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Benjamin's Birth Story

Prelabor/ Early labor

I had several episodes of false labor during the week and a half leading up to Benjamin's birth. Right around my due date, my braxton hicks starting getting stronger and more frequent. Twice they picked up to regular 10 minute intervals with some other accompanying symptoms, but both times they petered out after a few hours.

On Sunday, Nov 16th I noticed some stronger contractions towards the end of the evening. They were around 10 minutes apart, but I figured that they were more of the same and my husband and I went to bed around 11pm. I tried really hard to go to sleep, but by 12:30 I gave up and went to the living room. I noticed that the contractions were still there and had picked up in duration. I started timing them and they were around 7 minutes, but still I was able to talk through them and they weren't very painful. I thought to give my midwife a heads up though, just in case because it was getting really late.

From 12:30 until 2am I just walked around the house tidying and timing contractions. Finally at 2am (the exact same time I woke up my husband for my first son's labor) I knew I needed my husband. I snuck back into our room (that we share with my toddler) and said, "it's time to get up honey". He later told me he was really confused because he thought I meant for work and knew it was way too early. Once he was up/cognisent I asked him to start getting the birth pool ready. It was already in place and inflated, it just needed water.

I called the midwife again around 3am and told her that I really thought that this was it, but I still wasn't in pain and didn't want her to come too early. She instructed me to relax and call her back in an hour. In that hour, I lost my mucus plug, had several bowel cleansing incidents and the contractions became painful.


Right at 4am I called the midwife back and said "come now!". It was like a switch turned on inside of me and I was in serious labor with contractions coming every couple minutes. My son woke up at this time too and immediately became worried. Luckily my family lives down the block, so we called my mom and she came running down to take care of me and my toddler. I had my DH call back the midwife around 4:20am because, "I don't want to rush her, but she might not make it!" Luckily she was already on her way and in the middle of the night the commute was only 40 minutes.

So, the midwife and her student showed up around 4:45, just a little after I got into the birth tub. I tried to stay out as long as I could, but it was a good decision because I would soon be in transition.

My sister showed up around 5am and took my son to our finished attic space upstairs to watch movies and play (thank g-d)!!!

I stayed on my hands and knees for the most part, sitting up or laying on the wall of the birth tub. Otherwise I kneeled in the middle of the tub sitting straight up. I was very quiet and totally focused on stayed calm and letting the contractions do there work. We had a nice ambiance going with candle light, soothing music and the water from the birth pool.

I stayed present with a mantra that I repeated over and over again, "this is pain, let it go". I didn't plan on saying that, but it just fit the moment for me. It really worked and I was able to completely relax throughout. In fact, I was so in touch with my body that I actually felt my cervix dilate several times and the baby's head descend. I was able to tell the midwife what was happening and didn't feel the need for her to do any cervical checks.

There was one scary moment around 5:15am (I think??). I stood up to get a fetal heartbeat check and the midwife couldn't find it for a few seconds. Once she did it was slow and she was worried. She brought in her oxygen, had me breathe for a few minutes. When she checked again and later again it was fine. I actually didn't really even know what was going on at the time because I was sort of in my own head. My mom was freaked out though.

Anyway, about 5:45am I felt my water break and my contractions because incredibly intense. I remember whispering, "help me lord" several times and just barely holding it together. Finally around 6:10am, I started to push. I let out really loud low screams with each push and pushed really really hard along with my body pushing. I felt him come almost out and pop back in. Finally at 6:30 I pushed his head all the way out. He was underwater and my contractions just stopped. I really wanted to push when I felt the urge so I just waited. Four very long minutes later, I had the urge to push again and a few pushed later, he was out and brought up to the air from behind me.

We did a little tricky movements to get me flipped over and the baby on my chest. He was pink and crying and ever so cute. He really had a loud scream and almost made me nervous that something was wrong. :-)

He wanted to nurse and was immediately interested in my nipples. After a little while, the umbilical cord stopped pulsing and I cut him loose. I was ready to get out of the tub, so I handed him to my husband and hobbled over to the bed to try to deliver the placenta. My husband held our son in front of my and I was on all fours on our bed talking to the baby and trying to push that darn placenta out. After awhile I realized that I needed a change in position so I went to the bathroom leaned over the sink and just pushed that sucker out.

Post natal

Benjamin was perfect and fabulous. I had a 2nd degree tear that needed stitches (ouch), but otherwise felt pretty darn good.

One crazy thing is that about an hour after my labor, the midwife's student went to make a cup of tea. She didn't realized we had an electric kettle and put it on the stove top. It has a plastic bottom that caught fire and filled the house with smoke. Luckily Ben and I were in the farthest room from the kitchen through two closed doors and didn't realize what had happened. My sister brought my toddler into the room we were in and everyone else was running around opening windows, putting the fire out and trying to get thing calmed down. I was so ignorantly blissful at the time. Poor thing, the student was so beyond mortified. I actually feel the most bad for her. My poor husband though, spent most of the rest of the day cleaning the kitchen and airing out the house.

All in all a long and crazy day. I felt a little bit like Benjamin and I were in the eye of a hurricane. We were calm and snuggled and the rest of the world was just swirling around us. I am so happy and so proud that I had the exact labor I dreamed of. It was peaceful and beautiful. I can't wait to tell the world about how good labor can be.
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Congratulations! What a beautiful story. I love the detail about the fire in your kitchen. That'll be a great story to tell your son down the road. I wish my mother had good things to say about my birth. I think that's a big reason why I'm planning a homebirth! Enjoy your little one! I can't wait to meet mine!

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amazing birth story! i love reading them especially the home ones congrats on your new son and too funny (well not really) about the fire...oops

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Beautiful story Ali!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you, you did an amazing job!!! Benji is beautiful:

One of the luckiest woman in the world! luxlove.gif

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

Married to my perfect match since July 2007 and joyfully expecting our first sometime around September 23rd!:
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