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I'm prepping for my baby boy's birth in 2 months and have been reading a wonderful book _Painless Childbirth_ by Guiditta Tornetta and it seems that the more stories we read/witness of women birthing without pain, the more we can open our hearts, minds, and bodies to this as a possibility.

I have birthed 2 beautiful DDs without medicine, and experienced what I would consider atypical births, but not yet painless. I'm ready though and would love to read more stories of other moms' experiences. Can anyone who experienced painless or a transformed pain type of birth share their birth stories in this thread?

Many TIA!!!!!!!

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#2 of 15 Old 04-10-2009, 12:15 AM
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To get you started, there's an awesome website (run by a member here, IIRC) that has a TON of positive birth stories---both pain-free and "comfortable" births. They're divided as such, and sub-divided for things like VBACs, First-Time Moms, etc.
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#3 of 15 Old 04-20-2009, 10:17 PM
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Here is a link to my birth story, but because I didn't go into too much detail about it at the time, I'll say that it definitely fell in the category of transformed pain. That is why I kept using the word "intense" in the story... the only time a contraction felt like actual pain was when it happened while I was laying flat right after the mw checked my dilation. Once I draped myself back over that ball, I was back in surrender mode. I could *feel* everything and can recognize looking back that it *could* have been painful if I had a different mind/body connection at the time, if that makes any sense. But I was so into it, relaxed and willing each contraction to open me up, that I got to ride each wave instead of panicking. I'm pretty sure that's a lousy description of what I went through.. hard to really put it into words.

Elina's birth story

Congratulations and enjoy your journey!

Me: married to my :fireman Mama to my littles: Toby 8/04 and Elina 10/08
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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience! Lovely ... peaceful ... amazing!

Blessed WAH wife and mama to my happy brood jumpers.gif Dd1(7/01) Dd2(10/02) Ds (6/09) CDing & ECing works! No Circ, Make it yourself or buy something Handmade! mdcblog5.gif 

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#5 of 15 Old 04-27-2009, 02:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Faerieshadow View Post
Once I draped myself back over that ball, I was back in surrender mode. I could *feel* everything and can recognize looking back that it *could* have been painful if I had a different mind/body connection at the time, if that makes any sense. But I was so into it, relaxed and willing each contraction to open me up, that I got to ride each wave instead of panicking.
I think this is a perfect description of my birth with my DD. There was a very particular position combined with water that I remained in during labor. I was able to just let each contraction wash over me. Kind of like bobbing up and down in the ocean. Just relaxing and letting it happen vs fighting it. I, too, can see how panicking would have resulted in a completely different experience. It was nice because my midwife, who had been doing midwifery over 25 yrs, started to wonder if I was still adequately contracting. I was so calm, peaceful and relaxed. But I was, I had just found that place.

My birth with dd was very comfortable. The only time it was painful was my last two contractions and DD crowning but she came shooting out very quickly. The pain lasted a total of 7 minutes and then I was holding my DD.

It was so beautiful. My daughter's birth brings back so many happy memories.
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Here's a link to my birth story. Elias was born peacefully at home in water. I used hypnobirthing techniques; his birth was a quick 4 hours and I didn't even believe I was in labour until he was close to arriving, as I had no pain (the contractions felt like tightening sensations in my lower abdomen, milder than period cramps - "rushes" describes it quite well).
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my birth story is linked in my sig line.
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I am currently pregnant with my 5th child and hoping for a pain-free labor. I never felt any pain during my previous labors until nearly an hour after my water broke. With two of them, my membranes ruptured spontaneously prior to the beginning of labor. I endured my share of discomfort during those births. However, with the other two, I had no sensation of pain or discomfort even when my contractions peaked on the fetal monitor. At one point, during labor with my 3rd child, I told the nurse I thought my labor had actually stopped. I was concerned because I knew I was greater than 5cm dilated and they couldn't send me home. But I was unsure what they would do with me if my labor suddenly stopped mid-way through. However, when the nurse checked me I was actually at 8cm. She looked at the fetal monitor and said, "You didn't just feel that contraction?" I shook my head, not knowing what she was referring to. In response, her eyes widened as she said, "It just peaked on the monitor."

