the holiday decorations. We'll leave the tree up until new years but everything else is going this week - now how to do that without the toddler noticing/flipping out?


She told me this morning that we had to go open the new presents under the tree...because yep, she was pretty sure Santa had come again!  Oh dear.  I broke it to her gently



cbeclipse 12-27-2011 12:32 PM

Thank you for starting a new chat thread! I've been thinking about doing it but just didn't do it.

Katico- hoping that I'm not pregnant. Probably not, but I'm not sure. I don't know what's going on. Haven't bled since Saturday evening. Not sure if it was period blood or pp bleeding. We will see. My boobs aren't sore anymore either. The only other time they have ever felt like that was when I was newly pregnant. Which is why I was thinking it. Random, but I had a dream last night that I was watching your girls for you while you had your third baby! How random! Lol

Afm, Landon and I have colds greensad.gif he is all stuffed up. I'm not too stuffed up, but have a very runny nose. Poor little guy. I feel so bad for him. He hates being stuffy. We are flying on Friday, hope he is feeling a little better by then
I desperately need a haircut, but I don't know where to go, so I'm not sure if it will get done.

LaBruja 12-27-2011 03:10 PM

Oh my goodness...I missed all you mamas! I pretty much dropped off the face of the Earth and have been a hermit since my daughter was born and I feel sort of terrible...I never shared a birth story or even posted a picture of my baby girl, and I feel weirdly guilty for just jumping back in like this, but...can I come back? Pretty please?praying.gif  My pregnancy was so much less scary and lonely because of the DDC, and I know it will help so much to be able to share the joys and trials of having a new baby with all of you. Plus, I just like you guys :).


The picture thread is wonderful to see so many cute happy babies! Hope the holidays are going well for everyone, have a good week!

Trinket90 12-27-2011 03:24 PM

LaBruja - Is that even a real question? Of COURSE you can come back. I wondered where you'd been. :) I wanna see pictures of your little one!


Christmas - DH got me the entire LOTR extended edition trilogy on Blu ray disc. Way more than we could normally afford, but apparently it was on silly sale on Black Friday and he works at Best Buy so it was cheap. He also got me a necklace with the One Ring on it (not a real gold one but still cool looking) and a CD and a NY Giants shirt. Very sweet and thoughtful. Present have been greatly reduced at our extended family Christmas--the little ones got a couple of gifts and everyone else got a gift card from my grandfather and cash from the aunts and uncles. Much smaller (and nicer) than it used to be. I bought a new wireless mouse and a mousepad with my money.


AFM -Chelsea, I feel your pain. I'm sick--fever, sore throat, losing my voice, fuzzy head. DS hasn't gotten it yet so I hope it doesn't spread. I'm not letting my hopes get too high though cuz three other people in the house already have it. Also, I had some spotting after a month of not bleeding. I just got BC pills but haven't started them and I'm debating waiting to take a pg test first. I doubt that's what it is, though.

theboysmama 12-27-2011 03:36 PM

labruja- WELCOME BACK!!!


chelsea- do you think the water worked then? That is usually what does it for me. Hope you and landon feel better and less stuffy before you have to fly.


beth- wow that was a novel lol. I wanted to say thanks for commenting on Emeric's grave it means a lot to me. I was bummed I didn't get to go but glad my dad went and put out the lights and took pics. It was nice.


Christmas/holidays with relatives- I really could do w/out my mil. She gives the kids gifts to give them gifts. They always break and she doesn't put any thought into it. My dad always gives very thoughtful, well made, expensive gifts BUT WAAAAAAy too much. We have been slowly cutting down and this year was perfect and mil did ok in the gift department. We have been very clear christmas is here at our house under our terms and if they want to come they are welcome but we aren't going to drag our family out to appease them. It works for us.



emmaegbert 12-27-2011 05:03 PM

phew for a new thread. I was intimidated to the point of no longer being able to read that last one...

