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aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 08:16 PM 02-20-2007

25% off retail


What is the largest order you will place, either by number of items, participants or $ amount? none

A.When are orders due? midnight EST on 3/9
B.When are payments due? 3/11 midnight EST
C.Will you announce if the co-op is closing early due to max number being met? n/a

Should participants edit their first post, make all changes in a new post, leave deletions and just mark them out? Please specify.



A. FUNDED PAYPAL ONLY: [email protected]

B. CC PAYPAL ONLY (must include fees of .30 +2.9% on ALL orders): [email protected]

D. Will you accept Money Orders/Checks? no

E. Do participants need to do anything special when making payment? IE: MDC Name/Coop Name in Subject line, copying order into notes section, specifying post number where order is? If these directions are not followed, how will it be handled?
yes. if info. not provided, then i will refund the payment.


Please specify your requirements regarding how cancellations/refunds will be handled.
merchandise being shipped directly from co. I wont have anything in hand so will have no refunds/cancellations re:merchandise. if merchandise not sent, i will refund payment. no cancellations allowed after close date.

here is the email from LEA

We can do it like we did last time. A straight 25% off the top, plus a dollar a tee for shipping costs. I will ship directly to each mama.

Prices are as follows

short sleeve $12.99/tie dyed $15.99
long sleeve $15.99/tie dyed $18.99

Tie dye requests as follows

spiral hippie girl
spiral hippie boy
LWI (low water immersion) boy or girl
mamas can request colors (lwi technique does NOT guarantee certain/exact colors which is the beauty of it.....I can go with color families)

Double check with me if my inventory says I am out of something, as I will be doing more restocking over the next month or so. I also am going to have Thanks Mom for Choosing Life, Blessed are the Peacemakers, and God is Great available in long sleeves this fall/winter, so they can get those too.

What I need from you is each mama's name/addy/email/contact info (in case I need to ask additional questions concerning their order)

Tee design, size and tie dye request

Please advise mamas that all tees are 100% cotton and *will* have some shrinkage and to size UP when in doubt. Last time I did gladly do some returns, but would like to try to avoid as much as possible as I am really not making that much profit and spent more money in shipping. The majority was my error(s), but some were sizing misjudging.

Again, like last time......I will most likely be using my own inventory for this co-op. Whatever else I do not have will need to be ordered from my printer. So I will start upon receipt of payment what I do have instock and those will ship within the week or so.....but please advise those ordering that some styles/sizes will need to be ordered, then shipped to me, then dyed so there will be an approx.4 week turnaround on those items. I very well might have everything in stock. And I can certainly let the mamas' know who this will affect so they can know a timeline on their order.

BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 08:37 PM 02-22-2007
Got Mama's Milk-12M ss tee 12.99-25%= 9.74
my race is human 4T ss tee 12.99-25%= 9.74
shipping $2.00

pp sent 3-10
MomInFlux's Avatar MomInFlux 08:41 PM 02-22-2007
I'm in! Thanks so much! :

My order:

My Race is Human
5/6 short-sleeve
LWI in pinks/orange (for a girl)

My Race is Human
10/12 short-sleeve
LWI in blues/purples (for a boy)

Nature is my Classroom
5/6 short-sleeve
Youth S (8-10) short-sleeve
both LWI in blues/greens (gender-neutral)
$15.99 each

$15.99 x 4 = $63.96 x .75 = $47.97 + $4 shipping = $51.97

Funded paypal sent 3/10
mommajb's Avatar mommajb 08:46 PM 02-22-2007
I'd love a spot, please.

sorry, I won't be placing an order this time.
OakdaleMama's Avatar OakdaleMama 08:47 PM 02-22-2007
I'm in.
BeauGeek's Avatar BeauGeek 10:14 PM 02-22-2007
I'm dropping.
amanda_jo's Avatar amanda_jo 10:20 PM 02-22-2007
Dropping out...
treehugginmama's Avatar treehugginmama 10:39 PM 02-22-2007
Dropping out.
eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 11:29 PM 02-22-2007
im gonna have to drop. i'll catch the next one.
SugarAndSun's Avatar SugarAndSun 01:18 AM 02-23-2007
I'll take a "Love Child" in "Boy" colors

Can I get a 3t? It's not listed. If not, I'll take a 2t I guess. Also, I guess it is 25% off $17.99 even though it's tie dye?
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 02:48 AM 02-23-2007
im adding my order here so i dont forget what i want! lol!

