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It's july 9th at 11pm ish. im usually a night owl, i was up cleaning like a mad lady (as usual) but i took a break to talk to a friend online, I started having minor cramps, i thought it was from the Georgia heat and the fact that I picked up the thick rocking chair to sweep/mop under it (yeah just HAD to be the hero and pick it up instead of moving it "just in case of scratching the already scratched floor" ( MAN, the things I think some times). so I go to bed, thinking about what i should pack for the long weekend we were going to have at the Beach. It was going to be the first time we have been to the beach as a family, and the last opportunity b4 baby came, and we were going to see our friends there that we were in Korea together (we are an army family).
around 4am i get this one BIG contraction, im thinking it's just braxton Hicks, since im up I go to the bath room, I have a BM (sorry, i know TMI! but im sooo worried about going while pushing out baby, i know it's normal, but it's just one of my things i guess). Then go back to bed, an hour later I have another BIG contraction. so I decide to take a nice worm shower to calm my muscles so I can get some rest b4 the long beach weekend. im having cramps and a few contractions here and there, but not thinking its real (i wasn't due till 27) so i wasn't timing them or anything, im just in the shower talking to God (we have a close relationship) just asking him to relax my muscles and admitting that i do need to slow down w/ the crazy cleaning to doing everything, and praying for a safe and fun weekend at the beach w/ friends.

my husband comes in getting ready for PT and asks if everything is ok, i told him yeah, it's fake labor and ill have everything packed when he comes home in the afternoon. (he was at basic training and AIT for most of the 1st preg and delivery) so he took my word and didn't think much of it, he kissed me and said he'll check his phone @7 to see if I called. well 15 min after he left things started getting faster and harder quick. so I laid down in the tub and filled it. at this point I just went in to the "zone" singing a loud birth song (like holding a really long note to get through the contraction) and just meditating w/ Jesus. meanwhile my 2yr son is sleeping and the Dog keeps coming in "checking on me and sniffing the water".
at one point I just came to reality that this is the real deal and I need to call some one, i call my DH cell and hang up so he sees a miss call after PT, that was 6:40, then i realize i can't wait from him to come home, at this point instead of bearing down feeling only suggested by my body it's being demanded, i felt down there to see if i can feel anything, that was a bad idea (that just made my body want to push more). so I called 911. having a really hard time talking to the lady on the line b/w contractions, and as she asking me questions im just praying they can make it here bc i don't want to have the baby alone in the tub, but im thinking about where the one bulb syringe thing was if i needed to suction fluid if the baby came.
the ambulance got lost on the way to my house. they get there and pound on the door, both dogs start barking like crazy. the lady on the line informs me that the door is locked and if its ok to break a window (we live on base and takes like 2 weeks to get anything fixed, im not having a broken window at my house for even a few days) so w/ all of my might and most of Gods i get out of the tub, and walk to the door (didn't even think about a towel).
I open the door totally naked and dripping from head to toe. 5 big guys at my door all afraid of the dogs (not being racist or any thing but i have noticed a lot of black ppl down here are afraid of any dog bigger than 10lbs) so my lab/blood hound mix runs out the door to greet our visitors (he's only 7mo but 65lbs) and they are all freaking out asking me to put the dogs out back (can you believe that?!) and the one guy who wasn't afraid of dogs when in to the kitchen to get the 35lbs dog hiding under the kitchen table.
picture it 3 guys out side freaking out while the pup is trying to lick them and play, i have two guys moving the table and chairs in the kitchen one of them is freaking out too over that dog and im by the back door hanging on to the rocking chair still naked and wet trying to call the dogs to go out (you know the high pitched tone when you want your dogs to come) but i can't even finish saying "fireball...Samson" to get them to come. after 10 mins of that they have the stretcher in the living room and im getting on it. asking if someone can grab my cell from the tub ledge and oh yeah i need a charger the phone is almost dead (can not believe still to this day i was concerned about the stupid charger at that moment)
just as they are asking me where my ID card is i remember i still have a 2yr old sleeping(can you believe through all that commotion?) and no one to watch him. so im trying to tell them, but its hard b/c they are asking me questions and everyone is doing stuff, and im so close to having this baby. they tell me that they will have the MP's (mil police) stay here till DH can get him
they put me in the ambulance, the one guy looks at me and i ask:
what's going on down there?
guy: well your kid has Hair
my eye get huge!:
i didn't know i was that close!
3 seconds in to to the ride my body pushes on it's own, I resist, The MOST uncomfortable feeling I have ever had.
then the one guy wants to stick me w/ an IV, i say hold on (contraction is coming)
his response: Maim I have to get this IV in you
my response: i pull a way and moan really loud working through the contraction, right as it finished it give him my hand and say do it NOW!

