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IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 09:09 AM 05-10-2011

I have been losing lots of hair since my daughter was 3 months old. She is now 19 months old, and with my other two kids, my hair was really healthy during pregnancy and got really thick and shiny. It's not like this at all. I pretty much fill the hair brush when I brush it in the morning and alot more falls out when I take a shower.

Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 09:28 AM 05-10-2011

The only thing that I know of that might cause this is a thyroid issue (or it could be nothing).  It's really common for hair to fall out 3mo pp, but it shouldn't be falling out much now.  I would bring it up with my dr/midwife at your next appoint and see what they say.

IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 09:36 AM 05-10-2011

I'm going to bring it up on Friday, which is my next appt.  It worried me how much was falling out when I first started losing it but I knew it was normal to lose alot of hair shortly after having a baby and thought nothing of it. But now, I'm getting really worried about how much I've lost. My hair is only half as thick as it used to be. I honestly don't know how I still have hair. It's so gross when I brush my hair or run my fingers through it and I get a bunch of hair out. It looks like someone grabbed a handful and yanked it out.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 10:06 AM 05-10-2011

This is happening to me, too.  With my last two pregnancies I lost a lot of hair postpartum, but during the pregnancies I wasn't losing hair.  Now that I'm pg again, I thought it would be sticking, but I'm still losing hair.  Ds is only 16 months old so this pregnancy is much closer in timing than my first two.  I do know that I am likely nutrient deficient in some ways b/c I have a really hard time maintaining my weight while nursing  and tend to get seborrheic dermatitis on my head as well.  I asked a few doctors about the SD and none of them thought it was related to my diet and prescribed me dandruff shampoos and steroids (lovely).   Frankly I'm surprised my body decided to get pregnant at all.  But here we are and I'm wondering if my body is struggling to handle both nursing and pregnancy as evidenced by the hair loss.  One of my friends actually had full on alopecia for a while- entire chunks of hair falling out.  She's doing better now that her 2.5 yo dd is nursing less and sleeping more.


I think it warrants asking about, but I'm also not really worrying about it too much as I'm taking vitamins and eating as best I can.

IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 10:19 AM 05-10-2011

The thing is, I'm eating well, not nursing and use a good dandruff shampoo. I was putting off taking vitamins because a couple weeks ago, I couldn't keep them down. I'm doing alot better with nausea, so maybe the prenatals will help me. Maybe more red meat would help. Eh, I'll find out in a few days, I'm sure. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one losing hair still. It wouldn't bother me if it was a little bit of hair but this is clogging the drain and getting hair all over the bathroom floor. bleh! shake.gif

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:16 PM 05-10-2011

Yeah, the vitamins could help.  I like Rainbow Light one a day prenatals.  I take mine at night.

IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 12:57 PM 05-10-2011

Thanks for all the replies. :)

kaypea's Avatar kaypea 08:22 PM 05-10-2011

I lost a lot of hair in the first trimester with my first, and the same with this one. Then it grew think and shiny for the rest. Then masses and masses fell out postpartum until I got AF back. You can actually see where the second and third trimesters are by looking at my hair! My midwives just shrugged and said something like "Bodies, they do funny things. Could be diet, could be hormones, or stress."  But it grew back, so it's all good.

IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 09:41 PM 05-10-2011

I had just never heard of mass amounts of hair falling out after over a year postpartum. My nails are starting to get nice and strong and shiny but no improvement in the hair. Hope that changes soon.

willsmomm's Avatar willsmomm 02:50 PM 05-11-2011

I have lost a ton of hair this last couple of months! You can totally see my whole scalp through the front of my hair. Not normal for me! I am just popping my vitamins and praying it turns around soon!

IwannaB anRN's Avatar IwannaB anRN 03:06 PM 05-11-2011

eeek! lol That's how much hair I WAS losing before. It slowed down for a couple months and then it started all over again. Willsmom, you're due a day before me. :D