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EonJourney's Avatar EonJourney 03:35 PM 05-20-2011

May15 (2).jpg


12 weeks with twins! Love seeing all the photos!


Ajbaby 04:40 PM 05-20-2011

10 weeks.jpg10 weeks, and now at 14 weeks:14 weeks.jpg

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 05:34 PM 05-20-2011

Yay for baby bumps and cloth diapers!  thumb.gif

CDsMom1031's Avatar CDsMom1031 11:42 PM 05-20-2011

junk 002.jpg


15 weeks. =D

J e n's Avatar J e n 03:58 AM 05-21-2011

Heh.  Not yet for me.  I used to be a really big girl (about 300 lbs), so that whole belly area is pretty gnarly, even when I've been thin.  I've had all sort of trouble with an ankle injury and PCOS.  I dropped about 15 pounds, then found out I was PG.  Lost about 5 more, but I think 3-4 are back again now that I'm able to eat more and have stopped taking metformin. I'm really hoping to keep the weight gain to like 15-20 lbs. but the medicine was making a big difference it seems.  So, yeah...long story, but no belly pics for me just yet. :)

MsVyky's Avatar MsVyky 09:48 PM 05-21-2011

13 weeks. No idea how much I've lost or gained, since my mw doesn't do weigh ins. 



LiLStar's Avatar LiLStar 01:54 PM 05-23-2011



Haha, our mirror is tiny and high up so I had to stand on the toilet seat to get a pic. 15w5d. Thank you, diastasis and almost non existent abs! Thats not all or even mostly uterus :P lol

crazykittymomma's Avatar crazykittymomma 07:14 AM 05-24-2011

13 weeks (well, 14 tomorrow).


13 weeks.jpg


And a front view


13 weeks2.jpg

KaliShanti's Avatar KaliShanti 10:32 PM 05-24-2011

13 weeks today. I'm way bigger than I was at this point n my other pregnancies. This is what I looked like at weeks 16-20 with my other two.



SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 09:42 PM 05-27-2011

 I took new belly pictures tonight 16wks2dsays

Ablemec's Avatar Ablemec 12:39 PM 05-28-2011



16 weeks. I finally feel like I look pregnant and not pot-bellied.

Ablemec's Avatar Ablemec 12:41 PM 05-28-2011




16 weeks.  I'm a computer moron and can't figure out how to turn it.

CDsMom1031's Avatar CDsMom1031 08:16 AM 05-29-2011

16 weeks laying down...


junk 006.jpg


16 weeks standing...


junk 007.jpg


Crazy how much of a difference there is!!!


Pre-pregnancy weight: 147

Current: 155

MsVyky's Avatar MsVyky 10:25 AM 06-01-2011

14 weeks


Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:23 AM 06-02-2011




Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 08:26 AM 06-02-2011

I'm glad that there are so many 'early showers' in this DDC.  I swear in my last DDC I was the only one with a huge belly by 15 weeks.  :)

IwannaBanRN's Avatar IwannaBanRN 09:49 AM 06-02-2011

I'm sad. My webcam broke and my digital camera, I lost the USB charger, so no belly pics for me for a bit. greensad.gif

miriam_bat_avraham's Avatar miriam_bat_avraham 08:00 AM 06-04-2011


IwannaBanRN's Avatar IwannaBanRN 08:36 AM 06-04-2011

Julie, you have beautiful twin bump! stillheart.gif

miriam_bat_avraham's Avatar miriam_bat_avraham 02:53 PM 06-04-2011


IwannaBanRN's Avatar IwannaBanRN 03:13 PM 06-04-2011

ha Me too! It's finally starting to look like a bump instead of "chunk." lol

EonJourney's Avatar EonJourney 04:37 PM 06-06-2011

This pic was taken a week ago at 14 weeks. The twins are growing fast. I am defintely a bit bigger today at 15 weeks 1 day.



Tear78's Avatar Tear78 05:46 PM 06-06-2011
Originally Posted by miriam_bat_avraham View Post

My progression so far...


first three shots.jpg


If you showed someone just the last one they'd think I was super pregnant, but all three together and you can see it's just been small changes along the way because I started out bigger. I expect to see a lot more change in the next few weeks because the babies will be growing so much.

awwwwww, DDCC to say Miriam, look at you with your cutie bump! love.gif
talktomenow's Avatar talktomenow 07:12 PM 06-06-2011

Here are my most recent.



15 weeks



17 weeks:

photo (2).JPG

IwannaBanRN's Avatar IwannaBanRN 06:45 AM 06-07-2011

EonJourney, I am so jealous! I wasn't even that small BEFORE I got preggo. lol I love all these cutie bumps, ladies! Keep 'em comin!

crazykittymomma's Avatar crazykittymomma 05:35 PM 06-07-2011

15 weeks 5 days

We found out last week it's a girl! :D


Still haven't gotten any preggo comments in public, though I think I'm certainly looking it! My husband theorizes that it's my constant "f off face" while in public. haha


15 weeks 5 days.jpg

miriam_bat_avraham's Avatar miriam_bat_avraham 12:10 AM 06-08-2011
crazykittymomma's Avatar crazykittymomma 05:59 AM 06-08-2011

I went to a private place (kind of a funny story, but I wound up with two free ultrasound by very competitive private places) and they were able to tell. One place I talked to said that they could tell as early as 13 weeks and that they've never been wrong in 25 years!

MsVyky's Avatar MsVyky 09:53 AM 06-08-2011

15 weeks, 4 days:







Mal85's Avatar Mal85 03:31 PM 06-08-2011




18.5 weeks. I've really popped in the last week. It's getting to the point where there's no more wondering if I'm just fat or if I'm pregnant. That's definitely a baby bump.

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