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augustmom's Avatar augustmom 10:07 AM 09-19-2011

Cuz I am. I was walking around the mall yesterday and had to pull my t-shirt down all the time. So I walked into Gap maternity and bought 2 shirts on clearance 1 size up. This is getting ridiculous. Not only do people think I'm about to give birth tomorrow, or that I'm pregnant with twins, I'm growing out of my shirts! scared.gif

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 11:35 AM 09-19-2011

Yep, some of my maternity clothes are feeling tight.  Last pregnancy I wore many non-maternity things all the way until month 9.  Not this time!


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Sasha's Mama's Avatar Sasha's Mama 11:50 AM 09-19-2011

I am! Everything is just getting too tight, or too short, or won't stay up. And I'm tired of looking like a mess all the time. I started crying to my husband yesterday when I told him I bought maternity clothes because it feels so wasteful for just two months of wear and I'm tired of getting bigger and bigger! He was very confused and assured me that it's ok to buy maternity clothes! redface.gif


I went to Kohl's and got a larger nice looking top, a very light open cardigan (non-maternity), and a tunic type shirt/dress thing along w/a pair of jeans in *gasp* XL, and a new bra. The cardigan makes the three maternity dresses that are sitting in my closet wearable (they are sleeveless and I'm not a fan of my arms right now), so it's actually like I got three new dresses too! smile.gif


I think I'm set til the end of my pregnancy. I HOPE I'm set til the end!


Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:15 PM 09-19-2011

By the end I mostly just wear giant sweatshirts and my two pairs of maternity pants over and over again.  I get so sick of my clothes, but hey it's just a little longer and it's not like I'm working out of the house and need to look presentable.  lol.gif

jbk21's Avatar jbk21 01:51 PM 09-19-2011

I am just so uncomfortable in any pants that aren't pajama pants, lol!  The elastic waistbands have always bothered me- they feel too snug and cause BH contractions, but if they are any looser they fall down!  I want to just wear pajamas for the rest of the time.  My shirts are okay, even some room to grow (I got a variety of sizes, because I borrow everything from other mamas).  I have some nice dresses that I haven't even gotten to wear yet.  I'm kind of sad to see the end of skirt season because I find skirts SO much more cozy than pants.  Ugh.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 02:10 PM 09-19-2011

Yes, I am missing my skirts!!!  I have a pair of leggings that I might be able to get into... I should try those under skirts.  What about a Bella Band?  Does that work for you to hold up looser pants?

MsVyky's Avatar MsVyky 03:38 PM 09-19-2011

yes. My pants won't stay up and my shirts won't stay down. 

1love4ever's Avatar 1love4ever 04:01 PM 09-19-2011

I am growing out of mine too!  When I first started needing maternity clothes, size small was way to big so I had to get XS, and now the XS is too small:(   To the above question- I have a maternity band from Motherhood and I HATE it.  I am a pretty small person(not as small as you tho Jaimee!) and it is way too huge for me, it will not keep my pants up at all.  It is a one size tho, so maybe a Bella band that is a sized band would be better?  I dont know.  I can no longer do the rubber band thing with my pre-pregnancy pants either because the zipper will not even start to zip up at all, and only one shirt is long enough to cover my unzipped pants that show my underwear!

Abraisme's Avatar Abraisme 10:08 PM 09-19-2011

Luckily I have a TON of maternity clothes.  I've had several friends that were recently pregnant, plus I had all my stuff from my last pregnancy.  I had some stuff in an xs, which I wore in the beginning and then passed on to my pregnant sister (who's much smaller than me in general) and now I'm pretty much in a medium.  I really hate ill fitting clothes and all the stages of pregnancy kill me!  If I didn't have a lot of stuff I would probably buy a few things, even if it was only for a couple of months. 

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 07:40 AM 09-20-2011

Originally Posted by 1love4ever View Post

To the above question- I have a maternity band from Motherhood and I HATE it.  I am a pretty small person(not as small as you tho Jaimee!) and it is way too huge for me, it will not keep my pants up at all.  It is a one size tho, so maybe a Bella band that is a sized band would be better? 

Yeah, I bought the actual Bella Band brand and it is sized.  Mine is an XS I think and definitely tight enough to hold up pants.  You can often find them at consignment/used sales, but rarely the right size!  I just went to a huge consignment sale this past weekend and they had rows of maternity clothes.  Of course there was no XS section and the small section was about 2 feet long.


meb2's Avatar meb2 09:38 PM 09-20-2011

WAHHHH! glad i'm not the ONLY one with this problem. I get so upset everytime I open my clothes because "I have no pretty clothes to wear". Poor DP... hes getting tired of my whining. :(

Mal85's Avatar Mal85 03:42 PM 09-22-2011

This is the time when I appreciate the full belly coverage maternity pants. They're the only ones that stay up right now. They make my belly itch like crazy, but I'm not constantly losing them all day. I really hope the tops I bought for work will fit until the end. Some of them are gaping at the bottom already, but the panel on my maternity pants matches the rest of the pants, so maybe the kids don't care. I just don't like my actual belly showing. Of course, as soon as I get home, my usual outfit is some PJ pants and DH's tshirts.

cece's Avatar cece 04:29 AM 09-26-2011

I am with you mamas, Jamiee & 1loveforever.  I am a generally calm, easy going person- but getting dressed every day is making me really irritated, and shopping for Maternity makes me angry!  I went to Old Navy last week, and I was really excited to be at a store where they have maternity (the closest to me does not), and all I REALLY wanted was one pair of pants or jeans that I really liked to see me through this pregnancy.  The smallest size they have is S, and while comfortable at the waist, they look like clown pants on the rest of me.  I ended up buying two things in regular clothing, but size M, but just a tank top & a dress.  I have no pants to wear, and I'm sick of wearing leggings alll the time! 

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:31 PM 09-26-2011

Cece, Old Navy has $5 shipping so you could get some online maybe!