we stayed put for xmas. it definitely put my ILs out a bit. We have always dragged ourselves for some kind of holiday-time visit to them. But DH got 3 days off for xmas and will get 4 for the new years weekend. And it pretty much takes a full day to travel down to them. And we have a 2mo baby and a 2.5yo and a 7yo. Right- so you ladies can understand why we said its too hard. Oh, and they are retired and comfortably well off (they have the time and means to travel). WELL. They came to visit us for about 5 hours. They brought, seriously, rolling luggage worth of gifts. Lol Beth, on joyless gifts, I never though of it that way but I got a lot of dishcloths and stuff like that. No socks this year (a first!). They do some fun stuff too. But seriously. Its SO MUCH. And our home is just itty bitty. Really. One or two gifts for the kids, and some $$ for us and we would be thrilled. Now I am utterly filled with anxiety over all the crap in our house. Its really getting me down. I am going through ALL the clothes for everyone and moving quite a lot out (donations, hand-me-downs, etc). But now I have to reorganize toys and books to accommodate new stuff... ah, I hate doing this.


I got my period right around 6-8 weeks with my first. With my second I actually avoided pacifiers and bottles of all sorts in part b/c my mw said that would help delay return of fertility (absolutely all sucking need satisfied at the breast). That time I got one weird period at 6m and regular cycles at around 9m. I would love to get that long of a break this time- I am still nursing the 2.5yo some, so hoping that helps.

emmaegbert 12-27-2011 05:05 PM

welcome back LaBruja!


I am on my second cold of this baby's life. I think I was not sick for about 2 weeks out of the 8 she's been alive. BLAH. Nothing serious just annoying and uncomfortable.

dollyanna 12-27-2011 07:31 PM

Yay for a new thread!


Between xmas with my stepson & both my parents (divorced) it is always a 3 day affair, at least.  I hosted all 3 gift exchanges.  2 xmas dinners with my gramma's fancy china.  FiL came to stay for a few days.  All things considered, things went pretty well.  My food was good.  Gifts were fine.  Last year my mom completely insulted my husband (& me to a lesser extent) by giving all these "gifts" that she got for free or really cheap (like $1), which would be fine, except she has money and she made this HUGE point of saying how little they cost.  It insulted DH, who felt like it was her way of saying how little she thought of him/us.  This year she was a lot better.  Even if she got everything on sale (I'm sure she did) she didn't make a big point of it.


DD1 got a TON of presents.  Mostly pretty good ones; crafts, clothes, etc.  The only one I am somewhat put off by is a Barbie.  I am not a huge fan of her in general, but I don't really care if she has one.  HOWEVER, the particular one my Dad got her... even he called her "hooker Barbie."  Why he would buy such a thing for his 3 year old grandchild, I could not say. I guess he really wanted to get her one and they were out of the non-hooker-looking Barbies?  Come to think of it, I have a friend who makes Barbie clothes she sells on etsy & ebay.  I'm going to have to get some better clothes for this thing if it's going to be around the house.  Eesh.



Katico 12-27-2011 08:07 PM

I knew I forgot something!  We got some $$ to get extra things for Claire from family.  What toys are your babies loving or did your older children love as babies?


I have several of the lamaze toys- DD1 loved them.  Just got a sophie the giraffe and one of these adorable bunnies for Claire  


other ideas?

LaBruja 12-27-2011 08:46 PM

Katico, my kids really like Melissa & Doug stuff...the toys are mostly wooden, they use non-toxic paints etc., and a lot are actually pretty awesome. My MIL buys them for DSS and DD since she knows we're not into plastic (I know, I got lucky in the MIL department). 

nicolian 12-28-2011 11:12 AM

Moving from the other thread.. I missed that there was a new one. I'm doing good here.. lol



Originally Posted by nicolian View Post

Awe, man. For some reason, none of these chat threads are showing up in my subscriptions. :( And I was sad that the ddc had seemed to die down SO much. Silly me. Now I have a bunch of reading to do to catch up with everyone. Must have looked silly, me just posting pictures of my beautiful girl and not keeping up with everyone here. :p


Calliope is still freaking sick. Coughing, gagging, choking, puking, crying. Blah. It's not constant, and it has actually slowed down a bunch, but she is still doing the choking thing at least once a day. I'm afraid to leave her where I can't see her. She has always worked it out on her own, but what if she just can't some time, kwim? Yikes. Scary.