then we go over a speed bump, those are like MOUNTAINS in an ambulance on your back in labor.
I say: I can not do this!!!
guy: yes you can we'll help you through (thinking im talking about pushing)
me: there's like 100 of these
guy: A 100 WHAT?
guy sitting next to other guy, addressing the driver: PULL OVER PULL OVER!!!
1st push: one loud war cry and warm water gushing and some uncomfortable feelings,
me: what did you do (thinking the guy did something b/c i thought i felt like he was down there)
him: nothing it's all you he almost out!!!!!!
2nd push: one more war cry felling 3 lil knives (fishers forming) and then the greatest feeling of relief ever...My baby boy sliding out.
then the ambulance started back on it's way, the baby was suctioned and wrapped in one of those blanket things that look like foil.
I ask if i can cut the cord, and he hands me a scalpel
(i was expecting scissors). Never-mind that, i didn't feel comfortable doing that in a moving vehicle. they put him on my chest and we got the the hospital.
while all of this is happening some MPs go to the general area where DH works asking the 1st person they see if they know who DH is. thank GOd it happened to be his supervisor. as my hubby is sitting at his desk about to check his email he gets the call that im in labor. he goes to the car.
that morn there was a ceremony going on and there were road cones blocking off part of the lot. well someone put one right behind our car and DH didn't see it. he backs over it and goes forward, the cone becomes lodged, 5 drill sgts dive under the car and when they finally get the cone lose it's toast...lol. he gets an escort to our house and goes into our bedroom to see our still sleeping son w/ both dogs around him("protecting" him from the MPs that were there watching him). he picks him up changes his diaper and puts on whatever clothes he can find for him. he rushes to the hospital and walks in and sees baby in the "box thing" and then walks over to me,
I say: im sorry i did it again, i had the baby w/o you.
he just laughs.
i look over at our other son and just bust out laughing.... he has long blond curly hair and it's all matted in the back and sticking out every where, he is wearing an army green shirt w/ blue plaid shorts, no shoes still dirty from playing outside the night b4, has this bizarre stuffed cat (bad kitty, for those of you who know the story book), and a very confused sleepy face.
this is all b4 7:30 am!!!!
Titus Malachai McGeoch born 7am-ish en-route
7lbs 1oz

while i was preg w/ him I was thinking about havin a HB for the next kid we have, but just doing HospB but w/o drugs (bc tricare dosen't cover HB) but always had the thought in the back of my mind, what if something happend. but now having my son like this unassisted (basically) I fell really confaidant that a hb w/ a birthing pool in the middle of the living room is the way i'd like to have the next kids!!!!
BTW, my mom had me on the kitchen floor, she was going to have a HospB, but as they were walking out the door i just came out on my own, so I guess easy birth runs in the fam.
I hope i have entertained you and I pray that more women can have easy births like me
1st son, water broke, nothing happening, 12 hours later i get pit (you can do it w/o epidural, you just need Jesus), 2hr walking the hall w/ mom and BF, 30mins pushing, epesiotomy, then ds was out....im sure i could have had him w/o pit and cut, i was uneducated and did everyhting the dr said to except the pain med part.
God bless, hope i made you laugh!!!!

dreadlock mom to Israel 01/23/07bikenew.gif & Titus 07/10/09kid.gif

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that was an entertaining story! too bad they had to force the IV in you en route. You were so close to having a home birth- you could have had one.
I hope you don't have to call 911 next time

I enjoyed reading your story. I laughed about all the paramedics being scared of the dogs....and imagining you naked, yelling at the dogs...all while in labor and about to push a baby out. I guess that takes your mind off the situation at hand, right?

God truly is amazing, He can get us through many situations, that is for sure.

good job, congratulations, and great story.
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What a story! enjoy your baby.

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Yes mama, that WAS entertaining!

Joanna - wife to Mike, mamachicken to Cub(8/98), Kitten (4/07), Dew-man, and Woe-boy(twins, 10/08)
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Too funny, thanks for sharing and I'm glad it was a good experience for you!

Mama to three

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Great story!
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