My race is human. s/s. size 2T. 12.99

vax. s/s size 2T 12.99

Child led weaning
My mom is leaving weaning up to me does a toddler good!

s/s size 2T 12.99

DBZ's Avatar DBZ 02:51 AM 02-23-2007
I want in
Cutie Patootie's Avatar Cutie Patootie 05:50 AM 02-23-2007

eco_mama's Avatar eco_mama 02:46 PM 02-23-2007
question - im looking at blessed are the peacemakers shirt, it shows $11.00 - that's before the discount??
BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 01:13 PM 02-24-2007
Okay I'm confused....some of the prices on the site are retail 12.99...does the 25% come off the top of that???
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 01:20 PM 02-24-2007
dropping, if I participate in another coop, dh will think I am addicted ( I already know I am)
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 09:19 PM 02-24-2007
the 25% is off the retail price. i am waiting on clairifcation
Panthira's Avatar Panthira 09:51 PM 02-24-2007
Summer "jammies" shorties set (custom) $15.99
size large in Boy or GN colors

Nature is My Classroom s/s $15.99
size 5/6, lwi blue/green boy colors

$31.98-25%= $23.98 + $2 shipping for 2 shirts = $25.98 Total
midstreammama's Avatar midstreammama 09:24 PM 02-25-2007
I'm in!

I'll take a :

Love Child~size 4T, hippie girl, short-sleeved
$14.99(before 25% off?)


$12.25 total owed...right?

Off to send pp.
BeauGeek's Avatar BeauGeek 11:33 AM 02-28-2007
Originally Posted by aisraeltax View Post
the 25% is off the retail price. i am waiting on clairifcation
got any word yet
thundersweet's Avatar thundersweet 08:54 PM 02-28-2007
homeschooling rocks
LWI pinks

homeschooling rocks
LWI light/med greens

Now, do we pay now or wait for totals?

ErinBird's Avatar ErinBird 04:36 AM 03-01-2007
2T l/s Got mama's milk?
12m 100% organic solid dyed purple,blue, or green primaries preferred
2T l/s Got Wool?
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 07:38 PM 03-01-2007
the 25% is off retail.....

also, she will offer the discount on the discontinued styles like My mom is Raising me by the book and the swaddled design.
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 05:20 PM 03-03-2007
6 more days on this.

there is something wrong w/ my sub. i now only have 50 pms allowed...trying to figure that out but if anyone needs to get in touch with me, you can email at:

aisraeltax @ yahoo (dot) com

2Peas14mnsapart's Avatar 2Peas14mnsapart 09:20 PM 03-03-2007
I do this all the time here it seems but I'm dropping I just bought a new baby carrier instead!
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 06:24 PM 03-04-2007
my account is fixed now. i lost all my pm's though b/c i had to clean it up to receive any more...if there is anyone who had questions and couldnt get through, i now have the 500 pm capacity back and can answer away!!!

BathrobeGoddess's Avatar BathrobeGoddess 02:56 AM 03-05-2007
added my order
jen&james's Avatar jen&james 03:38 AM 03-05-2007
count me in

I want ...

6mo s/s size onesie "I got milk in my tum, cloth on my bum" 12.99 no dye

4T s/s " co-sleeping is saying I love you all night long" 12.99 no dye

4Ts/s "nature is my classroom" dye LWI yellow and green please 15.99

Please let me know what I Owe and I will send PP

41.97-10.49=31.84= ($3 for shipping)=34.84 I think this is right.
Panthira's Avatar Panthira 05:34 AM 03-05-2007
Can you tell me if the summer jammies are available to order?
(under Custom Tie dye)
aisraeltax's Avatar aisraeltax 07:27 PM 03-05-2007
Michelle said that normal customs are not available via coop, but as long as she has it in stock, she can include it in this one. I think we should be fair though and realize that may not be an option in any future coops she allows.

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