I went out last night with some ladies from my mom's club. We went to dinner and to a paint your own pottery type place. So much fun! AND I was totally baby free - for like 4 hours. My boobs were seriously killing me though. I kept feeling let down while I was out and when I got home my bra was soaked and the sposie pads were so full. She didn't nurse much the last feeding I gave her and she was sleeping before I left, so I didn't feed her then and THEN she was sleeping when I got home. So, I pumped and got 8oz (which replaces the 7 she drank for Daddy while I was gone, nice), but they were still killing me. Hard and huge and OUCH. I felt wicked sick too - so feverish. Must have been the engorgement. I felt so sick all night but much better upon waking. I had to get Calliope up before I went to sleep to get her to eat a little. Mama needed some help. lol Can you tell the kid is like a non-stop mothersucker in the evenings??!


Katico 12-28-2011 11:39 AM

Nicole and LaBruja, I'm so glad you've come back!  I wondered about you!

not_telling 12-28-2011 12:55 PM

Howdy labruja & nicole...nice to have you both here!


Nosefrida - I have to admit I'm not a fan.  I got one when DS was less than a year old and found, for me at least, it was awkward to use and I practically got light-headed from sucking so hard.  I'm all about the regular ol' bulby nose sucker.  With a little saline sprayed up the nose first.


Nicole - is the gagging from reflux or from upper respiratory/mucus stuff?


Katico - sounds like you picked great stuff for your kids cuz you know them so well...I totally get being annoyed that your "nuclear family's" christmas kinda plays second-fiddle, but maybe that will evolve over the years...?  While we didn't travel to the IL's this year for Xmas, we certainly intend to from now on, in large part because DH's 93 yr old grandma is not going to be traveling anywhere, and his parents make sure to always be home to have Xmas with her.  But, to be blunt, someday she won't be around any longer and then, perhaps, DH's parents will come to see us for the holidays instead of the other way around.


Melissa & Doug Toys - We're also fans, but do be aware that there have been recalls over the years due to actual toxic things being in their products.  And some things aren't even recalled.  If you go here  you can look up individual products.  DS had gotten a M & D music set a couple years ago.  I threw out the harmonica (after we'd all been using it for over a year) because I saw on the site that it contained a bunch of lead (if I'm remembering correctly).


New Years Eve - Am I the only one who no longer cares about having NYE plans now that I have kids?


AFM - Last night was the last night of Hanukkah and my family had our Hanukkah get-together.  I'm feeling thankful that present season is now over.  My aunt and her granddaughter got big piggybanks (among other  things) for DD and DS...and DS already has two piggybanks (well, one is a cow bank) now he has 3.  That's a lot of piggybanks.  That's a lot of shelf space being taken up.


I've been feeling totally pooped these last couple days.  I may be suffering a bit from Restless Baby Syndrome.  Tonight is the anniversary party for our friends, so my parents are coming over to stay with DS.  Hoping all goes well with DD (little Miss Pop-off-the-boob-at-least-7-times-while-nursing) at the restaurant.  I really have no idea if the issue is her or me.  When I read about the signs of overactive letdown, I feel like we don't have many of them.  And while overactive letdown could explain why she comes off a lot sometimes, it doesn't explain why she still tends to take a long time to actually get latched on in the first place.  I hate to think that snipping her tongue tie has done nothing to help us, especially since our insurance probably won't cover anything about that doctor visit.

theboysmama 12-28-2011 01:40 PM

not-telling- my dd2 did the popping on and off taking forever to latch etc up until a few days ago when her tooth finally broke through. She is doing great now. Could it possibly have anything to do with teething?


