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Oliver's Birth Story

The birth of Oliver started on July 3, 2009, a Friday. In the late afternoon, Nathan and I were running late to get to Rebecca's (my midwife) to have to strip my membranes to get labor started. I was technically 3 days past my due date, and really feeling ready to meet my baby! We arrived at the birth center around 5, she stripped my membranes and had my take a shot of blue and black cohosh to get things going. Within 5-10 minutes I felt my first contraction, and it was noticeable to my midwife as well.. she said she could see my belly get tighter and lift a little.

After our little natural induction session, Nathan and I went to Noodles & Co. to get some dinner, and he dropped me off at Jessica's, my doula, house for some reflexology and energy work, while he went and got some things from his friend's house near-by. I spent the next 4 hours over there, while Jessica did some chakra reiki work for me and the baby, and a nice reflexology foot massage with clary sage. I was having a lot of regular contractions, but nothing that said it was time to get to the birthing center. Discouraged, I called Rebecca to see what we should do, and told her that I was having regular contractions, but didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with them. We agreed that we would meet up one last time at the birth center, at 10pm, and stir things up once more and hopefully things would pick up from there.

I got a call about 5 minutes before we were suppose to be there, and Rebecca tells me there has been a fire in the building! The fire was luckily on the other side of the building and not in the birth center at all, but they wouldn't let her in, not even to get her things out. So, we agreed that we would meet up the next morning and I'd just go home and get s good night's sleep. We were all amazed that this baby KNEW that it was not time to be born- had I been at the birthing center that night, I would have ended up being evacuated in the middle of labor!

I slept really well that night. Sebastian stayed upstairs at Grandma's house, the first night without us right there! He did really well, and I think it made me more confident that he would be OK another night without us while we had our baby. I had contractions all through the night, but somewhere between when I got up to pee, and woke up for the day, they went away. So, we headed back down to the birth center for another round of natural inductions, on the morning of the Fourth of July.

When we got there, she did a cervical check, and I was dilated to a FOUR! I couldn't beleive it, and got so excited that all those contractions the night before were actually doing something! I had another shot of blue and black cohosh, and then Nathan and I went to the vegan diner to get some breakfast. We wanted to stay in town, to stay close to the birth center, but didn't really know what to do. I called my friend Kamila, and asked to hang out at her house for a while, and Nathan went to his friend's house just a couple blocks away (I didn't want to hang out there, and he didn't want to hang out at Kamila's).

Around 5 we headed back to the birth center. My contractions were picking up in strength and length, but still didn't know if "this was it" because they weren't painful at all. Jessica met us there soon after and I spent the next few hours contracting, and hanging out in between. I was able to carry on conversations, and do pretty much whatever I wanted to do in-between. I really felt amazing! Around 1 am Jessica and I went for a walk, and Nathan took a little nap. Rebecca checked me again, and I was dilated to an EIGHT! I was amazed again! I couldn't believe I had made it to an 8, totally pain-free.

It was getting late, though, and I was getting tired. I finally called it quits and asked my body for a break around 3 am and got a little bit of sleep. I woke up around 5 with a lot of strong contractions and filled up the tub and got in. The water made them taper off, so I went back to bed until 9. When I woke up we did another shot of cohosh, and I continued to labor for several more hours. I was in and out of the tub, and they were consistant, but not doing much of anything. After several more hours, she checked me again.. still an 8. His bag of waters was still intact, and he was really low.

Contractions started to really pick up, and finally got painful. After yet another cervical check (she claims I have the most checks during labor!) my cervix is swollen and stuck at an 8. Nathan had run to the store to get some lunch for everyone. While he was gone, we decided to put some evening primrose oil on my cervix to get the swelling down and take a little rest. During a contraction, while she was putting on the EPO, she realized that he was being held back by his bag of waters, and suggests that we break it to get him out- like he was being held hostage by the bag.

I was afraid of breaking the water. I don't know why I was so afraid but I really didn't want to do it. Nathan was still at the store, and my contractions were really on top of each other by then. I told her to wait until Nathan got back, because I knew it would happen fast and didn't want him to miss it. I was begging to get to the tub! I was seriously in so much pain all of the sudden, unlike the first part of my labor! She broke my bag, and it was like I peed all over myself! The water was sooo warm! They quickly moved me into the tub.

As soon as I got into the tub I started bearing down. It was exactly what he needed for me to push him out! I went into a hazey daze. My sense of time might be off, but I felt like I pushed for maybe 20 minutes to a half hour until he was born. It was hard at the end, when Rebecca was trying to slow down my pushing to prevent me from tearing. I had to hold him with his head half out of me, and I kept saying.. "I want him OUT!" Finally, his whole head came out, and the rest of him slid right out.

I caught him underwater and pulled him out to my chest. He was beautiful and covered in vernix! His cord was short, so he barely came to my chest. I sat in the water with him until his cord stopped pulsating and we cut it. He was born July 5, 2009 at 4:49 p.m.

We waited for a while to weigh and measure him, until after we nursed and bonded for a while. When we finally did, I was amazed that he was 7 lbs 7 oz! I had guessed 7 even. My midwife had been up for 24 hours straight (she did take a short nap while we were all sleeping), and we started to prepare to go home. I was sooo tired though, so I took a little nap before we left.

This was the suppose to be the birth to heal my soul after such a tramatic birth with my first. And I really think that it accomplished that! I had wonderful support- my husband was with me every step of the way, and was so encouraging! My doula brought such healing energy with her, and really made me sooo comfortable! My midwife is truely amazing- she knew exactly what to do, and was there for me every step of the way. I am so blessed!

It took us a couple days to decide on his name, and we finally decided Oliver was the most fitting. I knew that should be his name from the beginning of the pregnancy, but went back and forth on if we would actually use the name. But in the end, there was no doubt- he is Oliver Lee.

Pic slideshow:

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CONGRATS! Welcome earthside little Oliver

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Congratulations, Lizzy! It sounds amazing. I'm so glad you got the peaceful birth you were hoping for.

Welcome to the world, Oliver Lee! :

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thank you for sharing that! I'm so happy that you got the birth you wanted!!! He's beautiful.

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So glad that this birth brought you healing.
Welcome Oliver Lee!

Lovin my sweet babygirl 3-17-10love.gif and expecting another in March! love.gif

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Beautiful story and photos! Thank you!
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Congrats! : Beautiful baby- I love the pic where Daddy is holding him, great expression!

Blarg, blarg-blargity- BLARG!!!

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: What a wonderful birth for you and Oliver! Congratulations! I love the pictures!
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Oh Lizzy, how wonderful! Your story and pictures are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! :

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great story! So glad the experience was healing. :

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Thanks so much for sharing this--congrats and happy birthday Oliver!! :

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Yay! I am so glad for you! ITU wanting a healing birth. Abigail's was.

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Congratulations Momma! :

Thanks for sharing your story!

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What a wonderful gift for you and your baby! Here's to healing births
It's stories like yours that gave me hope during my second son's pregnancy when I clung to the hope that birth could be better the second time around. I am so glad you shared this.

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Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing

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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing with us.

Lucy, mama to Silas and Adelaide
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Welcome Oliver! Congratulations!

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That is fantastic LizzyQ!! I loved that story. Sounds perfect :0)
Congrats and thanks for sharing those lovely photos! The birthing center looks SOOO HOMEY & comfy!

: totally in love , vegan & mountain dwelling mama to my girls ❤ 5.2003 & 10.2009 ❤
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