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I haed a natural birth in a hospital -- my birth story is here. It's long. I had a midwife and a doula and the hospital I picked is very birth-friendly, which was lucky for me. You've already gotten good advice, really. I didn't do all that much to prep for natural birth, I had done just enough research to feel like I had a conviction about it.

For #2, I'm planning on taking a Hyponobirthing course, because in hindsight I think that sort of thing would've worked great for me.

Erin, mom to DD (1/06) and DS (10/09)
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I have had 4 kiddies. 1st was all american birth. Drugs, fear, hospital. & it sucked. Dr. was a jerk, some nurses were jerks. 2nd. natural is hospital. BEST BIRTH EVER! Staff was great. Last 2 were born at home. Honestly, my second baby born in the hospital was the best out of all my births.
So yes, you can have a great hospital expereance & I agree with pretty much what eveyone says. Get a friend who is a doula to work with you. If you can't have a friend, hire a doula you trust & enjoy.
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I have had 5 hospital births, 2 horror stories (at two separate hospitals) 1 so so story and 2 amazing fantastic woo woo stories! (the last three all at the same hospital)
Don't worry I will spare you the first two.
You have got to got to yes got to have a person in there with you from beginning to end that really believes in you and natural birth. When T was born I was super nervous, T was my first natural birth, but my midwife really believed in me. It helped that she had several natural births of her own under her belt. When I thought it was getting too intense (during transition) she would lean close to me and remind me softly "Sasha, you can do anything for just 2 minutes" and I really listened because I knew she had been through the same thing, kwim? I looked at doulas but ultimately decided that mine and my dh's relationship was deep enough for him to be my birth partner, I am so glad we did. During early and mid labor we swayed together, that wonderful laboring woman dance, to Bob Marley in the background, just the two of us. Occasionally my midwife would come in and listen to my baby and she would check my cervix when I asked but other than that it was just the 3 of us (me, baby to be, and dh). A couple of times a nurse came in, but she quickly left looking embarrassed to have intruded. No IV, no beeping machine, it was wonderful. Later a nurse commented that she loved watching our birth, she had honeymooned in Jamaica and it made her nostalgic. When T came it was to squeals of joy all around and he was immediately in my arms nursing within moments, after taking a good look at him of course. No pit shot necessary. No tear, not even a skid mark. After a while Dh went with T to the nursery (the hospital demands a certain time back there after the initial bonding period.) and stayed with him the whole time he had to be back there while I had a nice long shower, he got a few odd looks but no one said anything. I got a small amount of gruff from one nurse just before we left about not getting the hep B shot or circing our son, but she was easily shooed away. Go in knowing your rights for after birth procedure or they will walk all over you.
When A was born our midwife was not available that day. Dh was super supportive but the OB on call was not. It is pretty hard to keep saying no when you are in transition and every few seconds a nurse or the OB is in your face telling you "you don't have to suffer, take something to ease the pain." I eventually caved, less than one hour later A was born. I consider it a so-so birth only because it was my fourth birth and only lasted a total of 4 hours from beginning to end so I only had to put up with stupid hospital staff for a short amount of time. I now appreciate so much more how much interference my midwife must have been doing behind the scenes for me when T was born.
With E (our newest bundle of wonder) labor hit hard. I walked into the hospital not thinking I would make it to the labor hall. Less then an hour later baby E was born. They had not even gotten around to getting me an id bracelet yet. My labor hall nurse helped with the delivery, cord was wrapped several times ,although loosely, around dd's neck. My midwife walked in just in time for the delivery of the placenta.: E was born to a room of amazed people, her momma chief of all. What a wonderful experience.
Find support, find a hospital your support is known and respected in and know the procedures and your and your little ones rights.
Congratulations on your growing wonder child.

Loved wife to JT and grateful mother to M (dd age 13) L (dd age 10) T (ds age 6) A (ds age 4) E (dd age 2) and C & S (twin boys born 10/13/10)
and yes, I blog. thumb.gif
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Hi there,

I had two hospital births that were very positive.

I'm in Ontario, Canada. I had prenatal care with local midwives and a planned hospital birth supported by those midwives. In fact I had the same primary and secondary midwife attend both births - one in 2002 and one in 2004.

Both times I had fairly quick and "easy" (a relative term I realize) births. Arrived at the hospital the first time at 8cm at 8pm and had my oldest son at 9:53pm. Opted to stay over night and left the next morning at noon after a quick visit with the on-site lactation consultant. With this birth I spent about 1 hour in the tub - from 8pm until 9pm and then pushed for 40 minutes or so out of the tub. I didn't have an IV or use any pain medication. No episiotomy or forceps either. I didn't have a fetal monitor and had only occassional (perhaps 3??) vaginal checks. My husband "caught" after the midwife helped the head out and he was the one to tell me the sex and to hand me the baby. We were able to opt out of the drops in the eyes. I was breastfeeding within 15 minutes or so and the baby never left my sight - except when dh was holding him and I had a glorious shower afterwards. I was absolutely elated after the birth experience.