New years eve- ??? no plans yet maybe we will do something not sure. We will be skiing on the 1st or 2nd so don't plan on staying up too late.



Leiahs 12-28-2011 10:02 PM

One of my favorite baby toys is the Haba Trix clutching toy.  Doesn't look like much, but it's awesome.  Kept not only my babies but my toddlers/preschoolers entertained for hours on end.  I also like to have a couple colorful playsilks.  They're fun for playing peek-a-boo, etc., and when they're a little older, you can stuff them into your fist, then pop open your hand and it practically explodes as it expands open, and the kiddos just think it's amazing and hilarious. Not many other toys have been as reliably good.  Malcolm just got a Sophie Giraffe for Christmas, and I have high hopes that he will like it.  I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at how well he likes this toy arch that he also got for Christmas.  I thought he'd take a little while to really get interested, but it's been awesome all week!  He even figured out how to grab the ball and pull the string to activate the spinner.  Well, I don't know if he knows enough to do it on purpose, but I can see the connections clicking away in his brain as he watches the spinner intently while he pulls his hand.  Most other toys have always been hit or miss for us, and I'm hoping to control myself and not go crazy buying baby toys again.  Hoping we'll get plenty of entertainment in the form of older siblings and a couple classic toys (like the stacking blocks) that I hung onto.


NYE- No plans.  The last time I had any real plans was the year I got engaged.  Ever since, I'm happy to hang out at home and have a little treat with just DH.  Last year we let all the kids stay up, which they thought was cool, but the next day was awful.  Not doing it again this year, no sir.  (They won't be happy about that.  Maybe I'll sneak-change the clocks and make them THINK it's midnight, and watch the ball drop 2hrs ahead of us in NY.  Would that be awful?  lol)


Malcolm had 2 screaming fits today.  So unlike him!  My patience was absolutely gone by the time bedtime for the olders hit.  Ay yi yi.  DH has been home Sun-today (Wed.), but back to his all-day shifts tomorrow.  Since we still have no school, I'm trying to hook my kids up with some playdates for some sanity for us all (I'm notoriously bad at that, but winter break is crazy long!). I absolutely cannot be holed up at home with them all day tomorrow w/o DH around.  I will go C-R-A-Z-Y.



Nicole and LaBruja, I'm so glad you've come back!  I wondered about you!


~pi 12-28-2011 11:12 PM

LaBruja, welcome back!! Nicole, glad you found the thread! I think I have read everything but can't keep up at the moment.


holidays: I hope everyone who celebrated had wonderful holidays! We had a lovely Christmas whirlwind with family from both DH's and my side (we hosted) and soon we are headed up to MIL and SFIL's place for a visit.


gifts: Family issues over gifts predate kids in my family. We worked through some of issues before the kids arrived, which helped some. Things are far from perfect now, but I've come to peace with it all. Now, I'm just happy to have all these people who love my kids. I believe that those family relationships are worth the annoyances, and I suspect that my kids will remember the chaotic holidays fondly.


nosefrida: I love it, though I find that saline spray is the best thing for a snotted up baby. (And according to my sister, in Switzerland, they advise against nose suckers and just use saline.)


baby toys: DS2 has been starting to get into the toy bar across his bouncy seat, and is also interested in the baby gym Santa brought. He ADORES the fish mobile that hangs over his change table. We get the best smiles and laughs there. So, general theme: things that hang from bars and can be batted at, swung back and forth, etc.


NYE: It has never been a big holiday for me, so no big change now with kids. Though DH and I do write letters to each other each NYE and open them the following Christmas, and I really like that.

capretta 12-29-2011 07:36 AM

nosefrida/snot: Baby & I both have a cold. The pediatrician sent us home with a nebulizer and some saline. I'm curious, is this common? Also, we have the nosefrida. I don't have anything to compare it to, other than my recollection of bulb aspirators from my own childhood, but my thoughts are kinda "Eh. It works." Baby doesn't like it much and it was less productive (and more cleanup) than nebulizing and waiting for a sneeze.