My midwife always said she'd never seen anyone labor quite like me. But my mother has always bragged of her painless labors. So, without the help of any meditation, hypnosis or pain medications, I guess my story is the result of mere genetics, which seems to be a rare phenomenon.
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#9 of 15 Old 07-21-2010, 10:35 PM
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My labor was painful except for the 1 hour I spent in hypnosis with my hypnobirthing meditation in my ears. My doula and husband were watching the strong contractions on the monitor, but all I felt was tightening in my back and the shuddering of my abdomen during contractions, kind of like being lifted up by ocean waves. I went from 5 to 9 cm in that hour. If my concentration hadn't been broken by loud nurses coming into the room, I might have gotten to crowning without any pain.
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Amy (34): mommy to DD1 (11/07) and DD2 (7/10), wife, wohm, and wannabe suburban homesteader.
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Like Lyloda5, fetal monitors of labors #1 to #3 showed my contractions peaking & me not feeling any pain, even at 8+ cm dilation. I either didn't feel them or it just felt like pressure down below. My OBs & nurses were astounded at how I didn't react much to these peaks. Even when my bag of water broke, contractions didn't feel painful just more intense. More like feeling constipated or crampy. It feels the most intense when the baby is crowning b/c my babies usually just shoot out of me. My #4th birth (my 1st homebirth) was the shortest one & I was able to slow down the crowning part with help from my midwives. So, the crowning didn't feel as surging & crazy intense as my other ones. Crowning with #4 felt like I was slowing down a fast-moving bowel movement.

My midwife thinks it's likely structural or genetics.
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Through two single births,and a multiple births I experienced no labour pain at all.My contractions I noticed as a tightening of my tummy which shaped by babies outline, but with less than the sensation of a shiver to the tightenings I could see.Contractions were effective and full dialation I achieved very quickly.The longest labour 3 hours(my first) and the shortest 3 mins(my fourth) as far as I noticed.The actual passing of my babies through the birth canal I experienced as intense downward pressure and a hot sensation at crowning.My mum and sister both had what they call normal births and say Its just down right unfair that they didnt have the same experience.Kids healthy and loved xo

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#12 of 15 Old 06-11-2014, 11:22 AM
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A book on painless childbirth
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#13 of 15 Old 07-10-2014, 02:49 PM
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I know this is an old thread...but it is still relevant.
I have had 5 births (now pg with my 6th), so I have had a wide range of experiences.
With my first (hospital birth), I could definitely feel the contrax....but I remember thinking...."wow, these are not as bad as expected!". When I finally went to the hospital (which I wouldn't have went so soon...but my mom was having chest pains, and I wanted her to be close to medical facility if needed), I went to go check in at the nurses station and they didn't believe I was in labor. I had to seriously ACT like I was in terrible pain for them to even check me! And this was after 19 hours of contrax! So they finally agree to check me (after pretty much telling me they were going to send me home because there was no way I was in actual labor). When they checked me they were surprised to find me at 7/8! They hooked me up to all of the IVs and asked if I wanted meds....I said no. Each time they came to check me they would ask again if I wanted meds. I would say no. I was joking around with friends and family and having a pretty good time. They come in a check me and I am at 9 and they say, this is the final time we are going to offer meds.......scared of the unknown...I ask..."is it going to get worse?" they reassured me that it was going to get I agreed to a little bit of demoral. They couldn't give me much because I was so late into the labor. Obviously I didn't know that wasn't a pain reliever at the time and that it would just make me out of my mind. Obviously it didn't help with any pain relief, just made me not be able to think straight...which made things harder when it was time to push. They ended up breaking my water because they were convinced my water wouldn't break on its own. Once they broke my water, I could feel that "urge to push" that they had been nagging me about if I could feel. I had no clue how to the first hour or so I was just me wasting my energy. Finally one of the nurses told me to push like I was going to the bathroom....I had been so concerned I WOULD go to the bathroom that I was barely pushing. Finally I pushed hard enough and she was born quickly. Pushing was definitely a lot of work and I could definitely feel it (as I could the contrax)...but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.
With my second(birthing center), my water broke and contrax didn't start for almost two hours. But unfortunately once they did start, the contrax were very strong compared to my first. But the pushing felt GREAT! It was such a relief and he was born so quickly once my body took over the process and decided it was time to get it done However, the labor was not the 24 hrs like my first but only 6 from the point my water broke to when I was holding my baby. It was only 3-4 hrs of intensity because the first almost 2 hours were pain free and the last hour or so, my body started pushing which felt great....but since I was on the interstate, I had to try to keep from having my baby. He would have been born about an hr sooner if I would have been at the birthing center! He was born 5 minutes after arrival (from when my dh dropped me off in front of the when I was holding my baby).

