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The Birth of Melora Mazlen – March 29, 2009

This pregnancy was a surprise one. We had basically decided that due to our financial situation we were done having children – at least for now – but after a couple strawberry margaritas one summer night that all changed for us! I knew right away she was a girl. I had the typical morning sickness and meat aversions and my belly grew so fast early on. I decided to have an ultrasound at 13 weeks at a free pregnancy clinic to rule out twins but there was just one baby in there. It was the only time I had anything done medically during this or my last 2 pregnancies, preferring to go the “unattended” route. It was an easy pregnancy overall besides the anemia I seem to battle every time. It left me fairly exhausted all the time if I was not taking Floradix, a liquid iron supplement. I even lucked out and only had very mild SPD, a loosening of the pelvic ligaments that can cause extreme pain and trouble walking for me. Around 30 weeks I did have a few bouts with preterm labor that scared me but it settled down on its own only setting me up to think baby would be on the early side.

I didn’t have a whole lot of prodromal labor, surprisingly, but did think something might be happening on the night of the 27th for it just to stop abruptly after a few hours. On Sunday the 29th of March, we were going about things as normal. I was wishing we would have the baby on the weekend so it would be easier as Matthew would be home most of the time. It didn’t seem to be what was going to happen so we gave permission to Layne to go to a sleepover at his friend’s house. It was the boys’ Spring Break so everyone but Matthew had the whole week off to do as we pleased. Matthew took Layne to his friend’s house, taking Maren and Meridian with him and leaving Liam with me. Liam and I were talking about how we probably weren’t going to have the baby that day. I had gotten all the kids to guess a day and time. Liam’s was the latest day - that Sunday at 6 pm. While we were talking I started feeling very uncomfortable. It felt like the baby had changed position and was putting a ton of pressure on my pubic bone. I was sitting on the floor so I leaned back trying to stretch out my torso to feel better. It wasn’t going away so I decided to go to the bathroom to see if that may free up some space. While I was in there I checked inside to see where her head was and I could tell she had come down a good bit from where she had been before.

Matthew came home with the kids then. It was snowing out and wanting to get things moving with this pregnancy, we had told them earlier we would go walking the mall and play at a little play area they had there. They were coming back to pick us up. I was so extremely uncomfortable I told Matthew there was no way I was going to be able to walk the mall. He tried to convince me to at least come and sit with them while they played at the play area and since it was already past 5 we needed to leave. The mall closed at 6. I just could not imagine going anywhere. I wasn’t feeling contractions but I felt like I do when I am pushing the baby down at the end of labor! I told him to take the kids out of the room to give me a breather and some space for a minute. I had to tune in to what was going on with my body before I could make any decisions. As soon as they went out, I started feeling the contractions. I called Matthew back in, told him to fill the tub, I wasn’t going anywhere right then. He did and I got in. He put a movie on for the kids and came in to time some contractions. They were 3 minutes apart and strong. We started making phone calls to our close family and funnily enough we couldn’t get a hold of anyone but my dad! I was already at the point where I couldn’t talk anyway, moaning and breathing through contractions. Matthew lit a candle, brought me some grape juice which I love to drink during labor, and Liam grabbed some towels. People started calling back so I kept telling Matthew to leave the room so I could concentrate. I asked him to set up the boys’ room since that is where I had planned on having her. He came back in, told me it was ready to go and asked if I was ready to get out of the tub. I told him no, that I thought we might have the baby there if I could manage it. It felt good to be in the water. We have unlimited hot water so I could leave the water running indefinitely and not worry about it getting cold plus I was hoping it was helping with the intensity of the contractions. The girls came in every so often, Maren holding my hand and Meridian dipping her hands in the water. I was surprised that Meridian didn’t ask to get in with me. I never take a bath without her but it seemed this time she knew she shouldn’t. They were both touching my belly at times and Matthew would tell them not to but oddly enough for me, it wasn’t bothersome. Usually I want to be entirely alone but this time I enjoyed having everyone around me, sitting in the tiny candlelit room.

