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While devouring every piece of information I can on line about all the *new* things for babies and preggo mommies I came across belly bands. Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm guessing they are more for fashion rather than comfort? I would love to hear about them if anyone has experience with them.

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I don't have any, so my experience isn't first hand, but they are supposed to make your pants more comfortable. They can supposedly hold up pants, so you can just leave your pants unbuttoned, thereby avoiding maternity pants for a little while. I've read that some women never bought maternity pants, they just used belly bands. Some people don't feel like a belly band will hold up their pants so they hook a hairband or something through the loop on their jeans and tie the jeans up that way, then put a belly band over top so it just looks like you are wearing a tank top underneath. I'm thinking I might look for some gently used to try out, I find maternity pants horribly uncomfortable so avoiding them as long as possible would be great for me.

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I dont mind maternity pants at all but I think Ill try to find a used one of these to try out too.

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I used belly bands during my first pregnancy and I liked them.  I still wore maternity pants for the last couple of months though.

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I bought a belly band last time and I didn't like it.   It would constantly come detatched from my pants and roll up and would basically turn into a rubber band around my belly.  I'd spend most of my day trying to adjust it.  I found it easier to just use the maternity pants, although I preferred the one with the really long elastic waist (where it basically pulls up to your boobs.)  The shorter ones tend to be tighter and more uncomfortable for some reason!

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 I haven't tried them, but i do have a few maternity pants from my pregnancy with my son that looked like regular pants in the front, and had the elastic band in the back, they were comfy. I also mainly wore pants with the not huge yoga waistband which were comfy. 

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I have one already. My pants are already uncomfortable when buttoned. I guess I'm really bloated! (Ew.) The belly band worked really well with my higher waisted work pants and my skirts. But, I wore it yesterday with my low rise jeans and... not so much! Kept coming up past my pants. 


Anyway, I'd say it's worth it. Got a Bella Band at Target for $16. I will probably get more.

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I used mine last pregnancy for that weird in-between stage where my pants just didn't quite button comfortably but I wasn't ready for full-on maternity gear yet.  I remember feeling like pants that fit OK at the beginning of the day began to be more uncomfortable by the end of the day, so it was great for situations like that.  I could roll it up and tuck it into my purse and be able to make the adjustments on the go.

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I am really thinking I need to get one of these.  My DP said I am far off from needing one but I am bloaty and my pants are definatly getting more and more uncomfotable.  I just lost some weight actually so I have some bigger sizes of pants to wear if need be in the meantime.  I am so overwhelmed by needing maternity clothes.  I bought a Tshirt at a show last week and my friend reminded me that I won't be able to wear it long and said I might want to get a large instead.  No way!


How do you pick out the size of the belly band?  Does it go by pants size or should I try it on before buying it.

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I liked it, then i could wear regular clothes longer, because materity pants fall off my butt even when preggers!

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I used one almost my entire last pregnancy, and it worked great with my work pants.  Low waisted pants it doesn't work as well.  I used it for a few weeks after too until my pants fit again.  I thought it was pretty comfortable.

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I found mine very useful. For holding up pants, smoothing out the outtie belly button I got later, putting under a non-maternity shirt to extend how long I could wear it, after birth I wore it a lot for support. I'm going on a cruise next week and my formal dress has a corset panel in the back. Instead of buying a fancy backless bra, I'm just going to wear the band underneath to cover my normal bra. You can find tutorials online to make them, but it's really worth the investment (small one at that!) IMO.


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