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Anyone else already struggling a bit with body image. I am a little nervous of what will happen throughout the pregnancy with my body. Of course #1 concern is getting adequate nutrition for my growing baby...but I do have moments when I wonder if I will be able to limit my intake to that which is nutritious (and not pack on extra pounds eating sweets, junk etc).


I typically eat very healthy but do have a sweet tooth...which interestingly enough has been completely dormant since all the 1st trimester nausea started...which is great.


Height 5'6

Current Weight: 147 lbs

Pregnancy Start Weight: 145 lbs

Pregnant: 11 weeks


Now, what has really been bugging me is that I got pregnant about 10 - 15 lbs heavier than what I had intended (3 years ago when I got married I had gotten down to 130 lbs).


The reason I didn't want to do any heavy calorie restriction before getting pregnant is I worried I would not get the adequate nutrition my body needed (to lose weight for my wedding I did a strict 1200 calorie diet).


Anyways I know I am ranting a bit....hoping someone can relate


Also, I feel self-concious now and I am sure even more so when people begin to find out I am pregnant...I feel like everyone is checking out my stomach (which has always been one of my least favorite body parts)....At this point, what used to be my little my more pronounced and harder to hide gut :(

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​looking forward to when I can sleep more than a 2 or 3 hour stretch on a consistent basis!

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My pregnancy body issue is weight gain..  I'm normally a very thin person, but the MOMENT I get pregnant I start to pack on the lbs.  I was seriously hoping that I would gain less weight with this pregnancy, since I'm still nursing a toddler.. NOPE!  I've actually gained more to date than my previous pregnancies.  I just seriously hope that it slows down or else I'll gain more than my typical 50lbs.  :(


Height 5'6

Pre-pregnancy weight: 122lbs

Current weight:  136lbs



Luckily I know that breastfeeding and a little walking will take the weight off pp, but I still have to live through it now..  Perhaps this will be the same for you, but I actually looked better 1 year after I had my first child than I did before.  I was thinner and in better shape from carrying around a toddler and nursing.   

Abra, Married to George, Mother to DS 12/03 & DD1 08/09 & DD2 12/11 + Someone New in May 2015! After years of planning, we are finally living our dream in South America!!
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I'm having some body image issues this pregnancy that I didn't have with my last two.  Since the time between my last pregnancy and this one was short I never got back into shape like I wanted to.  This has resulted in much weaker abs and less toned belly in general, which is making me pop out a lot earlier and my stomach looks "mushy." My belly button also appears to be permanently sticking out, which I don't like the look of either.  Sigh...  So in general when you tack on the bloating and fatigue I feel pretty blah about myself.  Of course the nausea keeps me pretty much confined to the house so I don't really need to be impressing anyone right now and can walk around with my pants unbuttoned and my hair unwashed for three days!  lol.gif 

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Im so glad you mentioned this- I am really struggling with it too.  You are not alone!


This is not my first, it is my 3rd.  With both my other 2 I gained a rediculous amount of weight in my 3rd trimester.  I intend on NOT doing that this time- but I had surgery in December (tubal reversal) and after the surgery I gained 10 freaking pounds.  Not to mention that when you have laproscopic surgery they balloon up your insides and every core or abdominal muscle I had was stretched out and relaxed. 


I was a size 9 before the surgery- which I was happy with.  Im 5'8" and don't have a small frame (and I have giant boobs, haha).  I was an 11 after the surgery :(  THEN I got pregnant, and with the already relaxed core muscles and no tone at all...well...I feel really flabby and gross. My baby bump is pushing out my stomach flab.  I feel disgusting, and Im actually feeling terrified of weight gain. 

Ash- DS 2003, DD 2006, and one baby Turkey born on Thanksgiving.

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Butter, I am almost the same as you pre-pregnancy. 5'5 and 147. I think I've gained a pound or two.


I'm in the same boat as all of you. Not super happy with my weight before I got pg, nervous about weight gain. With my first two, I was tiny before I got pregnant (a size 2) and then gained as much as I wanted. It just fell off after the babies were born. It wasn't until I neared 30 that I started gaining. My worst area is my tummy and I feel like "showing" is actually just pushing my belly fat out. It's jiggly! I hate it! 


I think my plan is to eat plenty to keep baby and me healthy, but not go crazy. No thinking I can eat anything at anytime, etc. 

Amanda, mom to dsd (16), dd (11), dd (8), and ds (born 11/12/11).

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I'm in a similar boat.  This is my third, and the last two times I didn't gain any weight at all the first trimester (I actually lost a couple pounds).  This time I'm actually exercising more and eating less, and I've still gained a few pounds (I'm 11 weeks 2 days).  Like a previous poster, I tend to gain a LOT in the third trimester, so now I'm a little worried given that I'm starting out a bit heavier.  While I know I can work/nurse it off later, that knowledge doesn't help much right now.  A couple things that I have done in the last couple of weeks that have really helped me feel better about myself are to get cute clothes that fit and to get a great, fun hair cut.  My sister is a little taller and a little bigger than me, so I got some of her extra shirts, which look much more flattering on me than my own too-tight shirts.  I've also given in and gotten out my maternity jeans (at 8 weeks!), but they were so much more comfortable and fit me better than any of my other jeans (even my bigger jeans).  I figure it's better to be comfortable and feel like I look good than to try to avoid maternity pants.  Lastly, the thing that made the biggest difference in how I feel about my looks was getting a hair cut.  I joke to my husband that he married a yo-yo hair person because I go back and forth between longer and shorter cuts.  However, this time I got it cut SHORT (I'm not recommending short per se, but rather having a cut that you like and that makes you feel good).  I'm loving how easy it is to take care of.  Even if I don't take a shower for a day or two, it still looks great.  Now at least one part of me will look good no matter what, which makes me smile and feel more confident.  I'm hoping I can relax and enjoy growing a new baby, even if my body doesn't look quite the way I want it to.

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I feel the same.  I thought I would be more comfortable with my weight gain the second time around because I lost it easily last time.  But I seem to be piling on more pounds than ever.  Every night I feel fat and bloated, and I feel like the entire area between my boobs and my hips has ballooned with fat.  My body seems to be requesting more bad foods and I am weak about refusing :(


I just hope that, even if I put on more weight than last time (which was about 35lbs), I will lose it easily again.  Breastfeeding and carrying my DD around seemed to do the job before.

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Girl, I can so relate! I lost 15 lbs and though I was on birth control, BAM! preggo. I was 15 lbs away from my goal. I am very consious of my weight gain this time. Last pregnancy, I gained 70 lbs and was toeing the line of 200 lbs. Thank goodness I've only gained 5 lbs so far, and only plan on gaining 30 more if all goes well. If I gain only 35 lbs, it'll be super easy to lose that weight in the first 2 months with breastfeeding. And if you gain around that much weight, you gotta think half of that weight is baby, the water that baby floats in, and the placenta. (15 or so lbs) And then, if you get swollen while pregnant, you'll lose water weight as well. :) I hope that helps. Not all of that weight-gain is fatty tissue or gain from preggo munchies. lol Even though I'm consious about my weight, I know it can be easy to lose if it's managed. Hope you feel better about it soon. :) The thing I worry most about is more stretch marks. I know, I know, they are a badge of motherly honor, but they keep me from bikinis. lol

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