Katico 12-29-2011 08:30 AM

Nosefrida: I find it works faster/deeper and I can see what I'm getting.  Also easier to clean than bulb syringe.  Never heard of a dr handing out a nebulizer!  We do saline w/the n.f.  


On our way to Claire's 2 mo appt.  Not sure if Dr. will give her her vacc or not because she still has her cold.  I'm glad we're going in and they can check her over - this cold has really dragged on. 

not_telling 12-29-2011 09:46 AM

Well, we had a nice night out last night.  DD was really "good," as they say.  She spent the first 1.5 hours at the restaurant sitting in her carseat, mostly awake and observing.  Then she started fussing a bit, so I went to get her out of the seat and......


....POOP Explosion!  Of course, right?  And she had already had a major poop earlier in the day and never really has two big ones in one day anymore.  We were in a "private" space for this dinner party, and the carseat was sitting on a table that was tucked into a corner cuz it wasn't needed.  I momentarily contemplated taking her to the bathroom, but decided to just change her on that table, where DH would be able to assist if necessary.  Probably totally against health codes, although nothing untoward got on the table itself.  DH and I had to kinda tag team baby-hold throughout the actual eating portion of the evening, but she did ok.  And I nursed her, albeit while tolerating a less-than-ideal latch on the right side (the side she seems to have more trouble with).

And DS did fine with my parents (which he usually does)...he apparently played indoor soccer with them all evening, with a little bit of superheroes thrown in (we had gotten him Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy for Hanukkah)...and hot dogs for dinner (which is what we had the night before).


theboysmama - lordy, I hope she's not teething yet...haven't noticed any particular bumps yet.


DH is going out tonight with work friends and a former colleague whose been living in Japan for the last 5 years, so I'll be alone with the kiddos once again and DS is seeming sick in that kinda needy/whiny/annoying way and we were already butting heads within 10 minutes of being together this morning (I didn't get enough sleep last night).  Hoping the evening goes well.  Thank goodness for still having a bit of food in our freezer stash...gonna utilize the lentil soup a friend made for us.

livacreature 12-29-2011 10:14 AM

LaBrujia: Welcome back!!!!


Not_Telling: I'm glad last night went well with DD.  


This nosefrieda thing sounds interesting.  We haven't had much stuffiness yet, but sounds cool.  I hate bulb syringes.


Pi: That is a cool tradition with your husband.


Baby toys: Aura loves her swing's toy bar.  She isn't as in to her bouncy seat bar, which is weird because it looks pretty much like her pack and play mobile which she adores.  She liked her wrist rattles, but I think the cats wandered off with them because I can't find them anywhere.

Had an awkward conversation on the bus last night.  I was talking to the woman next to me and the subject came to babies, and she happened to mention breastfeeding.  She said her daughter was thinking of breastfeeding her baby-to-be, but she wasn't for it because "it seems like it encourages cannibalism."  I promptly remembered I had superimportant paperwork in my bag  (ie a grocery list from three months ago) that needed tended to.  


NYE: We're not huge on New Years, I have to work the day after.  Our best friend and his mom will be at our house, so I think we will do the traditional watching of social documentaries and drink.  I don't know if we can beat the year we watched Jesus Camp and Small Town Gay Bar.  I should start looking for interesting ones.  I'm making hot spiced rum this year for the first time, hoping it is as tasty as when I had it at friends'.

theboysmama 12-29-2011 12:18 PM

not-telling- glad it went well. They always poo at the most inoportune times.if you hadn't noticed bumps it probably isn't teeth but my dd is waaaaay happier now that her tooth finally popped through.


beth- they will most likely vax her unless you tell them not too. In my experience they don't seem too concerned about it if there is a cold. I actually took ds1 in when he was really sick (because he was really sick) they wanted to fully vax him then and there (not cool).


