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Hello ladies. I am sure everyone has had their little one by now! So congratulations to everyone!! I am sorry that this is so extremely delayed. I literally have not touched the computer since my DD arrived. So here it is.

Della Cassidy was born on June 8th at 7:17pm. 10 days overdue she weighed in at 7lbs 11 ounces and 20 inches long.

So birth story. It's hard because it feels like ages ago but some things are still really fresh in my memory. On Saturday night DH and I went for a beach walk around 8pm with the full moon (or nearly full) rising huge and bright orange against the water. I had been having irregular contractions all day and they had been picking up so we walked as long as I could manage and they were coming steady at about 6-8 minutes apart lasting for a minute or so. We finished our walk and went home where I tried to get comfortable but was feeling "off" so spent until 10pm watching tv with DH in the living room and timing ctx. They were coming more frequently at about 5 minutes apart and still lasting for nearly a minute.

At this point I was feeling alright although we both agreed I was in early labor. I called my mdiwife, she agreed and told me to call back when I couldn't talk through a ctx. I sent DH out for some of my favorite ice cream and chowed that down. By 1am I was definitely in labor and completely miserable during a ctx. I got in our tub but found little relief because it was so tiny. I then just stood in the shower for awhile and lost what seemed like what was rest of my mucous plug in the shower. DH came in with me to help through ctx.

I had him start putting all our stuff in the car around 1am and called the midwife again saying I was really uncomfortable she urged me to stay at home for a bit longer because she knew I was probably only 2 or 3cm dilated. I knew that too so spent awhile rocking in the glider while DH tried to get things ready. By 3am it didn't matter how dilated I was (even though I knew it wasn't much) I needed to get in the tub at the hospital. We called midwife told her we were on our way and left the house...

The car ride was hell. Only 45 minute but I was howling through each ctx. When we got to the hospital we walked upstairs and they had the tub waiting for me. Midwife checked me and I was only 3cm (not a huge surprise). Basically I spent the next 4 or 5 hours in the tub until about 8am. I then tried walking around a bit and even tried to lay down but the pain was too much when I laid down or even sat down. So I basically just stood in the room and paced or rocked back and forth. About 8 hours after we checked in my MW checked me again and I had only dilated to 4. At this point I got extremely discouraged and depressed. I wanted desperately to lay down but couldn't for the pain and felt like nothing had happened. I saw my mother for a brief moment and she made me feel worse demanding to nurses why her daughter couldn't have the drugs...(thanks mom). So she left and back in our room I begged DH for a spinal just so I could sleep or lay down or something. He was great and reminded me that I didn't want it and just to wait a little bit.

I got back in the tub and made DH go lay down to nap since it was now mid day sunday and we had been up all night saturday meaning the last time either of us had slept was friday night. He slept for 45 minutes and I sat in the tub listening to Farmhouse by Phish which greatly helped me relax...

Eventually my MW checked me again because I was feeling the urge to push, I don't remember what time this was. She said I was about 6cm and if I felt like pushing I could anytime I had the urge. So next ctx I pushed while she checked my cervix to feel the strength of the ctx. I went from 6 to 7 in one ctx by pushing and moved the baby down to my pelvic bone. It was a good thing this happened because a little while earlier when I was out of the tub they had said they would have to use pitocin just to get my ctx stronger because they really had been unproductive and still far apart. About 10 minutes later my water broke and I hopped back in the tub and that is when I started feeling like pushing. So I sat in the tub pushing for about an hour with each ctx and I went from 6 to 10 in about an hour!!

I then got out of the tub and went to the bed which they put the back all the way up so I could be on my knees but hang my arms over the back. I pushed that way for a little bit and it felt so good to push. I didn't feel like the ctx hurt at all. This part of labor was a blast. I missed the entire experience of transition which I hear is the worst and hellish. I never even felt that. I was so into pushing and making progress...

MW had me flip over on the bed to the semi squat position and I continued to push there was a paramedic who asked to observe the birth and she held a mirror for me. Watching the effects of each ctx and seeing a little more of my DD's head each ctx really motivated me and got things moving. Unfortuantely each ctx was about 5 minutes apart so we were all just standing around chatting in between waiting for one to come. DH said I was cracking jokes the whole time but it was vague. Once DD was crowning it hurt like hell but was amazing to see in the mirror. With another push her head was out and one more good push and my little girl had joined us.

She immediately was on my stomach but unfortunately I was bleeding profusely so they had DH cut the cord immediately. I was still bleeding heavily so I received pitocin in my thigh and 2 other injections of I don't know what. My placenta wasn't delivering fast enough to help the bleeding stop so my midwife began to massage my stomach which was excruciating. She literally pushed it out of me. I was still bleeding heavily so her and a nurse continued to massage my stomach. I was still holding DD and trying to focus on her but the pain was very distracting! Pieces of placenta were missing so she had to continue until they all came up. Eventually the bleeding was under control so she began stitching me up. Apparently I had a 2nd degree tear that was as close to a 3rd degree and not be as you could get. My MW had tried to prevent this but my body apparently didn't care.

So DD was gorgeous and perfect. She had the sunburned skin of an overdue baby but was beautiful, her head wasn't misshaped at all because I only pushed for about an hour and she had minimal swelling of her face. The rest of the night is a blur really. I was extremely weak and couldn't make it the bathroom without being supported. I certainly didn't feel like all the women who feel wonderful after their birth and hop in the shower right away!

To finish up, even a week after I still could barely walk normally and it has literally taken these 5 weeks for me to feel physically normal again. Della is wonderful and an extremely calm baby who rarely cries. She only wakes up once a night and loves her bathtime!

DH was the most amazing supportive person during my labor which turned out to be over 40 hours long!!! BRUTAL! I did it without any drugs though or real intervention until after the birth itself. I have to admit I am pretty proud of myself!
Now I am getting used to being a mommy and bfing is going well. DH is amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for this little girl!
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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pictures. Thanks for sharing your birth story, and you did great mama! Way to stick it out, and good for your DH for being such a great coach.

Alicia, wife to an loving and faithful DH, and mama to three fantastic though nutty children (cs, then a fast HBAC, then a fast VBAC!!). Planning a third VBAC, again at home, in February 2016.
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Sounds like you did great coping with this long labour.

Yarn-aholic Mom to 2 cutest little girls. Dec 06 blahblah.gifbikenew.gif and May 09 energy.giftoddler.gif  Looking for time tocrochetsmilie.gif and sewmachine.gif. Will always remember my missing babies too ribbonpb.gif

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Congratulations mama!! I'd been wondering about you! :

Your Della shares my birthday

~Erin~ totally in with Olivia! 5/31/09
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Congrats! :
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Wow! I'm very, very glad to hear from you; I've been thinking of PM'ing you for about a month now but figured you were as busy with your LO as I have been. What an amazing birth story-you really should be proud of yourself! Congratulations to all three of you!! :

Stay-at-home mama married to my best friend of 10+ years. lovestory.gif  Aspiring midwife loving parenting our beautiful babyf.gif Julian, born 5/24/09. Expecting a second bean in late July 2012!joy.gif
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