With my third (first homebirth), I will say it was not as good as my two previous. I had back labor and the pushing was much harder than my 2nd. (7 hrs start to finish)

With my 4th (hb) my water broke, and contrax didn't start for about an hour. The contrax were definitely felt once they finally got intense. and pushing was very hard (she was tangled in her cord)....but her delivery was about 3 hours start to finish....and it could have been much worse...I enjoyed it way better than my 3rd.

With my 5th (hb), the contrax were pretty mild. I was actually falling asleep through most of them. In retrospect, I should have actually slept...but I wanted to be active and get things moving along....but instead I just wore myself out. Pushing definitely took some work, but it seemed somewhat easier than the previous. I would say it was most like my first birth. It lasted 7 hours I think.

So with all of that, I will say that the majority of my birth experience was better than I would have thought prior to having kids. I don't prefer the term "painful"....but more so "work"
The book "supernatural childbirth" helped me with my revelation of birth.

I would like to believe that I am a different type of birther. I don't scream or yell or cry....but am actually quiet unless I am giving myself a pep talk or saying I want something. I believe I perceive pain differently. I even have some medical back up to this. When I had my physical in highschool, the dr kept redoing the reflex test. He concluded that I had no response in my extremities. I didn't know what that meant. Several years later, I went to a chiro. He was messing around with my back and was like hmmm...hmmm. He pushed on a spot and asked if I could feel it. I said that I could but it didn't hurt. He said, "That should be making you come off the table right now!" He said he wanted to make a follow up apt...but I didn't. I went to a different chiro immediately and he had one of those machines that is supposed to connect to your back and check out synapses of your nerves.................he couldn't get a reading on me even though the person immediately before me (my mother) and the person after me were able to get readings without an issue. Then while in the ER with my last pregnancy (due to back pain oddly, they of course hooked me up to monitors to make sure I wasn't in pre-term labor. After being there for a while, the pain lessened....I told the nurse that I think that things are better because the last 20 minutes I have barely had any pain. She said, "well that is strange because the last 20 minutes your contrax have been worse than the rest of your time you have been here!" So with all that being said, I think my back sometimes like to go on hiatus with transferring pain
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My babes were all born at home.

My first two were horrendous posterior labors. My third was virtually painless, only four hours. The rest were difficult, but that third one was wonderful!!
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My mom told me she didn't feel any pain during my birth, so I was very excited to think that I might be able to do the same. I did a lot of childbirth preparation and research. Then two months before my due date I was discussing my birth with my father, and he says to me - "Of course your mom didn't have any pain. She had an epidural." Me - "What???!!!" He assured me she had had one, because he was there the whole time. And I totally believe him. Now that I think about it, I don't put it past my mother at all to forget about the epidural.

Needless to say, I didn't get the painless birth I had been hoping for. Eventually the pain got so bad I didn't care about anything anymore and told my husband I wanted an epidural. He told me that it was too late, by the time they got it in the baby would be here. I was so mad at him! And of course later I was very grateful he told me that, because I was able to finish it out naturally, and he was right about the timing. Or maybe he wasn't - time and I were not very connected at that point - I wouldn't have noticed if he said the baby would be here in 30 minutes and I pushed for two hours. My Doula helped calm down the hospital staff who were ready to give me an epidural even though I hadn't asked them for one, but because I was talking about it. So my husband and Doula deserve the credit for me giving birth to my son without drugs. If it had just been me in the room, in spite of how strongly I felt about it when not in labor, I would've gotten an epidural.

Best of luck to all of you with higher tolerance for/thresholds for pain. Wish it was me!
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