AFM- just had family photos done. Wow it is a lot of work, so not fun, and we got a half decent photo out of the deal. I stuck to my guns and only got 1 pose and got a huge pack for $10. The studio didn't seem impressed but I knew what I was doing:).

lifeguard 12-29-2011 01:17 PM

I LOVE that this ddc is still going strong!


I am soooooo incredibly sick. Been reading along but typing as been too much to accomplish. Not sure what I've got but it's just misery. Ds had a slight fever for a couple days on/off & dd is slightly stuffy but I've been feverish for days, my throat (& anything remotely attached to it) hurts SO much it's a big struggle to stay hydrated. I think I was just SO rundown when this hit from all the sleeplessness that my body just shutdown. I went to the ER & they did a throat swab but it came back negative for strep. Gave me antibiotics anyway because of the severity of the fever & everything but it's been almost 3 full days on them & no real improvement. Taking probiotics as well - I sure hope we don't get thrush! Dh goes back to work on Monday so I need to be feeling better by then. Just to add insult to injury I seem to have an eye infection in my right eye & my right breast has been throbbing some (I've been trying to feed dd on that side more so hopefully that will help).


It sounds like people had wonderful holidays. I would love to do personals but my head is pounding & I couldn't possibly keep it all straight.


Dh just took both kids with him to a friend's house for the evening so I have the house to myself. Fire is stoked, I'm going to take a hot bath & then crawl into bed.

beautifulmoon 12-29-2011 01:54 PM

With a few other people returning, it seems like a good moment to poke my head up and see if I might rejoin the gang as well. Like LaBruja, I didn't post a birth story and after awhile I felt too wayward and guilty. Not to mention that I wasn't entirely comfortable with the cranky persona that I had created in letting all my complaints and problems hang out to dry. But I've been reading along and have so often wanted to commiserate about some shared experience. Would it be okay? (Even though I've posted so seldom that you may not even remember my few posts from months ago.)

dollyanna 12-29-2011 02:53 PM

Welcome.gifBACK to the DDC folks rejoining smile.gif


Lifeguard, sorry to hear you're so sick. I hope you feel better soon.


I am really struggling here having both kids full time. bow.gifto those of you with multiple small kids at home every day, all year long.  I am just so frustrated and impatient with DD1, who constantly tests limits, ignores me, demands, whines, etc.  Clearly I'm doing this wrong greensad.gif  I ordered a couple of parenting books & hopefully they'll give me some good ideas.


DD1, who has been potty trained since July, has been having accidents pretty much every day. Today she peed twice AND pooped in her pants.  Argh.


Rosemarino 12-29-2011 02:55 PM

reading along--typing is just not happening! love to all!

livacreature 12-29-2011 03:24 PM

I've had a hard day at work.  I miss my girl so flipping much.  DH emailed and said she was being a smiley girl and they were playing.  I should be happy, but I just melted down.  I'm so grateful to have a work schedule that allows us to take care of her, but I really hate being away, even if she is with her daddy.  I know this is right for me.  I was going stir crazy on maternity leave.  But man, do I want it both ways.

emmaegbert 12-29-2011 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post

One of my favorite baby toys is the Haba Trix clutching toy.  Doesn't look like much, but it's awesome.  Kept not only my babies but my toddlers/preschoolers entertained for hours on end.  I also like to have a couple colorful playsilks.  They're fun for playing peek-a-boo, etc., and when they're a little older, you can stuff them into your fist, then pop open your hand and it practically explodes as it expands open, and the kiddos just think it's amazing and hilarious. Not many other toys have been as reliably good. 

totally agree on this, was going to say playsilks. And Beth I know you're crafty so you probably know this already but you can get pretty cheap plain silk scarves and dye them with unsweetened kool-aid. Totally a fun activity for preschoolers to help with. I also like "skwish" from Manhattan Toys. I am not a huge fan of Melissa and Doug b/c I had some stuff that really smelled weird to me... I cannot believe that it was really non-toxic. But I am fussy about toys in general and we have SUCH a small space. And IME with my older two, they don't really care much about toys when they are babies, you can give them a spoon or a cloth napkin or something and they are pretty happy. And then if there is an older sibling around, baby just wants their stuff.


