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dswmom's Avatar dswmom 01:25 PM 12-17-2004
I've seen the advertisements for a new reality TV show to air on Fox in January 2005 called WHO'S YOUR DADDY. It's really bad and luckily we can do something about it. I got the following email from a friend this morning. If you are interested in sending a letter to the network executives, follow the link below. What is this world coming to???

December 15, 2004
Reality Show Outrage: Who's Your Daddy
As incredible as it may sound, Fox TV will be airing a "special" reality TV show in January titled "Who's Your Daddy?"

As if the title wasn't bad enough, the show features an adult adoptee "given away" as an infant trying to find her "real" father. If she guesses which of three men are her birthfather she wins $100K. If she is wrong, her birth-father wins the money.

This is offensive on so many levels—from the concept, to the language, to the perpetuation of EVERY negative adoption stereotype—it hardly seems real, but it is.

We must speak out as a community and as advocates for our children and the 40 million people directly affected by adoption. To make it easy, we've put together an "Action Alert" which you can fill out, print, fax, and/or email. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION


Collectively, we are very powerful and can stop this show before it airs.

rainbowmoon's Avatar rainbowmoon 01:52 PM 12-17-2004
I will send a letter. I personally think it's disgusting and offensive. but not just for adoptees.. I have never searched or met my birth father but would definitly not do it in this way if I did!
adinal's Avatar adinal 05:51 PM 12-17-2004
HOrrifc show - saw a blurb on it yesterday.

Bumping for visibility!!!
krisnic's Avatar krisnic 01:11 AM 12-18-2004
How horrible!
PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 01:52 AM 12-18-2004
I am not personally affected by adoption and I think this is sick!!!!

I sent a letter.
Leatherette's Avatar Leatherette 08:21 PM 12-18-2004
I sent a letter. They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren't they?
IncaMama's Avatar IncaMama 09:42 PM 12-21-2004
omg that's ridiculous! i think the sickest part is that the birth father is incentivized NOT to reunite with his child...to NOT be "found out" or he won't win the friggin money. OMG THAT'S SICK! well the whole thing is sick. ugh. i'm writing a letter.
member's Avatar member 11:32 PM 12-21-2004
This is so horrific on many levels. I will be sending a letter in.
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 07:11 PM 12-24-2004
Have you posted this in Activism also?
dswmom's Avatar dswmom 08:08 AM 12-26-2004
Pathui5...I haven't posted in Activism...that's a great idea. I'll get right on it.
dinade's Avatar dinade 01:24 PM 12-31-2004
sent...done. YUCK.
philomom's Avatar philomom 02:13 PM 12-31-2004
How horrible!
Annie's Avatar Annie 02:23 PM 12-31-2004
But this is a new low. I'm not right now directly affected by adoption, but might be adopting in the future, as DH and I have been struggling with infertility issues for years. I signed the letter. Thanks for posting this.
dharmama's Avatar dharmama 02:43 PM 12-31-2004
thanks for posting. i sent a letter. i saw a promo for this the other night and it made me want to :Puke

Jules411's Avatar Jules411 03:52 PM 12-31-2004
I just sent a letter. I don't watch any of those reality tv shows, especially FOX's which tend to be the low of the low. But, come on! Is this really what people want to watch? I hope not.
emmie's Avatar emmie 12:18 PM 01-01-2005
Hi ! I agree with all of you. However the problem : For whatever reason "people" want to see reality shows. Becasue of Mark Burnett (Survivor) creator, the wheels for this is set in motion and show no signs of slowing down soon. I did send a letter anyway, and because this is the Fox network don't expect the letters to mean anything. They brought us Nanny 911. BTW Did anyone ever post a thread on that "Parenting" show ? I wanted to start a thread but didn't want to be repetitive.

richella's Avatar richella 07:23 PM 01-02-2005
Ok call me a freak or maybe it's just my twisted sense of humor, but i was (not really seriously) thinking about calling these people to see if I could go on the show . . . I'm adopted, been looking for my bd for years but can't afford to hire a PI. Who cares about the money (whether or not you win), if he does, it's his loss he won't get to meet his new granddaughter.
sugarplumama's Avatar sugarplumama 07:32 PM 01-02-2005
I sent a letter. Sorry if I am out of it, but what exactly is Nanny 911 about and what is wrong with it? I am assuming it is just another reality show piece of crap. Thanks for the link.
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 07:38 PM 01-02-2005
When I say the preview for the show I almost threw up. It is disgusting and beyond words to me. I will put a letter together also. Thank you for this thread!
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 07:44 PM 01-02-2005
I am sorry but I have to say that I am a fan of Nanny 911. I believe that it is a great show for Mainstream America that enforces respect and nonviolence towards children. Something many families need to learn!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 04:41 AM 01-06-2005
I sent the letter about the daddys show- I am adopted and was appauled- they just went a few steps to far for me! thank you for having such an easy way for us to have our opinions known!
Nemmer's Avatar Nemmer 07:52 PM 01-07-2005
Thanks for the link. I just wrote on that one, and then also found my local FOX station's email and wrote to them too.
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 11:16 PM 01-09-2005
Any updates on this? I have not watched Fox since- and I am wondering if they have pulled it yet? As an adoptee- I am very appalled.
dswmom's Avatar dswmom 12:11 AM 01-10-2005
Here's a press release from the Simple as That website where the action letter was created that we all used to send to Fox. http://www.simpleasthat.com/content/...e.php?id=00097

It appears that the crappy show did make it onto TV, but the ratings were said to be poor...although, 6 million viewers tuned in (6 million too many) doesn't sound too "poor" to me. Poor would be 10 viewers

Also, here's a link to a recent news report on the show. It appears that all the letters have gotten some attention!!!!

homebirthing's Avatar homebirthing 10:56 PM 01-25-2005
Fox says it isn't going to air five other episodes of "Who's Your Daddy?" that have already been filmed, after audiences largely tuned-out of the first show on January third.
Nemmer's Avatar Nemmer 11:13 PM 01-25-2005

TemptingTatiana's Avatar TemptingTatiana 02:44 PM 01-27-2005
Originally Posted by Emilie
As an adoptee- I am very appalled.
Hi there! I'm with you - one of the MANY that did not watch! I am a fellow adoptee, and the LAST place I would want to air my emotions regarding my birht origins would be national television - personally, I find that rather sick!