My second birth was very similar - 21 months later. Same midwives and hospital. Fairly similar time frame. Stayed two nights because of pressure from family that I would need the "break" but other than that very good experience...was just bored and missing ds#1.

I didn't even see a hospital physician and we had no one in the delivery room except me, dh and the midwives. In retrospect I would have asked to wait to cut the cord - but at the time I didn't know about the importance of that. I also would have tried a squat bar for pushing, but again... didn't know what I didn't know. I think ds #2 was a bit malpositioned and pushing on my back was not very effective, but at the time I got a bit panicked and couldn't think to do anything else - I wasn't highly cooperative.

Two very happy, low intervention births. Looking back there are little things I would "tweak" if I had a do-over, but I've got good memories. It is very possible, but I realize how much is dictated by hospital policy. I read some of the hospital experiences on here sometimes and am astounded. Learn as much as you can about policy before hand and get your partner on board as your advocate - to speak up for you when you're busy labouring.

Best wishes to you! Happy birthing.
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I had wanted an unmedicated birth (but was not against an epidural) but was very dehydrated and had severely painful contrations and long labor.
I went into the hospital here in Denver (Rose Med Ctr) and told them immediately I do not want an epidural unless it becomes intolerable. They TOTALLY respected my decision and left me alone about it. No one said "do you want that epidural yet?". I never felt pressured or anything. Most of what I did, except for having to get out of the jacuzzi after 20 minutes to get checked, I felt mostly in control. That was until I had the epidural.

I did need an IV b/c of the dehydration and they allowed me to drink lots of water.
They advised against eating but the last thing I wanted was food at that point.
I went to the hospital at 9 pm and had the epidural at 1 am. I had only dilated 1/2 cm in that entire time frame. I was too tired and lazy and got the epidural. My doctor was SO helpful. I was so on the fence and had so many questions which he answered patiently. After the epidural, at 6 am I had dilated only 1 more cm and at that point they gave me Pitocin.
At 11:45 I was ready to push and pushed for 25 minutes. Everything went very smoothly.
It is true that once you get the epidural there are more interventions; constant monitoring, IV drips, tubes everywhere, and the possibility of getting Pitocin. It is annoying. I liked not feeling such pain but didnt like the monitoring or numbness from the waist down. I needed help moving my legs and was incapacitated.
I never got sleep cuz I was so worried the epidural was going to pull out if I moved.
I also didnt know whether I was farting, pooping, or peeing. It is hard not to be in control.
But, as far as this whole mentality about hospitals not being acommodating-I don't know what types of hospitals people have been giving birth in to have these negative experiences, or what kind of care they received, but I believe most hospitals now are more progressive.
When I first went into the hosptial I was offered a birthing ball, and other natural remedies, like using the jacuzzi.
I think you might want to tour the hospital you will be giving birth in and ask questions so you feel more comfortable.
If you have a supportive caregiver you should be fine.

I had gone to a wonderful hospital full of wonderful caregivers.
I believe if I had a higher pain tolerance and was possibly in the care of a doula I may have had more will power and had a drug free birth. But the hospital had nothing to do with my decision. I hope you have a positive experience too.
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Originally Posted by JBH View Post
But, as far as this whole mentality about hospitals not being acommodating-I don't know what types of hospitals people have been giving birth in to have these negative experiences, or what kind of care they received, but I believe most hospitals now are more progressive.

I suggest checking out the book "Born in the USA" by Dr. Marsden Wagner. Published in 2007 - so it's not out of date. There are many, many, many awful things happening in many American hospitals today.
I also just read a thread on "Vagina Wrenching" over on the Birth Professionals forum that was enlightening.

& many people feel they have a supportive health care provider, but the hospital still has "policies" & often the provider isn't even there while they're laboring - they're taken care of by nurses.

But, yes, I agree, tour the hospital. Check out "Finding your tribe" for reviews on local hospitals. Have a doula. Labor at home until the last minute, etc. It's totally possible to have a nice hospital birth- but it takes work & careful planning.

My DS was born in a hospital, but I don't quite consider it a hospitla birth story since I didn't labor there at all! Accidentally - I got all the way through transition while still at home & had to resist the overwhelming urge to push for the car ride & walk to my L&D room!
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Here's a link to mine http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=503569

Married 6/16/01 ~ WOHM to DS1 4/29/06 and DS2 2/13/08 ~  ALMOST an RVT ~ dog2.gif dog2.gif goldfish.gif

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