Nicolian I am so bummed to hear that Calliope is still sick. Vera has had a cold and does the coughing/choking thing a few times a day and its horrible!


I've never even heard of a nosefrida! I was also advised against nose sucking and I've only done it when they literally can't breathe well enough to nurse. I think I need to get some saline spray for this girl though. She (and I!) have been snotted up like crazy for a while now.


livacreature I so hear you on wanting to have it both ways.

emmaegbert 12-29-2011 05:55 PM

dude I looked up the nosefrida and their other product, "the windi" is this for real? A fart vent!?!

Katico 12-29-2011 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by emmaegbert View Post

dude I looked up the nosefrida and their other product, "the windi" is this for real? A fart vent!?!

Bahahahahahaahaa!!  This is the first I've seen of it!! ...So wrong.....and yet.....


LOVE the warning not to leave it in the baby!  biglaugh.gif  No kidding!!!


Hooker Barbie:  love. "I saw this and thought of your toddler"....  ha!! I almost hope DD1 gets a barbie so I can make tiny clothes for her.....but I'm nerdy like that....



Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post

One of my favorite baby toys is the Haba Trix clutching toy.  Doesn't look like much, but it's awesome.

Ahh, good to know!!  I have always been drawn to it but wondered if it was any fun!  I think I'll pick one up and leave it at that.  This plus what she already has will be plenty.  I'm also having an issue of DD1 wanting every single baby toy to be hers, so less is better I guess eyesroll.gif



Playsilks: I did know you could dye with koolaid and have been thinking it would be a fun winter activity with DD1/  have you all seen this great chart?



Originally Posted by ~pi View Post


NYE: It has never been a big holiday for me, so no big change now with kids. Though DH and I do write letters to each other each NYE and open them the following Christmas, and I really like that.

Love that!!  We love NYE, we have been avoiding going out for years now.  Our NYE tradition is pajamas, movies, delicious food and a new cocktail.  Can`t wait


Freezer food still working on our stash her, very glad to have filled the deep freezer, even though I returned to c ooking quickly, it`s been nice for busy days!


lifeguard  dude!  Sounds hellish - I sure hope you feel better SOON!!!!  and hope the babes don`t catch it



Originally Posted by dollyanna View Post

I am really struggling here having both kids full time. bow.gifto those of you with multiple small kids at home every day, all year long.  I am just so frustrated and impatient with DD1, who constantly tests limits, ignores me, demands, whines, etc.  Clearly I'm doing this wrong greensad.gif  I ordered a couple of parenting books & hopefully they'll give me some good ideas.


DD1, who has been potty trained since July, has been having accidents pretty much every day. Today she peed twice AND pooped in her pants.  Argh.


If you figure it out from those books, let me know, haha.  Some days I seriously question my ability to parent


potty going for ther 3 day potty routine soon.  DD1 is showing interest again.  bought elmo undies today


diapers: got a stack of new fuzzibunstoday, on sale yay!.  we do prefolds but price was so good I decided to add some to our stash


DDC love that our ddc us so active that people are coming BACK instead  of it dying down!


beautifulmoon: I know what you mean, I am now embarassed by all the pregnant whining I did ;)


AFM  did Claire`s vax today since she had no fever,  now have one seriously pissed off baby.  screeeeaaaming all evening.  finally calmer but restless (and in arns, hence typos) might be a looong night 


was pleased that dd1 let me sleep in a bit this am.  until she appeared by my head and said "Mama, I need more toilet paper.  I building a road"  3 rolls.  covering the hallway and bedrooms.  yep.


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