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babymouse's Avatar babymouse 02:41 PM 01-27-2012

I am a kinship home for my friends baby, I have been since she was born and s now 9 months old . The mother was doing good then she started back up using drugs and drinking so her plan of care is nul in void. She has lost her visits and basicaly she hasnothing to do with her.the agreement was between myself ,CAS  and the bio mother. The contract ends in Feb ,means she does not get to see her and the mother is MIA what happens ? would they change me into afoster home until her rights are terminated ? I'm worried as I am the only person that my little oneknows and I would hate to have her removed. 


 Anyone with knowledge of CAS  and the ways this gets done please advise me 


anking all you mamas in advance

lauren's Avatar lauren 06:42 AM 01-29-2012

I just wanted to respond to you though I do not know the answer to your question. In my area of the U.S. this would not happen automatically. In fact there are many kinship placements that seem to just go on without any resolution and the social workers don't have time to work on permanency for these placements due to constant incoming workload. I would call the agency that is monitoring the mom and find out what their next steps would be. You may need to be a bit of squeaky wheel to get to a resolution.

babymouse's Avatar babymouse 10:26 AM 01-29-2012

Thats what I have been doing with them, getting on them, I have a hard time trusting the bio parents due to there way of life . I am having a real bad feeling about it all. I am a really good kinship mommy to this baby, I just think that I will have to go and live in a new house. we live only blocks away from each other . 


christophersmom's Avatar christophersmom 06:57 PM 01-29-2012

My DD2's nephew is in kinship care. The lady is working toward getting her foster care license so sh can get the stipend and eventually hopes to adopt. I don't meet her until next month, but am hoping she is the best option since they didn't give us a choice on getting him.

I'd ask the worker if you can get licensed. Also, in my county kinship at least gets medicaid and wic.

babymouse's Avatar babymouse 12:32 PM 01-30-2012

Hi , UPDATE ..... 

I called my worker a few times today asking for a update, The last call I made she said that the protection worker has to finalize a few things then he will be contacting me . I wish that I coud get straight answers here. I have my kids to think of and if there is anything to eplain to them I would like to do this. Aswell I so hate waiting .

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