An hour after realizing I was in labor, the contractions were 1 minute apart. I wasn’t too surprised it was happening so quickly. I had felt all week when reading other people’s labor stories that I might have a quick labor – around 2 ½ hours. I was concerned though that I wouldn’t know when to push. I don’t get the urge to do so and it is very hard for me to tell how dilated I am. I tried twice to see what I could feel and I couldn’t reach all the way in because her head was so low. I could feel something rubbery which I assumed was the bag. Finally I decided I was going to do a test push, got up in more of a squatting position, holding myself mostly with my arms and tried it out. With the first push nothing budged. The second push, the water bag exploded into the water, dark brown meconium everywhere. I pushed once more and she flew out and into the water. We couldn't even see her the meconium was so thick. Matthew went to grab her as I did and brought her up to my chest. She was already breathing, I knew, but she made a kind of choking sound. I turned her over and realized she had the cord wrapped around her neck and chest. It was a long cord, longer than my other children’s had been. Matthew and I worked together to unwrap it and laid her back on my chest. He ran out and got the kids, looked at the time (it was 7:15) and everyone came in together. I was still having lots of pain and Matthew was worried about my bleeding. It looks like a lot when you are in a little tub! We fawned over her for a few minutes. She is so tiny compared to my other children! Matthew asked if she was a girl so I peeked knowing what the answer would be. She was!

After a few minutes, he helped me get up in a squatting position, taking her from me so I could push out the placenta. It had detached right away and had lots of clots come out with it. We sat back down and looked it over. It was tiny too! Actually I think it is normal size but I am just used to big ones just like my babies. He cut off a piece and I rinsed and swallowed it. He refilled the tub with fresh water and some herbal bath I had prepared and all of the other children but Layne hopped in. Matthew and Layne worked together to make her tie for her cord out of embroidery floss and Maren cut her cord. Matthew realized the batteries for the scale were dead which was so upsetting! I was so excited to see how little she was! I swallowed another piece of placenta (which is very much like swallowing raw steak) everyone moved into the den while Matthew and Liam ran to the store to pick up a quick dinner and batteries. We weighed her later and she weighed 7 lb 8 oz and was 20 ½ inches long. Almost 2 lbs smaller than our smallest baby! I had been remarking all pregnancy about how I wanted a “normal” sized baby. I have no idea how it happened though!

I have had terrible afterpains this time around which made me think I might be retaining some of the placenta or membranes. I am thinking because of the way she shot out so fast and her cord being wrapped around her the way it was, the placenta may have been pulled on. I massaged my uterus to see if it would help and also looked at my placenta. I thought it looked intact besides what had been cut but it seems I was wrong. Today, on my 3rd day postpartum, I passed a tiny piece similar in size to what I ingested. I have very little bleeding and hardly any clots, no fever and everything seems normal now.

I look forward to seeing how she will fit into this family. She seems to be a pretty laidback baby so far as long as she has something to suck on!

Melora Mazlen
March 29, 2009
7 lbs 8 oz, 20 1/2 in
UC waterbirth

~Lanie mom to Layne, Liam, Maren, Meridian, and Melora
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oh how wonderful! :::

Already!?!?! cold.gif  ~ Lori, doula, childbirth educator, wife to Jermaine 6/04, and mom to two happy and energetic boys - Tatum 6/06 and Keegan 3/09

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what a wonderful story mama! I love to hear about the bits that are a little off than normal (bit of placenta retained) that turn out perfectly fine! thanks for sharing!

Lindsay: DS#1 (06/06) DD#1 (09/07) DS#2 (10/08) DD#2 (06/09). AND A BABY DUE NOVEMBER 2013

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what a wonderful birth story and a beautiful baby too

Natasha,Mum to many.
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~ Sir Winston Churchill
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Oh how lovely! Congratulations! And what poiyt said.

Me treehugger.gif and DH caffix.gif and sweet baby DD heartbeat.gif born 08/2011.

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wow, what an amazing story!! Congratulations. I love her name!!

Mummy to Samuel 02/08 and new baby Molly- 04/10
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Thank you for sharing! As you said, we were in labor at the same time...though I was just getting revved up by the time you were holding your little one!
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Congratulations mama. You have a wonderful birth story. Thank you for sharing! :
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Thanks for telling us your story!
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Interesting that you had a piece of placenta come out on the third day, I had some membranes come out on day 3.

mom to all boys B: 08/01ribboncesarean.gif,  C: 07/05 uc.jpg, N: 03/09 uc.jpg, M: 01/12 uc.jpg and far too many lost onesintactlact.gifsaynovax.gif

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: Congrats :

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What a lovely birth. Congratulations on your tiny new daughter!

Carlyn - loving and caring for my family.
Married 13 years, mama to 12 (boy), 8, 6, 4, 1 (girls)
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